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06.01.2020 09:11
Richard Mille Replica RM 011 Lotus F1 Team watch Antworten

urwerk watches replica On the topic, I have a habit. Don't like too popular brands. A few years ago, Apple was very hot. I used Samsung note, but my note7 was fortunate. After that note8 10+ is no problem. In college, a better roommate uses an Apple computer. I bought Microsoft Surface Pro. (I do n't play games anyway). So are my instruments, Salma, Yanagisawa and Calvos. I want Italian handmade Cassani. In fact, in the final analysis, it is a sense of niche wear. 😂But
this watch is because I really like it. The key did not come later. Rarely write, so I am afraid that three hundred words are not enough. I said a lot of non-sense above (the car will not be filmed, the car is not expensive anyway).

This fast Breitling was sent by my brother, and I have been reluctant to wear it, and I have doubted the authenticity, but I could n’t help but took it with me. I have to say that even if this watch is A, it is very good, accurate and precise. The steel strap is really beautiful! Here are the pictures!The selection list has been in succession for half a year. Breitling Blackbird, Chaohai 2, Omega New Seahorse 300, Lunar Watch 006, and watch pilots have all considered it. It is really difficult to choose as a Libra.
I went to Hong Kong for two days due to a business trip, and my wedding was at the beginning of next year. I wanted to take this opportunity to buy a watch in Hong Kong. I haven't figured out which watch to buy a few days before going to Hong Kong.

swiss automatic watches After a long time, several prices have been asked, either the style is not complete or the price is not good enough.
Suddenly one day I saw a live picture of the new Breitling in Dubai on October 20th, and the new blue disk Avengers hit me directly, so I decided to take it.
The next day in Hong Kong, when I did a good job, I rushed to the Breitling flagship store on Hennessy Road. After a round, I found that I did not like this one, so I showed the photo to the manager. The manager said that he would go to the warehouse to see if there was one. Soon the manager took this piece down and said that this piece will not be available until the end of November. Your piece is the first piece in Hong Kong and may even be the first piece in Asia. I took it for a while and then paid directly. After that, it seemed that I had to open a receipt because the product was not yet on the shelves and there was no delay in an hour. It was also very pleasant to talk to the sales during the period.
I bought a diving watch strap for several years when I saw the TAG Heuer counter in the mall. It ’s always been good. I will walk ten minutes slower, and I do n’t want to bring it anymore, so I think about changing a new watch.

This time, I did n’t buy one just like before. I downloaded the watch home in advance and watched the work of my watch friends. Makes my eyes wide open.
I started to choose the dazzle, and I slowly looked more and found that I like pilot watches. Finally, I decided a few models in the budget, Breitling Aviation Time 01, Pilot 8, watch Pilot Spitfire, and Zenith Pilot. It ’s really tangled.

greubel forsey replica I also posted a post specifically to ask everyone's comments. It seems that I recommend the aviation time 1, thank you again for your help.
Next, I wanted to find a counter to check it out. My wife said that SKP had points on the Qixi Festival. Here I really want to talk about Beijing SKP. Although we live not far from that, we usually do n’t go there. We arrived when we celebrated the store or had an event. We did n’t buy less in April this year, and we also changed a lot of cosmetics. This time we are here again. My wife said that SKP will steal money.
After the day arrived, the advanced watch tried on the new Spitfire, and it looked good. Both my wife and I felt good. The price is not discounted because of the new model, but I gave a strap, but I accidentally saw Portofino. The moon phase watch, manually wound on the 8th, I think it is beautiful, but it is over budget, let's talk about it later. When I looked for Zhenli after I came out, I found that there was no counter, even if it didn't. When I saw Breitling, I went in, went straight to the b01 movement, and tried on the aviation timekeeper 1 and the pilot series. Sure enough, as the table friends said, be sure to bring it personally. After taking it, it feels completely different from looking at the pictures. Aviation timekeeping 1 is too beautiful, my wife and I agree that it is more beautiful than the pilot series. The Spitfire has long been left behind, and there is no need to worry about it. After setting the price, it was set. Finally, I chose a white plate and gave me a strap. Many cousins ​​are not satisfied with Breitling's bidding reform. I think the new bidding is more concise. Of course, I don't care much about this. It varies from person to person. Finally, the picture above shows the fruit machine.

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