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12.08.2019 09:09
Sitting on a train, Antworten

Sitting on a train, the wandering life may be more appropriate. The train banged and slammed through a strip of snarl, a patch of jungle, listening to the familiar station, and standing next stop. Don't reach the end, get off at a place of your own. After leaving the station, look at the strange city outside, look awkward, do not know where is the foothold, carry luggage Cigarettes For Sale, walk through a street, look at a strange face, I am at a loss. In front of it is a small noodle restaurant, unloading the bag, and ordering a bowl of small noodles, it is very strong, wiping the corners of the mouth, finishing the account, and moving on, the map on the stall is very tempting me, squeezing over, buying One copy, flipped the map, followed the map to the bus stop, got on the bus, and as the car gradually moved away from the city, I went to the suburbs, and I got off the bus and ran to the stream, where the stream was flowing. This sound is so familiar, I squatted from the water, the water is so soft, so kind. There are cockroaches in the rice fields in front and vegetables on the edge of the fields. A piece of green oil, a beautiful natural landscape. I got up and walked in the field in a small step. A feeling of solidity suddenly came at dusk. I walked into a farmhouse. The smell of bacon in the house came out, the fragrance, the taste of my hometown, and the boss was very enthusiastic. When I saw it, I hurriedly greeted me. Dinner was eaten with them. The food was tasted in the southwest. The familiar taste was just unfamiliar. After dinner, I opened a single room. Putting down the luggage, I went out alone, the night in the country came early and quiet, and occasionally I heard the barking of the farmer��s house. Outside the field, the frogs of the field frogs, I walked and walked to the front of a reed, with a river in front, the reeds were very dense, the breeze was light, and occasionally I felt a little cool Newport Cigarettes. Walking out of the reeds, I came to a lotus pond. This is not the season when the lotus blooms, so I can only see a piece of green lotus leaf. The water here is so good, even the water in the lotus pond is so clear. Moonlight beauty, but unfortunately only you can enjoy it alone Online Cigarettes. There are motorcycles driving from time to time on the road, and the car is a little dazzling. The sound of the rumble, at this time it sounds like a scorpio. It��s too dark, I walked back on foot, oh, I stepped on the mud, this is the rain two days ago, leaving the imprint, the shoes are all mud, and I have to go to the lotus pond, wipe the shoes clean, not worthy It was evening, the water was really cool, and I quickly wiped it away and took the phone out. Turning on the phone can illuminate a little, and when it comes, it feels very close, and the way back is so long. Back to the hotel, rushed to the cold, lying on the bed looking at the ceiling, can't sleep, use the mobile phone to surf the Internet, looked at the latest developments of friends, collected the farm, stole the food. Then I published my own feelings. I thought about it for a long time before I sent out such a "I want to be ideal, not to be illusory, to be passionate and not to be emotional. Everything is contented." I looked at my own photos. From the age of 18 to the present, there was a big change. At that time, I was very old and very naive. Now I have a feeling of getting into middle age. Many friends in the past would say why there are so many emotions in the age of care, sometimes I don��t know. Perhaps it is "the feelings of deep people alone." Still have to rest and sleep. I really don't know what time it is. The cocks outside are singing. It's too tired. I can't wait to listen to this beautiful song, or just go to sleep. As soon as the sun shines through the window sill, I slowly squat. Open your eyes, wow, the sun outside is so strong. If you want to sleep late, you won��t be able to go to the country��s early morning, and the golden sun will shine on the lush greenery. The birds sang in all directions, and a burst of flowers rushed. I opened my arms and let the essence of this world slowly penetrate into my body, perhaps prolonging my life.
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