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09.09.2019 09:27
d and the sun gradually Antworten

The weather is just right, there is no wind, no rain, the middle-aged man with no dust and white hair, the iron-clad suit can not afford the spirit of the face that has been eroding the scars of the years, the micro-mixed eyes are angry, confused. The void, day after day, is free in familiar and unfamiliar cities, streets. The footprints are all over, so familiar; changing with each passing day, so new. The scenery is just right, but it is not a small white-collar worker. It is so small, so white, small enough to be neglected, white to sell, but also to help count the money in the teens, wandering and unscrupulous, thinking that this is young and frivolous. If you want to work hard, you will always be a person who is not arrogant and arrogant Can you waste your time on this good old age, don��t you play with your soul and you are young? The light goes to the night and half, and squanders his own time in another illusory realm. Nowadays, I want to come to scarce resources, and break the body emptyness of the Chinese New Year. I graduated from disgrace, lost my job, and jumped into the famous school and entered the society. The elite, greet the white and rich, to the back of the peak of life, stunned, sloppy, silent, no memories of the past, but also had a bright moonlight, the boy sent a whimsical dream. So beautiful, as if the stars in the sky are within reach, and you can do whatever you want. But the ruthless time does not say anything, do nothing, let you go to the air, let you go to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, only harvest your fine in the light wind, and torture your soul to death, broken and fragmented. This is the case, still do not give up, open the Pandora's magic box, the people who have lost their youth are suffering in the mourning, the middle-aged man of numbness and sorrow is like the shell of the lost soul, walking numbly back to the dwelling The street is deep and shallow, shallow and shallow, like floating in the lonely sea, even if it is stepping on a solid concrete road. The old shop of the road many years ago, ignoring the old man who is as leisurely as the year, passing through the paving of the novelty of the tide, ignoring the red wine inside Marlboro Cigarettes. In a hurry, a glorious luxury car passed by, splashing the muddy water on the ground, mixing the mud, pasting him on the leg, making a bold and unconstrained ink painting on the black cheap trousers. Then the clouds are light and light, leaving white. At the moment of passing by, I saw my ex-girlfriend from the window under the shake, the noble dress replaced the shirt that had been washed white before Newport 100S, and the makeup was replaced by the thick makeup. I still remember the vows that I used to spend the month before, and I kept my hands and complained. I hope that the white-headed cockroaches will grow old and the sea will be ruined. Even if there is no billion euros, I will laugh and face the end of the day. Your words, I am serious, but you are so casual, light, like a butterfly, nostalgia for your floral honey, but I have been looking for your innocent smile, open your mouth. However, I had to face the shadow of the car in vain. I sprinkled the dusty road and the sun gradually turned to the west. I breathed out a sigh of breath, leaving a heavy sigh of suffocation. The shadow was pulled long and long. Into the dwelling, dirty, small and poorly broken. A few mouthfuls of cheap lunches, carefully and mechanically folded the only set of work clothes like the ones. This is a long time, but it is still early, but it is only able to smash its own body into the second-hand wooden bed, and the painful old wooden bed makes a harsh scream. A few tens of meters away, the bustling is not like the human world, the brilliance of the various colors shines like a night. An ant-like man, without happiness, suffocates in a dark and damp, stupid basement, like a deep sea, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper until the consciousness is dark, the alarm cloc
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