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21.05.2020 08:34
No flowers, no tree Antworten

No flowers, no tree height, I am a little grass that no one knows, never lonely, never troubled, my partners are everywhere in the world, I love the grass, and I like to sing this beautiful song. The green grass does not have the lush and graceful ancient trees, the charming shore swaying in the wind, the dazzling flowers and the gorgeous colorful But the grass is deeply rooted in the vast land, mountains, valleys and deep trenches with its weak body Gully, cliffs and cliffs, every inch of land left their figure. Thunder and thunder, scorching sun and raging storms raged, "the wildfires are endless, the spring breeze is blowing and rebirth." Squeezed and scrambled. Qing Qing Xiao Cao embraced Mother Earth tightly with her weak body without regret. They silently weaved the green dress that was born and decorated to decorate the mountains. Do not compete with the trees, do not fight with the flowers, and watch the ebb and flow, sit and watch the clouds rise and fall Carton Of Cigarettes. The green grass lays the main color for the natural landscape painting, depicting the broad background; the tall and upright trees are highlighted by the weak body; the delicate and attractive flowers are highlighted by the plain. The desert Gobi lacks oily green grass, no bees flying butterflies, no warriors singing insects, desert lonely smoke, long river sunset, even if it is magnificent, it is monotonously silent, no life. I am deeply touched by the grass, more plain and ordinary life. I am deeply moved by the thought of Chenguangxiwei, they danced broom silently to clean the fallen leaves and confetti on the street; The bricks and tiles were raised; during the storm Wholesale Cigarettes, it was their sleeves and pants that quietly dredged the underground pipes. I think of Li Suli, a Beijing bus ticket seller, who has been greedy early, helping the old and young, always smiling at each passenger; thinking of Xu Hu, a plumber in Shanghai, who is dedicated to solving problems for others and practicing "work hard for me and help thousands of families" The purpose of the service; I remembered Wang Youshun, a delivery man on Maban Post Road, crossing the beach and wading, crossing the mountains and over the mountains, using one person ��s long march to post thousands of miles, and 20 years of trekking through the snow to create a piece of Legends ... Every ordinary life, with his own blood and perseverance, dressing up the world, beautifying the earth, and writing a song of dedication to ordinary workers. Wandering on the lakeside trail, seeing people thinking, thinking. In the distance came the familiar melody "No floral fragrance, no tree height, I am a little grass that no one knows, never lonely, never troubled, my partners are everywhere
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