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26.08.2019 09:43
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Kindness is the beautiful flower of the world. Several high school students saw different views on the roadside for help, but in the end, they all decided to help the girl. They are all sincere and kind children. The good virtues of doing good in time are reflected in them. In fact, it is not difficult to do good. At the beginning of the people, the nature is good. But knowing how to do good is the so-called loyalty that we should do most. It is not to know whether the other party is honest, but to know how to treat others with sincerity. The reason why a good thing produces different ideas is because it is not only influenced by negative cases in society, but more importantly, people can't really understand sincerity. Sincere, literally means true, sincere, and not hypocritical. Many people think that this is a relative, two-sided word, but in fact, it can also be unilateral. It expresses its true and sincere meaning to the other party, and believes that it can be done in good faith without any restraint. This is a kind of act of partial idealism, but in the world of materialism, there can be no such lack of motivation and behavior to be good. Good is not a kind of learning, but an act. It is a kind of good deed to help small girls on the roadside, to save themselves, to join charity, and so on. If you are in a state of superiority to others, you should actively help those in need. Don��t give up doing good because others�� untrustworthiness is untrue, and violate their own conscience. Good deeds are essentially an excellent behavior that does not seek repayment. The high-level students finally came to the common view: "What do you have to do for her" is a good interpretation of Zhicheng's good deeds. Due to cancer, the 87-year-old Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Yonggen felt that there was not much time. He donated millions of dollars in his life savings to the South China Agricultural University. The school used this money to set up an education fund to reward poor students and outstanding young teachers. His original intention of doing good is not asking for reward, selfless dedication. Such good deeds are wise and great. He won the award of "Touching China's Top Ten People", which is the embodiment of his value. Whether it is a great professor or an ordinary high school student, they all understand the essence of doing good Marlboro Red, the performance of knowing the heart, the behavior of the heart, and the warm and touching act. In all moral qualities, the good nature is the most in the world. needs. Ordinary, like us, we should be a person of sincerity and kindness, do good deeds with sincerity, help others, warm others, use action to bring more positive energy to the society, and use more positive and positive behaviors Newport 100S. Criticize those negative and negative actions, do good deeds, and be happy for the good.
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