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accomplish a task with talent alone and Antworten

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Talent is defined as: "Natural endowment or ability of a superior quality". The word talent comes from a Greek word that also tells us about something of great value as described in Matthew 25:15-30.

Talent for artists is the skill and natural ability to create. It can be enhanced by training and practice. Being anointed is the very power of God that uses that talent to accomplish God's purpose or plan.

In the scriptures the actual practice of anointing was to apply oil to a person or a thing. Anointing did have its uses for ordinary purposes such as with scented oils or protecting leather Nike Air Max 270 Femme Rose Blanche Soldes Pas Cher , and for medical purposes for the sick or the wounded (although not necessarily with oil).

Sacred anointing was to dedicate a thing or person to God. The oil symbolized the Holy Spirit, empowering them for a particular assignment in the service of God. "Messiah" from the Hebrew word "mashiah", and Christ from the Greek "christos", meaning "the anointed one" or the one who is empowered to do the assignment (in this case Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Verte Jaune Rabais Pas Cher , redeem mankind back to God).

So what does this have to do with artists? God has given artists the raw talent to create. Again, training and practice help refine that talent. But when it comes to doing an assignment or accomplishing a task for God involving your creativity, it can ONLY be done with the empowerment from God working with the basic talent. No matter what level of natural skill and experience an artist has, they can not accomplish something of Kingdom value (God' s plan) without yielding your talent to the Holy Spirit.

God uses His people in order to accomplish His plan. He especially uses the gifts and talents that he has to placed in you to accomplish a plan through you.

A biblical example of this can be seen in Exodus 31:1-11. God's plan was to demonstrate that He is present and active with His people by living among them in the Tabernacle while they were in the wilderness. God wanted the Tabernacle to be designed Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 KPU TPU Homme Noir Soldes Pas Cher , adorned and furnished in a specific way and was going to accomplish this through a creative team from among the Israelites that He selected. Although these artists had natural skill, ability, and know-how, they could not complete the task according to God's plan unless they used the understanding and wisdom that the Spirit of God empowered them with (Exodus 31:3-4).

Anointed is further defined:

* Being able to do what you normally can't do.
* When the super (the power of God) comes upon the natural (the talent).

An example of trying to accomplish a task with talent alone and no anointing is how the Israelites created the golden calf. The calf was created with artistic talent Nike Air Max 97 UL '17 Triple White Femme Pas Cher , skill, experience and ability to be used in a feast for the Lord (Exodus 32:5), but the anointing was not there. If these artists were making an effort to surrender themselves and their talent to the Spirit of God, I think they would have seen that this use of their talent did not please God Nike Air Max 97 Blanche Rouge Homme En ligne Pas Cher , but rather was a sin against God.

So how does the talented artist flow in the anointing? The names of the two artists whom God used to head up the "Art Direction" of building the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant help to remind us: "Bezalel"- whose name means "in the shadow of El (God)". You can not be in the shadow of God unless you are in the presence of God. Keeping

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