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k with a slight rust is screaming, afflicting sensitive The eardrums, swaying the slender nerves, as always, Dessert played the green man and reminded him of his dreams. Winking, sky? Then, this dark day pushes open the frosted glass door "BOSS, I heard you looking for me?" Strong smile. Half a mile "Well, who is who, you were dismissed, went to the finance department to settle the salary for half a month." The other end of the five-step, the good desk with elegant black light, embedded in the wall of the large bookshelf Manchu case, writing, covered with dust, new as it is. The fat man in the background never lifted the head, and the accumulated fat flesh encroached on the field of the eyes, shining with shine, greasy as in the suckling pig room on the grill, very quiet, only the faint silence of the concentrated fat man's headphones, " Yes." No inquiry, no struggle, "Who is who?" It shows that the fists that are insignificant and clenched with pain, exit the room, but close the door but seem to have no strength. "Hey, who, help me make a cup of coffee." The glamorous woman dressed up in a beautiful dress screams "I, I am leaving..." Wei Wei, swearing, "I have to go, don't leave, go to the last cup of coffee." The tone is intolerant, and everyone is taken for granted, without grief. Only after the man turned away, there was a faint scream. "It��s a pity that there is no rubbish and no junk. There is no pause in the footsteps. For more than ten years, the suffering is like grinding the disc, and his blood and arrogance are finely crushed into a dregs" No. 0173 , low-level employees, the salary is -1000. "Financial young woman, so young, so charming, with a mocking scorn.iddle-aged men don't dare to look up, so youthful, and full of glory, but they have nothing. The left hand is holding only the remaining 314 yuan. This huge sum of money will bear the unemployed life that he has not known for a long time. Until he found the next shelter, yes, the shelter, and the companies, he, so bad, weak is not worth mentioning. Only the occasional whim will keep him, so that he can play a little shimmer, not enough fireflies. With all his strength, he poured his fist on his right foot and took the last step. He left the place where he had been stationed for three years. This left him with a place where his body temperature protected him from the hurricane. At 45 degrees, the morning sun is so bright. This middle-aged man had to bow his head and feel sad, only his 1314 heavy standing on the platform, silent, like a scarecrow. Then, with the flow of people, they were swallowed by the bus and squeezed into the canned window. A wave of students chased and chased by bicycles, so bright, the sunshine of the time, the hope of the newborn. He was shrouded in the shadow of the lateness, the shadow of the trip, the heart of the light without the light of the old man looking at the empty eyes of the window suddenly passed a trace of fine light, so quickly appeared, so fast and dim, illusory. Not far from the front, a young girl standing on the pavilion, a large school uniform, a childlike figure, a few books in the right hand, quiet and elegant, as if the moon is light, the sky is floating. wind. Like a first love, once, young and worry-free, there is also a sincere love in front of him, dust in history, there is a her... so slow bus so fast, dragging the shadows of the shadows It is only to leave memories and sorrows. When the familiar time breaks in the past set, the cockroaches of the cockroaches use what to hurt the "clean" room without turning on the lights, and the shadows are extinguished in the gleam of the computer screen. Familiar Scenes, familiar people, young people open their eyes, connected with tired bloodshots, such as cobwebs. Two lines of tears silent, flowing along the cheeks, flowing into the river. The computer in front of the LOL, left hand holding a dry beer cans The energetic roommates are still in the midst of a night of fierce battles. The computer desk under the feet is paddled with a textbook, Zhou Mengzhuang, "How do you sleep for so long, say good three-seat all night long." "A small mess of hair is dissatisfied, I don't care, I take out the high school textbook that squeezes the deformation at the foot of the table. Nanke dreams, it is not clear to break into the fog Online Cigarettes. But the incompetent, helpless heart twitching pain, long time. I don��t go. Ignorance is a kind of sin, far better than the seven sins. At this moment, I feel like a big fish that flows back and forth in the cold waters. I will use my life to fight. I will do what I can to do what I can Cigarettes Online. Don't let yourself hang down, but you can't do anything. Nothing is good. In the dark night, the male light man who is eager for time and light, opens his hand and takes a deep breath, so that every alveoli can exchange gas, just like a young and new, huh. It��s so good! The night is half, the tired and spirited teenager, the sunny sunshine
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