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07.11.2019 02:57
Book, how simple and o Antworten

Book, how simple and ordinary eyes! It used to be a nightmare, but it now has a supreme status in my heart. When I was a child, I was a "three bad students". I didn't study well, my moral character was not good, and my performance was not good. For me, the book is like my nightmare, just like a rabbit encountering a firewood wolf. As usual, avoid it. Do I really hate it? No, no. It��s just that I succumbed to my mother��s ��sentimentality�� and I had to look at the boring words I watched these beautiful ladies swim in front of my eyes. I only thought that the words were beating and writing a first song. The fascinating lullaby has entered the world of Zhou Gong. "Look at your child's forcedness, let the children fall asleep when they see the book Newport Cigarettes Coupons." The ear is filled with the sharp voice of the grandmother and the low sobbing of the mother. And my eyelids are always closed, so I can't open it. In those days, there was less laughter at home, only quiet and chilly. This made me want to go home and have to go back. However, an occasional chance made me re-appreciate my book. After school that day, I was alone at home, and my footsteps actually sang the opposite tone. I stepped into the place where my mother had forced me to come three times and five times. The study room is really the sun coming out from the west! In the Shushan Book, I was bored and chose a book, "Forrest Gump." Looking at it, I actually lost my previous escape, but read it with relish. I think the hero Agan, depicted in the book, is too stupid, but very persistent, and even has the skills that others can't do, and accomplishes many things that others have dreamed of. Others said that I am like a fool, to be honest, really like a fool like A-Gump, like him, always has a pure and innocent heart Marlboro Lights, always like a child without the world, not polluted by dust, Not for time changes. Unconsciously, the sun is slanting, the book has been read, and it is still unfinished. Since then, the book has become my best friend on the way to growing up. People are unknown to their future, just like the feathers in the film, drifting with the wind. In the world of books, there has never been a certain number, hate and like, only between one thought, everything depends on itself. From another angle, we will see a different world.
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