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05.12.2019 07:17
ost people are "eas Antworten

What is your dream in your eyes? And what goals do you really have, do not know if you have any dreams, or your goals and direction. Just like the book says: it's easy to read bestsellers; it's difficult to stick to academic monographs. It is easy to brush the circle of friends; it is difficult to stick to the output. It is easy to choose the path everyone takes; it is difficult to be different. What does this tell us? Go while you're young! As the world becomes more and more complex, it becomes increasingly impossible to have someone like you. It is difficult to find empathy, and it is more difficult to find identity. You need to separate yourself from the hopes of others and dream your own dreams; you need to return to yourself, realize the Tao, and let curiosity and fun be the best reward for learning. Taking dreams as horses, you must be able to ride the world. If you want to achieve your goals, you first need self-discipline. Self-discipline is to follow the discipline and self-discipline Newport 100S. In the absence of supervision, by asking yourself, change from passive to active, consciously respect the law, and use it to constrain your own words and deeds. The so-called attitude determines everything, and habits make the future! Success is hard to come by. The price behind those brilliant successes is the bitterness that others don't understand! Zhuge Liang said in "The Book of Commandments": Years go with the times Marlboro Lights, but with the sun. Yes! Time flies, and it is difficult to return to the past. In the article "Persuasion", it is said that if you don't accumulate your paces, you can do everything you can. Therefore, we must set goals, implement actions, and work hard every day on the way to race against time. As long as your attitude changes and your mentality changes, you will definitely gain something. This is also the case on the road of learning. Pay attention to the foundation, and then your own attitude. If you gain a little every day, you will be successful! Finding a problem and solving it yourself is progress! "Confidence + hard work" is the secret of life. There is a saying "Success is expensive." Everyone knows this sentence, but how many people have actually done it? The competition in the world is so cruel. If you do n��t chase others, you will be left behind forever. So if you want to achieve your dreams and goals, you will align with those who succeed, and work hard like them to learn from them. Attitude towards others, this is the so-called seeing and thinking. This is the effort required for the so-called dreams and goals. Although the process is arduous and difficult, how can you obtain dreams and goals without working hard? To work hard, you need to act for it. Most people are "easy to speak, difficult to act." Since this requires self-discipline, without self-discipline you will achieve nothing and you will not have what you said Dreams and goals. Since this is the case Carton Of Cigarettes, don't be the majority of people. Be a persistent and self-disciplined person and then realize my dreams and goals. My dreams, I will work hard for my goals.
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