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26.10.2019 04:20
ay a word to each other fo Antworten

The second class this afternoon is a self-study class. The teacher has a lot of content, but one thing makes me unhappy, that is to change seats. It is. I want to transfer the Huihe Yue Marlboro Cigarettes, and I am transferred to the fifth group. I am alone in the first group. I am happy that I can continue to sit with the English. The sad thing is that Huihe Yue is gone. I know that the teacher is We are good. We don't want the four of us to speak together in class. We don't want to let our grades fall Marlboro Lights. It's the reason why we love to talk in class. It leads us to separate. It is a bit unhappy for me to transfer away. I can't bear them. Emblem - do you remember? We often quarreled Wholesale Cigarettes, and once we had a very loud argument, we didn��t say a word to each other for a month, but it was very indifferent. It��s because the more the arguments, the stronger the feelings, the more cherished, but not a minute or two. Slowly think that everyone is wrong, and finally reconciled, because of this, our feelings will be so strong, free from the wind and rain. We are all people who don't know how to be happy. Only when we are separated can we know how to cherish and know each other's good, only to know that it is happiness. Please don't miss it. "There is a kind of love called letting go, giving up genius for love.
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