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al luxury brands. There is only one Antworten

Many friends who like to smoke have the urge to buy in the face of the variety of foreign cigarettes on the market. Many old drivers have said that the best cigarette to smoke is Marlboro. But in addition to Marlboro, the editor summarized the following types of cigarettes are very popular, how many have you smoked? In addition to Marlboro, these five cigarettes taste very good Parliament Cigarettes, at least two of the local tyrants have smoked, how about you? PARLIAMENT PARLIAMENT is a German brand cigarette. After the 1950s, filter cigarettes became popular, and Philip Morris used the earliest paper filters, and only nicotine reached the mouth of smokers. PARLIAMENT also contains multiple series, with excellent taste and soft smell. The unique filter technology only retains the flavor of the tobacco leaves, and the gas and tar are removed as much as possible. In terms of taste, it is a very good smoke. Tyrant's exclusive cigarette! These 5 outside cigarettes have a superior taste and Marlboro is not influential. Have you ever smoked? The PARLIAMENT (Bai Le Men) is exclusively sold by the Tobacco Corporation. It is mostly 20 cigarettes/pack. There are two kinds of raw tobacco and cooked tobacco. The amount of tar is 12mg, the amount of flue gas nicotine is 1. 0mg, and the amount of flue gas carbon monoxide is 13mg. The most distinctive feature is the filter with concave front end. The filter is hard. The recessed part has two functions. One is to reduce the smoke tar on the filter to get to the teeth and make the teeth yellow. The second is to cool the inhaled smoke and reduce the content of nicotine in the inhaled smoke. DAVIDOFF white is superior lights, light type, black is full flavor original type, and red, is personally considered to be the best taste davidoff, (other than its cigar), the filter is very tight, with a light chocolate taste, The smoke is delicate, thick and unpunished. There are six types of David: White David, Black David, Pretty White David, Grey David, Red David, and Golden David. Davidoff is the most expensive outside cigarette (except for cigars and some smuggled cigarettes) Marlboro Cigarettes. In the ranks of white filters, this is a more flavorful one, not as light and boring as mild seven. Davidoff's style and quality have always been the focus of global debate. Davidoff died at the age of 88 on January 14, 1994. He himself is a living history of the 20th century. In addition, there are two sizes of ANIVERSARIO, this is a limited edition Cuban cigar for Davidoff's 80th birthday. This size of cigar has an evocative light flavor. GOLDFLAKE is a cigarette made of bright golden yellow tobacco leaves with a honey aroma. The process of smoking is not disappointing. Overall it is very sincere. The shredded tobacco is quite tight and full, and the mouthpiece in my opinion should be quite short, which also means that there are more breathable parts. The smoke is pure, the throat is supple, and the intensity of smoking is also very easy. It does not have a heavy tobacco flavor, and it can still produce a light honey flavor. It burns faster and has no dry mouth after smoking. It is a good INSIGNIAInsignia: the world's top cigarette brand, known as the world The highest quality cigarette, the first brand of ITC India, was first launched in Mumbai in 2003 and quickly became popular in the world. It is one of the most expensive cigarettes in India, comparable to the prices of some of the best international luxury brands. There is only one package, and matt black looks very attractive. The smoke is soft, if you are not only pursuing quality but classic Wholesale Cigarettes, INSIGNIA is the cigarette that activates your soul. BENSON&HEDGES555 is mainly for pan-Asia-Pacific sales. BH's positioning is mainly aimed at the European and American markets. There are very few in China, and the self-senders are very compelling. The cigarette smoke is mild and does not irritate the throat. Friends who do not like cigarettes too strong or too light are wise choices. This cigarette has different series, such as gold, silver, white and so on. This is the first cigarette with a dual-flavored tobacco concept. Gelatin capsules in the filter can change the flavor of tobacco leaves. B&H has been one of the most famous brands in the world since 1873. (Most of the equity was acquired by Philip Morris in 2008).
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