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he same robe. However, t Antworten

History books are always obscure and esoteric in young people's impressions. There is no ups and downs of fiction, no contemplation of prose, no ancient and elegant style of Tang and Song poetry, and no love or hatred of modern poetry. When traveling in the sea of ??books, such a history book occasionally reflected in his eyes. It spreads the smoke and rain of the old years on the yellowed paper pages Marlboro Red, and the light and light strokes are not rendered by thick ink, but there is a force that penetrates the atrium in an instant and evokes the feelings of homeland in the blood. Self-made grand poem. In the era of writing history books, the dark clouds of World War I have not yet dissipated, and the world economic crisis was ushered in by surprise. The fascist regime born in a silent place caused huge waves in the world. Such a magnificent poem, soaked in blood cruelty and cold bones. From the far east, gunpowder began to draw pens, and then turned to the fall of Europe, which portrayed the fierceness of the Soviet-German war and the desolation behind it. Then it spread to the Pacific Ocean, and under the sun, the endless blue sky was reddish and bloody. Later, the battle of Greer turned the tide, and the tug-of-war in North Africa eventually ended in the recovery of the world map. The kingdom of projectiles stowed Zhaozhao's ambitions, but reluctantly raised the white flag and became the end of the poem. As a result of a scuffle, the pattern of the world map ended with its grandeur. Looking back in today's Chengping era, it seems to be separated by drizzle. Only the bloodline has the deepest feelings for China. In 1937, the Songhu Battle broke out in Shanghai, which lasted from late summer to late autumn Marlboro Cigarettes. The icy number of deaths was startling. Numerous bloody battles, hard fights, breakouts, and sacrifice have made the heroic "one inch of mountains and one inch of blood" Newport Cigarettes, and the mad Japanese army known as "March in March" also felt trembling at this moment. The artillery was ruthless, destroying the flourishing flour of the Shili Ocean Field and ending countless fresh lives. Life and death in the bloody sky have become a cruel dream that many people can't look back on in their lives. It is a heavy sorrow of "one inch of mountains and one inch of tears" in the territory of China. First, with flesh and blood as the backbone, cast thousands of miles. The vow of "but there is no breath, no soil is allowed" resounded in the ear, and the determination of "the mountains and rivers, Huaxia Changyao, Qiankanglanglang, standing in the East" was hot in the chest. They also have parents, brothers, wives and children who have become the warmest beings in their hearts, but have forsaken all the weaknesses on the battlefield and moved forward bravely. The battlefield is ruthless. The comrades-in-arms who had been staring at the gunfire and gunfire may fall into a pool of blood in an instant, and their bodies will be warmer, leaving only the endless icy grass to cut off the same robe. However, these have not been exchanged for the victory of the Shanghai-Shanghai Battle. I lament the regret and at the same time also question the commanding ability of the generals. It is just a matter of postmortem. Sighing and pondering, after all, it turned into a feeling of family and national feelings. The Whole History of World War II is like a window. It is opposite to the grand layout of the world map. Always adhere to the feelings of the homeland and the good hopes in the cruel reality. This magnificent poem led me to the years of history, looking back, sighing and thinking, and finally became a hot in the blood and a mind in my heart.
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