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One Hua inside the big palace however Antworten

Being like Zang Feng and closing is green, the ability is young to become getting generally.
In addition to real strenght, with them'believe in a lord to spread pupil in person'the identity is not irrelevant either to fasten.
"Congratulate on believes in a lord!"All a group of persons inside the big palace arch hand shouts a way.
"Ha ha ……today, accept the green mountain as pupil, is a small matter!There is also a more important important event."The various Ge dollar Hong says to see to hope Hong, pipe down inside the immediately big palace.Everyone knows ……the turning point arrived!
Accept pupil, the process is simple, pass by to also seldom have so big action.
This time call° together many people so, everyone's in the minds all have a table and estimate be selecting to lately get generally!Got generally, that but control the position of solid power.And ……hope the position of Hong, that is the unification to get of!Press according to custom, is three other generally get all want to be subjected to him forbear!
"It is each."Hope Hong uprising, clear voice way, " I am this black A soldier the unification gets of, already the foot has more than 50 years!At present, I also feel lack the ability to do, then backed this the unification gets of."See later on to believe in a lord' various Ge dollar Hong', " pleases believe in a lord, select to lately get generally."
Everyone holds breath and see to believe in lord'various Ge dollar Hong'!

Chapter 04 four greatest absolute being classes Mi Dian
Present 11ses are all all, the heart bottoms all have some expectation.Lack to get generally, certainly want from all win election generally!
And huge mountain, Zang Feng, close three green get heart generally in also quiet don't come down!
Choose unification to get?
That huge mountain is the second to get generally, the Zang Feng is the third to get generally, close green is the fourth to get generally, their 3 people also wants to be further!
"At present mine 《 meteor knife 》, also is small to become!Even uncle Shi is afraid to isn't all my opponent ……this the unification get, should be mine!"The Zang Feng heart heat gets up, this 《 meteor knife 》BE returning a dollar to believe in two greatest sky classes one of the airtight Dians, on the knife method, the Zang Feng has been fixing in the Qian.Hardly make a living away from home between the world, so, his fame isn't big.
But, in the Teng green mountain before future, the various Ge dollar Hong is optimistic about most of be'Zang Feng'!
The always assiduous Qian fixs of Zang Feng, the real strenght is very astonishing.Young generation various Ge cloud waits person to is easily defeated to exchange blows with him!
"Two teacher the uncle return a dollar religion for me and lead a black A soldier to fight so for several years, hard working achievement Gao!From today, two teacher the uncle woulds be the elder that I return a dollar religion!"The various Ge dollar Hong clear voice says, hope Hong face up also peeps out one silk smiling face, Be getting older, abdicate to be elder, also be regarded as accomplished.
Many people to hope Hong congratulations.
The various Ge dollar Hong grinds to a stop for a while, just way:"However the black A soldier get generally of, not the ability is free to lack."
Pipe down again inside the big palace immediately.
Various Ge dollar the voice of the Hong resounds in the open spaces big palace:"Is new an allow a black A soldier unification get, is got the Teng green mountains of troops to all serve as generally at first by the first!"
One Hua inside the big palace however!
Is the Teng green mountain unification to get?Many people see toward the Teng green mountain.
"Teng green mountain comes up to connect to fight A!"Various Ge dollar Hong clear voice way.
The Teng green mountain immediately starts, the dynasty various Ge dollar Hong walks.
"How to is him?"The facial expression of Zang Feng greatly changes, " I originally be got generally!Even if promote Teng green mountain in order to get generally, at most make him be the fourth to get generally.The unification gets, should win election at our 3 people!With my real strenght, the unification gets, should be that I am just right!"The Zang Feng is relentless that double of of the eyes Mi rise.
Is abrupt however-
The Zang Feng suddenly starts and greatly treads to walk to the center, immediately many people see toward him.
"H'm?"The various Ge dollar Hong sees toward his love Tu.

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