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The tree wants to be Antworten

The tree wants to be calm and the wind is not endless, the child wants to be filial and does not want to stay," the old-fashioned or the cheesy, my teenage life has no much emotional tempering, the only immortal memory in my heart, the hometown of the mountain has Taigong and Taipo, the grandmother��s family has a grandmother, and the three elderly people love me very much, because for the grandmother��s family, I am the youngest baby, and for the grandfather��s family, I am the eldest son��s grandson, with unusual Meaning. Hours often live in the grandmother's house, so I was particularly impressed by one of the grandmothers. Before going to kindergarten, I used to spend the night at my grandmother's house, sleeping with my grandmother, because the old man always looked at me and fell asleep before going to sleep. The bed is a traditional wooden bed with both inside and outside. I am naturally active, sleeping unsteadily, always kicking off the quilt. The old man is afraid of me, always let me wrap most of the quilt, and I only wear it. A blue cloth. I was afraid that I would fall. Every time I let me sleep, while I patted my back and slumbered me to sleep. Later, I went to kindergarten, slept with my grandmother, and my grandmother often told me. Say, every time old Family is very worried, eighty years old, up and down very inconvenient, but also stepping up the stairs creak of the stairs to see me. "Girl asleep? Did you kick the quilt? "The old man always asks this question, then sit at my bed for a few minutes, then go and go. The grandfather calls his father and asks him to take photos of my school and graffiti, saying that it is Keke. I stayed with them every day. On that day, we didn't inform them, we drove to the home. When we arrived at home, the two old people were very happy. Like the New Year, they said "good" excitedly. "I don't tell us when I come, I am ready. No. "The wife complained, but the eyes were full of smiles. After everyone entered the house, the grandfather waved to me and told me to go. The age is too old, the legs and feet are inconvenient, always lying on the wicker chair. Take a small puff from the bag of the whitewashed tunic suit and carefully open it to reveal a few round pistachios. At that time, this pistachio has only a happy feast in the family or a Chinese New Year Newport Cigarettes. I don��t know when the old man left it. I saw him shaking and putting the pistachio in my hand and said, "Hey, I��m leaving it to you, take it lightly, huh, I know I like it. Be careful not to let your dad see it, then you can't eat it. "The old man��s smile is still echoing in my ear. "Hey, hey--" Taipo shouted with the unique tone of the mountain people. Come, come over, hey, let the woman hug. "The old man's body is tough, and the silver hair is clean and fresh. It's almost eighty. I still plant some side dishes in my own home. "Go, the woman is holding it, and pulling the peanuts together." "Oh, pull out the peanuts--", I rushed into the arms of the old man, and said. "Haha, you are so heavy, the wife can't hold it up." "The grandmother smiled and didn't close her mouth. When the big class, the most dear wife went away. When I was in the sun, there was no sign.... On that day, I cried so much that I couldn��t breathe. Grasping her clothes, I have a hunch. Once I let go, I will never see her old man. In a few years, the grandfather has gone, I am already sensible, the first experience. What is the heartache, just like the tearing and then getting a piece of discomfort. I remember very clearly, there was a joke in the village and I had a taboo joke, "Coke, you are too grand, then when is your wife? Going with him? "I pushed the man away like crazy." You got out of me. "After a person ran to the back hill, he burst into tears. However, two years later, I have not strengthened from the grief of losing the grandfather. My last wife was also going west. "Mom, you open your eyes again." Ke Ke came to see you! Grandma pulled me to the bed and shouted with a crying cry, and I stood like a puppet, standing still. I couldn't accept this reality, I let my tears flow until I blurred my eyes and looked at it. The serene old man in bed, a fear of separation from life and death, came to life. Why? Why? The oldest people who love me the most are leaving me. I am unable to sit on the chair... I can��t get it, I can only remember. One jump, the thoughts begin to suffer, every minute, every second. The fire is burning, how good is the burnt ash, just miss, don��t make noise, in the memory that is too deep, I only have my own years In the past, the voices and smiles of the Taigong Taipo have gradually blurred, just as the red letters on the stone tablets have fallen. I can only use the black and white smiles of the sheets to try to remember them and prevent them from coming from me Marlboro Cigarettes. I don��t want to forget all those things that I am greedy. Flowers bloom, rise and fall. Have you forgotten the blue coat? Have you forgotten the trembling hands? Have you forgotten? I��ve grown up with silver hair. Even sadness, but also has learned to smile face, Lucy had been: "since then, my room empty lot, but I will not cry easily Marlboro Gold. "Meeting with this world, but still on the way, too thin fingertips, too wide finger joints, we can't keep anything, but the imprint of the heart will never wear out the unreasonable stacking, the most simple language." It is the most sincere feeling. To the window, gently breathe a sigh of relief, fingertips across, and brandify three familiar and distant names. Send a heartful fragrance to the most beloved soul in heaven, may you well.
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