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04.10.2022 05:41
bellow to ask a way Antworten

Luo thousand soldiers hear the roars of leaf's tiger, also at fight of moment Piao eye leaf autumn.Unexpectedly leaf the autumn was so quick and then hurt and wanted to escape from the battlefield saves a leaf for autumn, but the white tunic portrait of his in front is the idea that understood him, suddenly sped to attackstone rhythm, and way for recruiting is more wily difficult to measure, the real strenght compared to raise a while in the beginning 2300%, he copes with and then started exhausting.
"Leaf the autumn that's right, these people, all indeed as expected is a monster."Luo thousand soldiers hate ground to think.Really think that the one punch knocks down opponent, but this can be a wishes.This kind of is incapable nerveless felling, let Luo thousand soldiers very of pain and sufferings.
See a leaf for autumn and raise a step only the miserable sight of Jian, the snake king knows that he or she could accept a net, the mentality of this young man was really too weak, basically defenseless.
The king of snake is playing and walking over there to the leaf autumn.
He need to close to a leaf for autumn, when he didn't take precautions against and counter-attack ability, a Zhang slices on his Bo neck, he can the darling ground was taken by he.And oneself also completed the task that Latin hopes.
The leaf squats down autumn ground up, the hands embraces head, pain not the desire livings of shape.Painful Si roaring cry constantly from the mouth in spread, let snake the king has much of a kind of sense of achievement.
Requiem can not only only use to Anne's soul.Most important of BE, it can use to urge a life.
Walk to the leaf autumn one step distance after, snake right hand king keeps a whistle, the left hand raised hand knife.
When he quickly keeps on chopping down, together illuminate the silvery ray of light flash across of horizon.
The just still painful and unbearable leaf autumn suddenly flicks to have the silver Wan in the hand, when the silvery sharp Feng Liao arrives the tallest place, have the object the voice that is cut off to spread.
The object falls on the ground, that is the snake king's palm.
Still keep keeping the posture of beginning the knife.It still is moving.
Result like this obviously is come from public unexpected happening, the hardest accept of is still a snake king.
The fact presents at at present, he is sliced of palm still just ground up terriblely wriggle, break arm place the blood wildly spray, with opened the water muzzle of Zha general.But he still can not believe the all these that he sees.
This how may?
Oneself clearly fights down with the Ning voice of requiem attack property he/she, his Wu wears a head pain the desire doesn't living of the appearance is so lifelike.Still have that despairing look in the eyes and the interjection of grief and indignation------Are the all theses all false?
The requiem is a mentality attack Shu, with his weak mentality, again how can resist live to be free from injury?Own much less attack is suddenly but go to, he basically didn't take precautions against.
"What is the row son?Is this exactly a son what is the row?"Miller of the tower is red and red double eye, in mind bellow to ask a way.
Have no reason, oneself will hurt in the guy hand of a nobody.
If say that he is to intentionally conceal, from the first at intentionally performance, want to lure oneself to take the bait, the time in oneself's the gist, give it relentless the words of one shot, so this guy is exactly a martial is still an actor?
What effort does he learn?Is simply to play movie to get.She Wang knows that the acting skill being common has no effect to these persons who carry to extremely learn of oneself.
It is quite good.The autumn of the leaf is in the performance.
Take from the belt at the snake king up embroider a whistle.And put when the mouth side plays.Oneself knew what he wants to do.

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