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24.02.2023 03:24
And, contrary to expectationly is that they still open that Mo to special and spectacularly lengthen version Lincoln Antworten

The autumn of the leaf at thousand leaf Xuns without the slightest resisting without cause disappearance feel, he is still on the hoof.And, he may the root walking isn't a sea road.
He fell into trap!
This stratagem isn't brilliant, but because various factor hand over to gather, and the Yi rattan is smoked of suddenly expose, let the leaf have no too many time to consider for autumn, everything looks perfect don't lack.
Almost make them escape, however the leaf autumn makes the person of thunderbolt squad lead to handle knob of four passages of Hong Kong in Shenzhen, and involving three parts of the west intelligence report net with huge household in the door help, the leaf autumn finally and again controled thousand leaf Xuns' whereaboutses.
And, contrary to expectationly is that they still open that Mo to special and spectacularly lengthen version Lincoln.
'I am very intelligent.Just that you aren't good at detection.'
The autumn of the leaf turns round to see toward Long Nyu again and says with a smile:'But to two, do you choose that?'
"Literally."At the time that Long Nyu talked, the look in the eyes swept around on thousand leaf Xuns and ghost shadow, was like choosing goods in the market general.
For thousand leaf Xuns of Long Nyu's ill-mannered behavior inattentive, still keep keeping graceful bearing image of oneself, looking at a leaf for autumn:"Just Long Nyu says that you want to kill me.I am a bit curious, this old grudge what since then?"
The autumn of the leaf is cold to say with a smile:" The business of boundary in the sky and you are some to relate to all have no?"
"I have never denied the boundary general assembly in sky didn't relate to with me.I can admit in front of you very calmly, boundary general assembly in the sky is what I manipulate.But, is this the reason that you want to kill me?You aren't a sky, the biggest one who be subjected to benefit of field general assembly?I have been thinking.You should save to appreciate to my heart just right."Thousand leaf Xuns roar with laughter ground to say.
Although the leaf autumn knows thousand leaf Xuns to be saying whatever comes to mind, but the leaf autumn cautiously wants to come, or so returns to matter son.
If there are no thousand leaf Xuns, this bad persons, oneself how can become for a sky, the hero of field, be subjected to their consistent advocacies?
If there is no a sky, support of the field, a little bit local have ulterior motives of guy how does NUMBER ONE that may have an opportunity with silver eye after death become allies?
The words that calculate so is really a sky by himself/herself, field general assembly of biggest be subjected to a benefit of.
"How?Do I say not a rightness?"See a leaf for autumn in the thinking, thousand leaf Xuns counter-question a way.
"Speaking from some aspect, what you said is correct, but, become Wang Bai Kou, truth like this you should understand, regardless is me, is still other persons, all hope to arrest you.If I today put you to walk so, all of my benefitses will disappear.Even, I also become the person from field in a sky's opposition enemy."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
If the news that without cause releases thousand leaf Xuns is spread, not only lose for a sky, the field person's advocacy, on the contrary will become their enemy.
Say again nation of task is also this dangerous of the guy arrest to return to, he cans not disobey a row, either.
"So let's do a bargain again."Thousand leaf Xuns say.
"What trade?"
"Do not you want to know that the backstage of field general assembly in a sky instigates?"The smiling face of thousand leaf Xuns one faces.
Leaf once the autumn idea move and ask a way:"Do you think what the repay that get is?"
"Put me to walk."
"How?Have no confidence to oneself?How do you make sure that I can definitely stay you?"
"I just don't want to do to meaninglessly fight.I have already been made use of once, don't want to be made use of a lifetime, if beat today, regardless life and death, our two squares is the enemies who is endlessly all deathless."
"You should know to tell me the, to you 100 insides are harmless."The autumn of the leaf says
"Was your meaning to refuse to trade?"
"Yes, I can not put you to walk" leaf the autumn say.No matter is a station him can not release thousand leaf Xuns on any position.
Oneself falls to the utmost water nautical mile and beg to living hopeless of time, he has already sworn.

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