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Over time, Xiao Yan has already attended high school. Although the lessons in high school are less than those in junior high school, the difficulty of knowledge has increased her study pressure. Because the school is far away from home, I can't go home at noon, and arrive home late at night. In order to avoid dozing off the next day, I hurried to wash and went to bed. This kind of work and rest made her feel that all her minds had revolved around learning, her time with her family became extremely short, and her relationship with her mother became a little rusty. One day, as late as usual. As soon as I got home, my mother was sitting on the sofa playing with her mobile phone. When she saw Xiao Yan who was just entering the door and changing shoes, she happily said to Xiao Yan like a child: "Look! I sent the selfie I just took to the WeChat circle of friends Here, everyone praises me for being good-looking, like a girl in her twenties! "Xiao Yan:" Oh. "He said, and continued to change shoes. My mother was not lost because of Xiao Yan's indifference, and she was still happy to say to Xiao Yan, "Xiao Yan, I want to change one of them to my avatar, but I won't, you can help me." Xiaoyan was impatient, and said, "Did I not teach you before? Why did you forget my mother said a little bit wrong and said," Did I forget it? Come and help me. " Xiaoyan sighed helplessly. She walked to her mother. On the mobile phone, a person wearing a dark blue chiffon shirt with hair tied up Wholesale Cigarettes, smiled slightly at the camera. Looking at such a mother, Xiaoyan seemed to see her mother. Young and glorious, she thought it was better than usual toil. Looking at these photos, she changed her face indifferently on the surface, and Xiao Yan turned to do her own business. Her mother was in the distance A father from a foreign country had a video chat, and excitedly told her about her selfie, and then she kept saying that others praise her for being good-looking, the older and younger, etc. Xiao Yan listened impatiently and said, "This is someone else It ��s a polite word. "My mother listened and said unconvinced:" What kind of polite words, I was beautiful when I was young, so many people like me! " Speaking in front of the mirror, looking in the mirror, he mumbled, "Now that people are old, there are wrinkles in the corners of their eyes. Xiaoyan looked at her mother and did not speak the next day. Xiaoyan returned home and saw what her mother was doing. She asked curiously Newport Cigarettes, "What are you doing?" "My mother said a little sadly:" When I just looked in the mirror Cigarettes Online, I saw that I had a lot of white hair and wanted to dye it. Come and help me. After listening, Xiao Yan put down her hand and walked behind her mother. The mother sat on the small bench with her back to her. Xiao Yan took the dye brush from her mother and began to carefully dye her hair and stroke her mother. The white hair in the black hair suddenly felt very dazzling. They were entangled in her heart like silver wires. She suddenly realized that it turned out that the mother was getting old in the time I couldn't see. She was using her. Time to change my growth, and the price was her beauty when she was young, but she did not regret it all. Suddenly, Xiao Yan was not in her heart, and her tears were hidden from her eyes. At this moment, the mother said gently, Anymore? Xiaoyan held back tears and said, "Not yet. There was a sudden voice outside the balcony: "When you are old / white hair / drowsy / when you are old / wondering / nap by the fire / remembering youth / how many people have loved your youthful hours / love Your beauty / fake or sincere / only one person still loves your pious soul / loves the wrinkles on your old face
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