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"Allow a town mayor?Shrink in the house don't dare to come out?Tell you, you spend a town to carry on misdeed a decade in the pear, the that time waited Xie Zui with the dead."Liao learns once the soldier wave hand, the iron gate outside hurtles into a to help a person allow peaceful from the villa in kick out.
The double that thanks a little wood to open to be fond of to receive eye, feels to have a splitting heacache, the body place is an unfamiliar place, body a Fu doesn't stop to flap about, again careful on seeing, can not help frightened desire unique, all over the body the all of clothes be picked light, the arm is anti- to shear to bind at after death, the person then is filled into a pig cage, moves not get.
He place of here is that once shake the ox cart of in a flash, stick out five wodden posts, the cage mourns on the wodden post, there are side also four same cages, each cage contains the naked man of a whole body bath of blood.
They are pulled by the ox cart to visit street!The neighbors neighbor points a point and all peep out an aversion of proud, say to the kid of flank:"You see, if doing not learn is good, hereafter is this appearance."
Still hang the headlight bubble of 100 tiles on the ox cart, below there is an electric cell, shine on they the minute particle finish now and naturally exhibit to the public for the sake of the convenience.
The flank is this person ……although the face is swollen must according to the sparse hardly recognizable as human beings, can also force to explain, he is a pear to spend three young tigers in the town of head, the soil overlord allows eldest brother, how he also ……his cage still hang a piece of wooden board and up write just strength of Chinese brush-pen word:"Extremely evil and cannot be pardoned."Cautiously see others again, Xu Jia San's brotherseses and town mayors all close in the cage and hang brands, such as"offense should ten thousand dead" and"the disaster is historic"...etc..Own cage front also has wooden board, unfortunately could not see to write of what word.
Side still stand a cold man, carry a pail of ice in hand water, see who faint and then go toward his face up sprinkle, sprinkle to come to, thank a little wood to shiver to ask:"Eldest brother, I this brand write of what word?"
That man didn't really want to manage him, but still said:"Your word is more, see to you compare beast, up what to write BE'leave a bad name, this is the end of Wu unfilial son'.
A flash of lightning once rows horizon and illuminated the sky of pear flower town, that man said with smile:"Winter also has thunder and sees to a God early see you this Wu unfilial son being getting wither a revolting feeling."
Have 20 many year old still loaf to want money toward the home all day long of young man, just took several hundreds of wanted to drink and see this act with friend, immediately whole body cold sweat, the second saids nothing early in the morning, to sought a bitterness that picks brick to live in workplace, tired is a little bit tired, incredibly monthly can also hand over living expenses for home, every day inquire after sb's health to the parents, exert a filial piety knee head, one family mother Ci son filial piety, led to revolve for several years, be favored by the real estate owner of the precious jade set City, from now on by leap and bounds have rapid promotion not in context of present discussion.
The rush has never sought geomancer to visit a piece of good place, however is also needless, has the needless the daughter whom old Liao protects Xie Jia old on sky it works properly again rush out many matters.
The graveyard is in the neighborhood of the fish pond of the east foot of a hill, here mountain clear water show, birds' twitter and fragrance of flower, surroundings wood spring onion Yu.Imagine to thank the husband and wife to bury here, and then have already lived person Xun to bury, can with Ming eyes.
Few someones bury in the night, however the coffin since has already lifted out, or lays to rest too late make to order tombstone for short few hours well, the stone tablet that can choose a cake of to in advance excavate the side Cape wood grain pattern engraves name.Nature with like the name of frost, Xie Jia still has progeny, the round doesn't wear his Liao to learn a soldier successful in career.
The tombstone was ex- to burn joss stick and paper money, also especially the idea put ascend a big basin plain wheat roll, at the right moment 20, Di is old Liao bears in mind constantly, the ,such as frost, no longer has tears and silently looking at parents parents ground grave head.
"Since today, you lead together with me."
Such as frost body an earthquake, kneel before grave Ke nine ring head, and then turn round to learn from Liao soldier Ke nine ring head, meaning very understand, from now on, she was the daughter whom Liao learns a soldier.

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