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18.11.2019 04:33
The so-called contentment Antworten

The so-called contentment is a brilliant attitude towards life. This attitude is different from inferiority or conceit. In life, you often hear complaints of one kind or another, some about learning and some about life. Those who sigh and sigh always hide themselves under others, always thinking that they are not as good as others or even below others, and therefore will use all their energy to learn or work. Effortlessly and relentlessly, we only want to catch up with or surpass others. Therefore, their goals will be firm, and therefore, they will live very tired and tired. They will seize every minute to learn and work, and let their body and mind be in a state of high tension and exhaustion. In fact Newport Cigarettes, this is not wise to me. When others are working together to enjoy the joy of life, you are immersed in hard work or hard work, and the brain and body do not have a minute or a second of rest time Marlboro Lights. This is actually not a good habit, and even brings Vicious circle. At this time, perhaps you should try to change the way - contentment. He will let himself analyze himself fully and rationally, instead of blindly denying and depreciating. At that time, you may be refreshed, but at least you will not be physically and mentally exhausted. I think that contentment is also the reason. And for the above problems, if you are too content, you will fall into another layer of hell - conceit. This state will be more terrible than inferiority. Because at this time, you will overestimate your level, so that you will be slack and stagnate, so that you will not take the initiative to learn or work, and lose that kind of motivation. Because of inferiority, you will have a sense of urgency. This sense of urgency will give you a pressure to make you gain something Cigarettes For Sale, but when you are conceited, you will get nothing. At this time, contentment will become another meaning: knowing your own adequate situation. This also requires your rationality to control and dialectic. Contentment, not only refers to self-satisfaction, but also refers to a self-judgment, that is, self-confidence in self-confidence, that is, self-confidence. When you have confidence, and then fear the more difficult problems, then the powerful enemy is just a "cloud" in front of you. Because your mind already has the power of fearlessness and the courage to look directly at yourself. Therefore, you will not blindly degrade yourself, nor will you over-exaggerate yourself too much, but let yourself be in an ideal state, which is not accessible to anyone, even if it is reached, Nor does it mean that you will always be there, which requires eternal exercise and a strong will. This may also be the goal of me (although only a middle school student) in the material life, everyone will be discouraged by the failure of a moment, or rushed to the success of the moment, lost themselves in flowers or applause. And when you are truly content and confident, then you can say to every forest, every tree, and even every dew in the world: "I am also a landscape, believe it, I will also Welcome its own success
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