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14.02.2020 03:58
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Have you ever decided - on a temporary whim - to dismantle your wardrobe and reorganize and transform it; then, only when you have everything scattered around the room, you start to feel tired, tired, or excited because things do not fit the way they used to on her? Or worse, you have to leave the job incomplete because you have some other tasks that you have to run or commit to fulfill?
سكلزات لخدمات النظافة

Yes, this does not happen this year. Planning and preparation are the secrets of proficiency - do we dare say fun? - Turnover autumn closet. Here's an easy step-by-step plan:
خدمات الكي بالبخار بالشارقة
A week ago

Step 1: Block a large portion of the time on your schedule - at least half a day - so you can relax, spend time, and make informed decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of.
خدمات التنظيف الجاف بابو ظبي
Step 2: At least 1-2 full days before you intend to treat the wardrobe, remove the autumn and winter clothes from the store to give them proper ventilation (if possible, outside the sun).

Step 3: Shop for any supplies you might need to clean the closet itself and store and discard clothing. This may include beautiful wood, velvet-covered hangers, and / or space-saving, plastic boxes and transparent boxes for storing shoes and clothing, hooks for hanging accessories, contact paper for cover shelves, and even paint to activate or add bright pop music on the interior walls of the cabinet.

The day before

Step 4: Clean and arrange the room you will work in, leaving maximum free space to sort and organize cabinet contents.


Step 5: Wear something comfortable and easy to change and exit so you can try things as needed. Pour a long cup of water for moisture, then empty the cabinet completely.

Step 6: Completely vacuum and dust the interior closet. Cover the shelves / re-cover, and if needed or needed, paint the interior walls (in the case of painting, and of course the extra budget time to allow for thorough drying).

Step 7: Sort summer clothes and other items into six piles: keep, keep, discard, donate, give to a friend or relative, and resell them (via shipments, eBay, etc.). Be sure to ignore (in exchange for a donation) anything contaminated, torn, smelly, or otherwise. Unwanted swimsuits, underwear, and socks should go straight to the disposal pile. Consider, if anything has been recycled in your disposal pile into cleaning rags, exercise clothes, a piece of cloth; or upcycled for art, hobbies, etc. before going to the landfill. Also note that since Marie Kondo was shown on Netflix, many unwanted apparel donation centers have been drowned out, so consider only donating high-quality, worn out items.

Step 8: Try and make informed decisions about everything in your perhaps heap and redistribute each item to one of the other piles.

Step 9: Once you've finished keeping the pile, categorize them into three piles: already clean, washed, and cleaned dry. After washing and dry cleaning your summer clothes, check out some KonMari collapsible clothes videos for ideas on how to neatly pack items - using as little space as possible - for the winter. If you are storing clothes, pack them in plastic packages against paper containers as the latter may allow moisture to enter and attract insects.

Step 10: Bring the fall / winter into the room from where it was broadcast. Hang up some sort of distinctive sign - a single relationship, chain, or scarf - to serve as a dividing line between the things you wear and things you haven't. Begin by hanging everything on one side of the mark, then, after wearing the clothes, replace the clothes on the other side. By the time the spring locker rotates, you will have real data to inform your upcoming tour of ongoing donation decisions.

Step 11: Finally, when placing fall and winter clothes in your separate wardrobe, think carefully about the assembly strategy that might work best for you - by color, type of clothing, working against a model, or even by the whole group, especially if you always work at a time Late morning or having trouble choosing how you look during the day.

This is! Now, go and enjoy these precious weeks of summer, knowing that you already have a specific plan to ease the burden of turning the fall locker down.

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