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Reviewing the Intimus 702cc Cross-Cut Shredder Technology Articles | June 21 Cheap Jerseys From China , 2010
After pulling out our microscope and taking a closer look, the Intimus 702cc Cross-Cut Shredderhas proved to be a worthy machine. It''s a fairly versatile machine witha not-too-crazy price tag eith...

After pulling out our microscope and taking a closer look, the Intimus 702cc Cross-Cut Shredderhas proved to be a worthy machine. It''s a fairly versatile machine witha not-too-crazy price tag either (but remember you can often get abetter deal if you call or email :-) Overall we''d recommend thismachine but I suggest that you take a look at the specs yourself.


At a level 3 security, this cross-cut shredder gets the job done.Although there are higher levels of security Cheap Jerseys China , a level 3 machineprovides a sufficiently small cut size to put your identity theftworries to bed. We also like the cross-cut because it takes up muchless space which means that you won''t have to empty your bin asfrequently as you would with a strip-cut machine. There is really noreason to jump up to a level 4 machine unless you have someultra-sensitive documents you need destroyed.

Shredable Material

The Intimus 702cc Cross-Cut Shreddercan shred CDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Paper Clips Cheap Jerseys , Staples. If you needto be able to shred something else then we recommend that you look at alarger machine andor look for something with a little bit lowersecurity (the higher the security the less likelihood that the machineshreds something other than paper).

Continuous Motor

This shredder is rated for continuous operation. That means thattheoretically you could shred all day long and the machine would nothave to shut-down to cool off. Remember that results may vary underreal-world operating conditions and things such as the temperature ofthe room will affect the ability of this motor to stay cool andcontinue to shred. We give this machine 2 pats on the back for beingrated continuous duty and we know that you''ll appreciate this featurein due time.

Bin Size

The Intimus 702cc Cross-Cut Shreddersports a hefty 45.6 gallon bin. We know that you''re not messing aroundwhen you get up in this size. You''ll be able to go quite some timebefore you have to actually empty that thing out. Fill up your machine,skip the gym and just carry the full bag around the office all day!

Throat Size

A 16 inch throat means that you can fit just about anything intothis bad boy. Gone are the days of folding your oversized paper orcrumpling and jamming your machine with regular-sized paper. This guygets 2 thumbs up for the often underestimated large throat size.

Auto Oiler

With an Optional Auto-Oiler available on this machine we highlyrecommend that you get it pre-installed. The machine is pre-wired toaccept an oiler so all the manufacturer has to do is hook it upproperly and you''ll never have to worry about messy oil again.Automatically oiling your machine takes the guess-work out ofmaintenance and will most likely increase the life of your machine.


The 3 years parts and labor - Lifetime on cutters on the Intimus702cc Cross-Cut Shredder is one of the best in the industry so restassured that you are covered. Just make sure that you oil your machineand avoid inserting any foreign object in the cutting heads and you''llbe just fine!


With an MSRP of $7,867.95 this shredder is not the cheapest aroundbut remember to NEVER pay the full amount. You can find discounts of upto 50% off if you look around on the web.

About the Manufacturer

Martin Yale Industries is a US manufacturer of office and mailroomequipment designed to make work life more productive and secure.Founded in 1940, Martin Yale has over 68 years of experience designing Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys ,engineering, and manufacturing quality products for the office.

Manufacturer Jargon

The 702 series of shredders offer uncompromising data protectionwith powerhouse performance. It''s efficient, its reliable, its INTIMUS!Working width: 16" Cheap Baseball Jerseys , cutting speed: 20 feet per min. Automatic, vialight barrier, auto Reverse when over loaded and reversed. "Ready"indicator. LEDs for paper jam, bin full and door open Cheap New MLB Jerseys Wholesale , dustproofenclosure, large-volume catchbasket with changeable plastic bags.

So as I mentioned before, we think that the Intimus 702cc Cross-CutShredder is a worthy competitor and deserves a second look. If you havemore specific questions I didn''t answer here, feel free to give us acall and we''d be happy to help you out. I also wanted to remind youthat real-world conditions do not always produce the same results thatyou might expect from the listed specs. Happy Shredding!
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