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07.11.2019 02:57
To the old house Antworten

Winter is actually very close to the summer, just after the fall of the autumn. We ate the popsicles, and she glared at the popsicle that was sun-baked into water. She said: "Every time I am so hot, my brother will buy popsicles and will say 'cool,' haha, big summer I said cold!" I squinted at the sun and felt the line of sight blurred: "In fact, the winter is coming soon, just like the grandmother likes flowers, the backyard of chrysanthemums, peony flowers, balsam and other colorful The flowers are all her kind Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I don't know why, Grandma's flowers are all withered in winter, so I always come to the old house in the summer to see Grandma and see her flowers. I used to be that period. Grandma's only. She always becomes a happy child when she sees me. She likes to show me flowers. It seems that she always dances when she talks about flowers. Especially when I came, some days. The opening of the flower always makes him excited, and I also infected all her joys. Gradually, I rarely go to the old house, and occasionally think of my grandmother, I will call you. The grandmother does not say me. Still not coming back, just ask the cold and ask for warmth. The last one To the old house, still summer, still so gorgeous flowers, still I asked her kindly smile Great Grandma:. "Grandma, why do not you plant some flowers in winter ah! Grandma smiled and seemed to talk to herself: "In fact, winter is very close. After the fall is winter and then I will never go back Marlboro Cigarettes." That winter, Grandma died. The figure also disappeared into the pile of flowers. Later, I suddenly remembered the time with my grandmother. Such a day is the most brilliant memory, and the original warmth is hidden in her smile. Later, there is no later. This year's flowers have opened up a lot! I don't look at the sun anymore Marlboro Gold, I just look at the road ahead.
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