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Like with bands and politicians Josh Allen Jersey , it's perfectly normal for athletes to enjoy one round of high-profile success before returning to being average. In the NFL, where the average career is so short, this is especially true. And yes, Derek Anederson Parris Campbell Jersey , we're talking about you - though we're looking forward to watching you replace Cam Newton this year...Back in August, The Sportster looked at 15 players who had fluke NFL seasons whether it was because of over-performing, injuries that took away their best traits, or because they were part of the 2007 Cleveland Browns.Today , we're going to do something similar by looking at players who did have fluke or one-year wonder seasons, but also examine where they are now?I know I've asked this before, but what happens when one in the sports world retires? Do they stick close to the sports world they’ve spent so much of their life in and around? Do they go pursue other careers that maybe they didn’t have the time or energy – or even knowledge – of doing and devoting their time to? Do they wind up in prison – well, we’ll do our best not to talk about these guys today.With players who maybe only have one or two good seasons Khari Willis Jersey , are they in the same boat as the Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl MVPs they shared a locker room with? Let's find out. A National Football League locker room is supposed to be a place where teammates come together and form bonds that are based on achieving the goal of winning a Super Bowl championship. There are numerous recent examples of NFL players forging friendships with teammates that have resulted in that particular team finding success on the field. DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller of the Denver Broncos quickly began a teacher-mentor relationship that turned into a friendship and both men were instrumental in the Broncos defeating the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50. We may, down the road, be able to say that the friendship between Ware and Miller changed Miller's career for the better.For every example of solid NFL teammates who have been easy to get along with and who have been gems for teams, there are all kinds of cases of awful NFL teammates who Josh Allen Jersey , at times, were not worth the headaches that they gave to coaches and to front offices. This does not, however, necessarily mean that the worst teammates in NFL history were all bad players. Truth be told , the Pro Football Hall of Fame could one day be filled with a wing of players who also happened to be bad teammates. There is not always a link between personality and talent.With all of that said, the NFL in 2016 is a different world than what the league was even a decade ago. Personalities and teammates who would have been tolerated by other players and by coaches back in the day may struggle to find a home in today's NFL. Chemistry and knowing that a player can be counted on to not be any kind of distraction are just as important as talent during evaluation processes, and thus athletes who can undeniably get the job done on the field may get passed over by teams all because of their reputations. Our advice to any would-be NFL player: Learn to be the best teammate that you can possibly be and do so early into your playing days. You'll be better off for it.

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