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26.10.2019 04:20
defeat are commonplace. Antworten

That "victory" made me remember, because her performance made me feel uncomfortable. It was a day of faint "autumn" in the summer, I want to shoot with her. I didn't listen to the class this afternoon. There was a fly in my ear, and it was loud and loud. I only wanted to play with her.�� �� ��..." The hard afternoon finally passed. I picked up the basketball and rushed to the playground. My heart suddenly accelerated and my palms were sweating. In the noisy playground, I only heard my heart. In the chest, "����" and "����" jumped suddenly, and a person smiled and walked toward me. She arrived as soon as she arrived. "Get started! "I said. She took the basketball in my hand and concentrated on the basket Newport 100S. "One step into one", "two in two", "three in three"... My heart mentioned the blind eye and lost her to win. Confidence. But at this time, her grades were rewritten - "five into three." My heart was put down, and finally won her with "five into four". She came over and smiled and congratulated me. At that time, I couldn't wait to tell the whole world the news that ��I won.�� So I rushed to tell, when someone asked her for a certificate, she smiled at the person and admitted it calmly. My smile solidified, she nodded. It��s so calm to failure, but I am so impetuous in the face of success. Is it necessary for me to do this? This is just a victory! I deeply feel that I lost to her Newport Cigarettes, and I lost psychologically. It��s a failure. Victory and defeat are commonplace. Since then, I have regarded this success as a failure lesson, urging me to maintain a normal heart under all circumstances Marlboro Lights. Someone said: The biggest enemy is yourself. Even if I have overcome it, what other places are good to lose? As long as you overcome yourself and work hard, the big failures will not fail.
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