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"Go to your mama!"The knife Ba face a beer bottle flicked in the past, Mo the Tai always move out of the way, one feet flies his Chuai, behind of the person send out Nu to scold to surge forward in succession, the artistic skill of Tai young master finally have no get Liao to learn a soldier, that situation, soon can not sustain the blows.The owner sees this scene, didn't see pure old Liao's face in the dusk ray and quickly stir a telephone to move reinforcements.
Is two flow in flow spirit of the small rascals round Alice to nearby prepare to make physical advances, Brown hurriedly stops:"The Sirs respecting please immediately stop illegal act."
"Roll a part to go, here the round don't arrive you to come to talk."The small rascal smiled happily ground to push his[one] lie Ju.Brown is surprised to ask:"Mr. Mo, you take of bodyguard, had better obstruct their crary actions right away ……"
"Crazy your mama force!"Small bludger Nu.
Brown carries the responsibility of protecting the young lady and takes pistol on the body, is about to take out awe to them, uncle Mo who see have been talking moved, a chock the neck of that small bludger to make an effort to jilt to open, again the slap takes out to fly another one person and loudly calls a way:"You have to be not clean to Ms. Alice, unless once stepped from my nephew's corpse, Mr. Brown, translate this sentence to the young lady to listen to quickly."
Two member of the hooligan who emit hot sweats just walked into from the doorway and saw someone fighting and immediately pulling out knife to walk over there:"The hooligan's site, is which don't grow an eye of at act boorishly?, Eldest brother, you also at?The Alas! also steeped an ocean girl and congratulated."
The knife Ba face was horizontal to pretty spoil in the another bar before, today be still the first time come to nightingale bar, don't know is who cover of field son, on listenning to three words of hooligan, immediately the calf keeps trembling, although only two people completely can take down,he doesn't want to be made reprisals horizontal corpse street in the days to come.Old Liao swept their one eye:"Turned over the decuple to the tips to knot, all rolled out."
Alice is from Smith's household, the mafia fire combined to once see a lot, not that surprised, Mo the image of uncle's awe-inspiring pour in her heart to leave a deep impression, but the dint anti- ten scoundrels Mo always Tai, naturally unworthy a lift.The episode of this accident allows her to descend decision.
Drank many wine, several people were all some slightly drunk, time go out, intentionally let Mo always the Tai and Brown walk fore noodles, oneself then follows behind with old Liao and separates more than ten rices distance.
The midnight is lonesome, cheeks of the wine of Alice, red all of lovely go to a pole, suddenly and tightly stare at old Liao, use not smooth Chinese language one word a ground say:"The uncle of Mo, you call what name?"
"Liao learns a soldier."
"Liao learns a soldier, I love you."
What?I didn't listen to wrong, does the ocean girl say that she loves me?Old Liao momentary Meng, the mood is very complicated."Feed, classmate, you aren't playing trick?I can can not stand."
This sentence Alice doesn't understand and came out a string of German in mouth, then walked into car don't turn head.
Foreigner says that my loving you is a very natural matter, Liao learns a soldier shocked later on resume mood, the way is again imagine oneself as the favorite by himself/herself, misunderstand the other party, ascended another car.
Return to a house, lunch box what have never taken place, concerned Mu to permit all of a sudden blue fall of homework, again inquire to thank like the current situation of frost, borrow tipsy flirt Tai Rui rare Er, return to building to go to bed.
Such as frost two day to adapt to a new house gradually, have serving of servant and elder sister of concern, slowly forgets the sorrow that the parents both die, feelings transfer that to bring her freshman lives of man.Although that man is still very unfamiliar to her,she still wants to understand Liao to learn a soldier and Xie Jia of various in the past.
Once asked the housekeeper and the servant inside 2, must not is the reason why, ask again blue fall an elder sister, there is also no result that she wants, this man still keeps being one regiment riddle to her.
She wants to ask in person, but at will the pit kill five rascals who live a person obviously at mentally not easy become intimate with.Even her elder brother also killed and also breached the dying wish of Wu father, but aroused not to rise to hate an idea at 1:00, because she also hates to the bone to own elder brother.Still walk the one step calculate one step.
The second day morning after ascending one section lesson prepares to rush through to clap a drama at the film studio, is about to launch car, Mo the telephone of Tai always came, euphonic sound very strange,

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