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surely." He was relieved t Antworten

If the abandonment is the ice layer that gradually melts away in the spring, then the peach blossom that is the burning spring breeze at the mountain temple; if it is abandoned, it is the lotus leaf that is in the midst of the summer. If it is abandoned, it is no engine. The residual load of the cover, then the acquisition is the chrysanthemum that blooms quietly in the autumn wind chill; if it is abandoned, it is the succulent scent of the scent of the scent of the snow. Giving up and getting is a fruit on a tree, but it is also like the front and back of a coin. Abandoning the beautiful and quiet mountains, you will gain the pride and ambition of "will be the top of the lingering"; give up the temptation of temptation, and you will gain a straightforward chest and character. If there is a loss, there will be something. Maybe this is the dialecticity of giving up and gaining. Maybe it is the test of life to us. Zhuangzi was fishing alone on the riverside of the Lishui River. The cold wind blew his long hair, and the cold invaded his skin. He plunged peacefully, and safely dismissed the courtier who was with the imperial court of the king of Chu. He understands that once he has embarked on a career path, it means choosing a dirty officialdom and intrigue Carton Of Cigarettes, insulting the natural quietness and the philosophy of the world. He even understands that with his own arrogant character Marlboro Red, how can he handle the relationship between the monarch and the minister, so he refused the invitation of the king of Chu, and he was the tree that watched the moon alone in the breeze; thus joyed himself between the mountains and rivers. "Don't fold for the five buckets of rice," he gave up the fame and fortune, and leisurely passed the elegant life of "collecting the chrysanthemum under the fence and seeing Nanshan leisurely." He was relieved to "shoud the pastoral return", and took the morning in the morning. He returned in the evening, "the time of the neighboring songs came from time to time, and the anti-speaking talks again and again", and the people who moved to the sages "appreciated with anecdotes, and doubts and discourses," It is the realm of spiritual harmony and far-off. There are different hermits in the dynasties, and they choose to lose in the mountains and waters. In fact, giving up is a tough choice Marlboro Lights. In the face of many temptations, such as money, fame, status and glory in society, you often can't give up any one. Giving up is what you face not only a torture of the soul, but also a contest of wisdom, and a show of courage. Maybe you can give up the smart brain, but you can't give up the integrity of the personality; maybe you can give up the chance of success, but you can't give up the best friends, put a stone in your backpack, just one is enough. . I believe that a stone will bring you success and wisdom, far more than ten stones to bring you the pressure and effort to make your life full, full and full of tension.
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