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24.09.2019 04:51
u the happiness that you ca Antworten

If someone asks me what season you like the most, I must shout out without hesitation: summer. In the summer, you can sway your seemingly stinky sweat, no one will be far away from you; in the summer, you can run around on the court, take the flammable football with your feet, step on the jog Every green space; in the summer, you can push a person into the pool by the ghostly side of the pool. Of course, you may be sent to the pool by the evil eyes. When you smile and chase which little devil, All that remains is the thrill and joy of all the stops. Maybe summer is not a paradise for all poetic girls, but it is an inestimable pleasure for the boys; maybe some delicate girls will shout in the bright place next to the green shade: "Wow! Hot death! Will My white skin is tanned!" But the boys will not only be afraid of this, but will have a dignity contest with their friends at noon in the summer; maybe some boys are often sweaty and go home. The first sentence I heard when I took off my shoes was: "Sports again? Take a shower!" But summer seems to have any aggressive effect on girls. Instead, girls wear pretty skirts and put them in the shade. Umbrella watch the basketball game of the boys... In the summer, the youthfulness of the middle school students burned up in the most unique scenery in the summer. It was not hidden in the flower of the famous flower in the name of a certain famous monument. On the school's stadium - "Zhang Heng in front! It's the person who passed the ball to me!" "Xie Yue on the right, look above! There is a bird falling down!" Just like this, it��s hard to pass. The doorman flew from my feet to the inexplicable "Bird World" from my foot. When I fainted in the grass and frustrated all the teammates' punches and kicks, the sun in the sky burned. More intense, I wonder if I am laughing at my stupidity Marlboro Cigarettes, or are I deliberately looking for real birds? I don't know, I know that at the end of this summer's happy game, I found something that made me inexplicable: my old wallet just fell into the sewer in the assault but still happy when I was shouting, why It��s because I really escaped the gift of summer love: there is a crystal-clear bird in front of my toes. The mighty sparkling of the summer gives you the happiness that you can��t feel in any other season: in the spring, the fineness The only thing rain can bring to you is the numbness of doubling the dandruff. In the fall, the yellow leaves are always making a painful melody in your ear... In the winter Parliament Cigarettes, obese sweaters and annoying gloves are girls. When watching a basketball game or a football match, I can't help but imagine the 80 kilograms of big fat running on the court and swaying the body... all this Wholesale Cigarettes, burning the soul of our middle school students, screaming the passion of our middle school students. . Let us enjoy the refining of the flames!
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