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Mo always Tai exultation:"Old ghost of what Sou the idea make me go on a blind date, very not easy get away from that French girl to escape back, is an of benefit good news, Lyu Kai, your boy waits, will have an advantage."
Regardless of whole body endure the hardships of travel, even the house doesn't return as well, right away make a phone call to beckon with the hand next deliver a car, pull to walk baggage, oneself then drives Bo radicle's Ni toward big way in the willow pond.
"Wait me ice cloud!Several days disappear, definitely miss me very much."The sports car speeds, several voices shout, tree, vehicle, advertisement the card all throw at after death, Mo always Tai and go to medium to the utmost is a bitchy viewpoint, " Liao learns a soldier, although you at enchant island parties the student sprinkle dirty my image, but I can't give up."
Prepare to think oneself still too optimistic, in case that doesn't the big beauty need to be seen how to do?He cuts and polishes and give Su ice cloud made a telephone call:"Teacher Su, I am always Mo Tai, H'm, just got off the airplane, I arrived to art museum right away ……what?Need not?Do you want to have a meal with me together?I ……I didn't listen to wrong, too like, I pick you up and have a western meal how?Like well …………"Mo the Tai is always urgent to put on brakes, almost flew to go out, the tire drags along in the road noodles long long of black line, car head's leaving wayside street half rice is only or so, almost extreme happiness gives rise to sorrow.
Soon arrive to art museum doorway, Su ice cloud waits him in the wayside and grows ground hair very refreshingly, short skirt silk stockings, the black buttons up wreath high-heeled shoes and look more more beautiful than past, but the emotion seems to be some to fall low, Mo the Tai always calculate:"The possible work didn't get a prize, so isn't that happy, I even want to comfort the mind that she gets hurt at this time, Liao learns Jean that stupid goods which can know that the chemisette mental state is a how slender sensitive, dies!"The beauty invites him for the first time have a meal, rejoice with wild joy blunt fainted brains, everything all wanted go fetch learned a soldier with Liao compare.
"Teacher Su, the Tong city road opens in person a 'prosperous like dream'a western meal building, hear French cook who have the orthodox school, we tried flavor in the past how?"
Su ice cloud didn't talk, smile slightly nod.
On a white snow Buddha orchid car, the Mu permits ice rain to absent-mindedly looking at front and says:"Liao learns a soldier, the Tong city road lately opens a 'prosperous like dream'a western meal building, hear French cook who have the orthodox school, we tried flavor in the past how?"
"Like, is since ice's Ms. Yu the life, don't dare to have Ci."Liao learns a soldier 3 several times want to stretch hand to touch her thigh, finally still ten don't rise courage, displeasedly clapped a forehead.
"Call I ice rain, don't call I ice is Ms. Yu good?"
Liao learns a soldier heart way:"Call to sell to sing betterly."The mouth is last but serious and matchless:"H'm, someone of time call your cousin, nobody call your ice rain."
BE provoking to anger decayed Tong city road to seek a place to park the car, 2 people take a stroll on the street, the frightened reporter follows, also especially the idea put on big sunglasses, the movements is very uncanny.
'The traditional Chinese is like dream'the western restaurant be located in the loft of Tong city hotel, is a circular view view western restaurant, mainly conduct expensive French palace dinner, embark elevator to arrive loft, then already be dressed in a pen stand western dress, wear bow tie, act cultured and polite bellboy to come forward to say hello, guide them to the empty seat of the side of big glass window, this is the 10 F floor, can appreciate medium beauty in sea City such as painting of scenery.
"Liao learns a soldier, do you like to eat what?"The Mu permits ice rain excitedly toward the observation outside the window, she not because have a meal in the upscale western restaurant but excitement, but because the man in the moment sitting.
"Do not know, I hardly have a western meal."Very the old Liao honesty answers, but sees the reflection on water reflection of glass:"Yi, that person how so familiar looking?"
Take off eyes, rub eyes, twist once the face see, is very the rich noble of unsophisticated, shake:"White face elder brother still just the Europe and ocean girl mate, how may be him?"
The table vase puts a to pay a flaming red rose and also be stained with like delve into sort radiant drop of water, the hall inside slowly flows to drip 《water bulb of lily 》 that the useful cello gives musical performance, the soft-voiced confabulation of the guests, grace, quite, isolate with a life time, imitating the Buddha is the day that is placed oneself to 18th century those rhythm slownesses.

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