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12.08.2019 09:09
I sit down tonight a Antworten

I sit down tonight and miss you quietly! I want to know what you are doing; I want to know if you are thinking about me; I want to know if you are crossing my figure when you stare into the distance; I want to know if you see me when you walk into a sweet dreamland. The intersection of dreams is waiting for you. I like to sit here quietly and miss you. Although, I don't know how to quietly think about a person, whether the other party can really feel it. If you often have an inexplicable heart, do you know that this is because I miss you quietly in the distance! Just thinking of you quietly, quietly calling you in the bottom of my heart Marlboro Cigarettes. I really want to call you in this quiet night sky. Although I know that the dark night can't spread my heart far. But I always feel that no matter how far, you can certainly hear it. Just thinking of you quietly, on this plain night. Because of thinking of you, this night became beautiful and melancholy. miss you! I want to light up an orange lamp for you, waiting quietly for your tired return; I want to hand you a cup of warm toon, slowly dispel the tiredness on your face; I want to use my gentle and delicate fingers Newport Cigarettes, Gently smooth the wrinkles in your eyes; want to use my soft and warm whisper to soothe your restless heart. Then I look at you quietly... I pray, pray for peace and eternity at this moment. I like to think of you like this, and let my heart have soft pain and sweet happiness. Inadvertently, I will quietly think of your name, think of your figure, think of your hearty laughter, want to walk with you in the rain, want to join hands with you in the secluded moonlight, and then slowly grow old together go with. If I can, I would rather be a bird, flying over the mountains and the treetops in front of your window. The independent old tree in front of your window is lonely, and the silent moon in the night sky is also lonely. But I will not be lonely, because I am so close to you, I like the faint light that shines in front of your window, warm and peaceful Marlboro Gold, I can truly feel your breath. But I won't scream, it won't bother your silence. I just gently combed my own wind-blown wings and sorted out my tired heart. Then, standing silently in front of your window, thinking of you quietly. Maybe I am waiting, waiting for you to give me a miracle. But I am still a little scared, afraid that this is just a distant dream. I know, I can't be hungry a lot. I just hope that I can always be like this - I miss you quietly. Many times, just thinking about a person quietly is actually a kind of happiness, a period of time saying: past life Five hundred times to look back, only in exchange for this life. I will use 10,000 times to exchange for a meeting with you, and then use my heart like a lotus to quietly miss you in a distant corner. Outside the window, the moonlight is like water, and my house has already accumulated my heart. A piece of fragrant scent, let the faint nocturne like a tassel. Let go of my heart, tonight, let me miss you quietly!
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