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efers to the natural resources and the ecologic Antworten

The limit to growth was a study conducted on the future of the planet. The intention of the limits to growth study was to jolt people from their comfortable idea that the present growth trends would continue indefinitely. The limits to growth predicted that there would be devastating collapse from the overpopulation and depletion of resources; however Adidas Ultra Boost Clima UK , these predictions did not come true. The reason the study was flawed was because the authors did overlook the greatest resources of all time which is our resourcefulness. The reason the study predictions did not come true is that the authors did make very broad conclusions based on aggregated analysis.
Question two
I agree with the statement that humankind will destroy itself by polluting the earth and also depleting resources. Most of the human behaviors tend to disrupt the natural environment and threaten the environmental sustainability. The rapid increased of the human population is putting a lot of demands on the natural environment. As the human population continues to rise, there will be an increase in housing that will result in clearing of land for living space. Thus, more people will contribute to the depletion of resources and an increase in population. The burning of fossil fuels is another way that human threaten the environment, and as we destroy the environment Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged UK , we are threatening our lives as we tend to depend on it for life.
Question 3
The British Petroleum was not subject to the corporate death penalty because BP tends to be a corporation and death penalties are only for humans and not corporations. Corporations tend to have a very powerful impact on the government and policies that we make and BP has a large influence on policies and may determine the way to govern its operations. In the case of corporations, the corporations assets are usually under protections against any lawsuits. However, if a human committed the same mistake as BP, he would be imprisoned Adidas Ultra Boost ATR Mid UK , and all his assets around the world frozen. That is the reason BP was not subject to the corporate death penalty.
Question 4
Natural capital refers to the natural resources and the ecological systems that offer vital life-support services. It is the worl stock of natural assets that include soil, air, geology, water Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 UK , and all the living things. On the other hand, natural capitalism is the way of thinking that aims at applying the market principles of all sources of material value and most importantly the natural resources. According to Paul Hawken, Natural Capitalism tends to recognize the interdependency of production and the use of human capital and natural capital maintenance and supply. Our economies tend to depend on the natural resources and the ecosystem services that nature offers.
Question 6
The 11th Hour documentary is a documentary about our environmental calamity exploring the large picture of what is happening on the planet including loss of forest, pollution Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 UK , climate change, soil degradation, and species extinction. When I watched the documentary, I learned that it is the high time that we (public) should consider changing our consciousness and transforming our lives. We should start living lightly upon the earth in accord with the nature. It is necessary for the entire human population to consider reserving the environment Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Mens UK , and we should work together so that we can save the planet.

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