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Kermode Bears: Why These Black Bears Are Born White Travel Articles | June 18 Heren Nike Air Tuned Max 2019 Schoenen Zwart Rood Nederland , 2015

Kermode Bears, or ‘Spirit Bears’ as they are known as by many familiar with bear watching, are a rare and revered genetic variant of the Black Bear.

Within the Great Bear Rainforest, in Canada, are many species of animals that thrive in this dense and lush environment. Perhaps the most highly esteemed of all is the Kermode Bear (otherwise known as the Spirit Bear) who almost exclusively resides within the Great Bear Rainforest Heren Nike Air Max 720 Footwear Zwart Goud Nederland , alongside its black-furred brothers.

Kermode Bears hold a fascination for many bear watching enthusiasts, due to their long and mysterious history among the Tsimshian people, who believed them to be sacred and hold supernatural powers. But what is it really that causes these beautiful animals to have white fur instead of black?

The Science

The Kermode Bear is a genetic variant of the Black Bear, making it much revered amongst bear watching enthusiasts. Experts describe it as a natural phenomenon called Kermodism, and it has more in common with human genes than you may realise. Many people speculate as to whether its white fur is due to it being albino or even a type of polar bear; in actual fact it is the recessive mutation gene MC1R that causes the change in colour – which is the same gene associated with humans born with red hair and pale skin.

In order to be born with its distinctive vanilla-coloured fur Heren Nike Air Max 2020 Schoenen Zwart Wit Nederland , the animal must inherit the mutation from both of its parents. Unusually, the parents will often carry the gene but not be white themselves, making it common for them to be the product of two black parents.

Areas of Origin

Statistics of Kermode Bears being born varies greatly, depending on the area they are born in. The British Columbia mainland coast sees only one in every 40 to 100 black bears being born with white fur, but within the Great British Rainforest the statistics are much higher.

In particular Heren Nike Air Max 2020 Schoenen Rainbow Color Wit Nederland , Princess Royal Island is one of the major habitats and sees every one in ten Black Bears born with the mutation. Directly north on Gribbell Island, one in three are born with it. For this reason Gribell is very popular with bear watching enthusiasts hoping for a sighting.

Mutation Origin

It is unknown as to where Kermodism originated, but there are many theories surrounding this natural phenomenon. The "glacial bear" hypothesis suggests that Kermodism exists as a remnant adaptation of the last great ice age from 11,000 years ago, when British Columbia was still covered in snow.

Much like the adaptation of white coats that Polar Bears have evolved in order to camouflage in with their surroundings Heren Nike Air Max 2020 Schoenen Zwart Nederland , the glacial bear hypothesis suggests that this is how Kermodism also began. However, this theory raises as many questions as it answers, such as why the white fur mutation has continued on to the present day when it is no longer needed for camouflage.

The theory represents one of many about the Kermode species, which gives some insight into why they have such a mystery surrounding them. Some scientists speculate that their white fur has continued to be a trait due to the advantage it has given them for fishing. Recent research has revealed that during daylight, they are able to catch salmon in a third of their attempts Heren Nike Air Max Fury Schoenen Wit AA5740-102 Nederland , while Black Bears only manage success a quarter of the time.

Whether or not these theories reveal the true origins of Kermodism is yet to be answered, but they continue to be admired and sought after by many bear watching enthusiasts.

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According to HSBC鈥檚 10th annual 鈥淓xpat Explorer: Broadening Perspectives鈥?survey, Singapore is still considered to be the best place to live in the world as an expat. The report also lists the reasons why expats love Singapore. The reasons include,

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Three-quarters of expats polled in Singapore said that the city-state offers better earnings potential than their home country. They also reported 42 per cent increase in their annual income since the move.

Singapore ranks No 1 in the world for city infrastructure and this ranking factor plays a major role hen multinationals decide where to incorporate companies in Singapore. Moreover, Singapore has easy access to transportation, drinkable pure water Heren Nike Air Max TN Schoenen Zwart Groen Wit Nederland , reliable electricity and more.

In this article, we have listed the top reasons why foreigners opt for Singapore company registration.

Ease of Doing Business

According to a report published by World Bank group, Singapore ranked amongst top 2 out of all the countries around the world, which means that the report ranks Singapore the most business-friendly country.

Tax Rates

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