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Shell Xiao Dan surprised way:"Teacher, did you when buy so well a car?I saw you or open snow Buddha orchid last time of, teacher ground the salary wasn't Gao very?Make me send you 1?"
"Need not.This car isn't very good either."Liao learns a soldier without telling anyone to release a black bicycle of 28 inch big tires in the Xuan eyes back of the beautiful Ferrari.
This kind of still taking the bicycle of having the triangle horizontal Gang has already not much seen in the city at present, incredibly maintain very good, the enamel leather Zheng is bright, the chain starts up, and the large hand presses bell Dang emplacement on the right handle knob of car and seems to be special spirit.
The shell Xiao Dan gape.Also has at school a lot of ride bicycle to go to school a ground of classmate, but all of that are to be worth of quite a few 1000 pieces become soon mountainous country car, or lovely curved beam car, only the suburban area delivers cargo of the uncle would ride this kind of style bulky but loading capacity big bicycle.
Old Liao acrosses bicycle and presses bell Dang.Send out Ding bell the bell is clear and crisply joyful sound, say with smile:"Little girl, come up, teacher hereafter ride bicycle to carry you to see setting sun to the seaside."Shell Xiao the Dan is sweet sweet smile.Jump up rear seat, although iron shelf Ke get the bottom living painful, but the in the mind joy bloomed, on stretching hand to hug his waist, ask:"That where do we go first?"
"Go to the sky television station.Is nearer there, otherwise another place's riding ground old sky of Huangs hasn't arrived."
The shell Xiao Dan earnestly wishes 2 people carpool cartful, until ground old sky of Huang, tight the tight teacher buy of coat, this felling too beautiful.Is too sweet!
Sway long all the way past, fully trampled for an hour, feel hungry halfway, still just the wayside small stand drank a bowl of gruel, 2 people imitate a Buddha is in the appointment, not inspect company.
Walk into the sky television station mansion.Produce common employee of head office ground certificate, can get by under false pretenses.The television station per hour comes in and goes out several;,000 people, if each "suspicious personnel" check an identity and make collective report upward, big workload.Only afraid be responsible for the public security of this matter will collapse, so arrived a behind.Also not and so work hard, let what will do well enough alone.
Shell just the Ju still is turning indiscriminately everywhere, loudly drink to scold unpleasant to look at under charge:"The hand and foot is a little bit neat!What you grow is a hand or a hoof son?Mama of, uselessly discard!Print all of the good documents to send into to stamp for secretary Liu."
That person favour over the night, utterly exhausted, in the heart a hasty, the foot hinders a frame and rushes toward Fu noodles to fall down and holds a thick document of half Chinese foot to fly in hand, the in mid air floats to spread.
Shell just Ju one feet Chuai is past, scold a way:"Did not you suck at breast today?Even doing this small matters isn't good!Roll!"
That person flusters ground to tidy up, nervous entreat:"Owner, gives me one more of opportunities ……I definitely do betterly and make up a mistake."
Just the shell telephone of Ju rang and fidgetily said:"Tidying up quickly is clean, say again next time."Answer a telephone, immediately frightened to disgrace, the words tube spreads a news:"The finance department of the head office manager Cai Cang Lang and the personnel department manager Wu's grandiosity just one resignation, was chopped right hand in going home a ground of road?"
"Who?Who dry of?They why resign, also have, who start to them?"
"Not clear, happened to affair just for an hour, I just received news ten minutes ago, we still calmed down view it changed well."
Listens to someone outside the hallway saying just at this time:"Execuse me, Ms. Sir is a set here long office, no admittance to unauthorized person."
Shell just Ju the temper of the full chest without can vent, a kick to turn over nearby of fountain machine, rant way:"BE who!BE who let irrelevant person up arrive this floor?"The water pail Qing turns over, the mineral spring Mi Mi run off, drip everywhere, wet to haven't come yet and pick up a ground of document paper.
The guard of outside a listen to the owner become angry, this still have to, not dare to neglect, make an effort to push away this a male a female.That female looks too frail to stand a gust of wind, be pushed a Lie Ju.
Just the shell Ju fondles a chest to shout pant:"Annoy a heart attack to me, can you accompany?What the matters all want**the heart Be getting more beyond the limit, you when ability and learning meeting independence?"
Suddenly, that bang of a , is to be bumped shot, the screw Mao on the aluminum metal alloy frame, a public security bone Lu Lu rolled to come in, sees Liao learning a soldier to lead long niece Dan all alone and smiling to sing ground to lean on to say on frame in the door:"

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