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17.12.2019 07:05
A person can grow up Antworten

A person can grow up in the trials and failures of life, just as living plants can grow on decaying soil. The soil may be rotten, but it can provide plants with nutrients; failure is a pity, but it can inspire our wisdom and courage to create more opportunities. "This is a famous saying in the book, and it also touches me the deepest. What is failure? As long as you keep smiling, you can break the deadlock and create the next success. This reminds me of a story: a young man who has repeatedly bid for employment A large multinational company has submitted more than a dozen resumes, but all of them have nothing to say, and no news. He can't help but go directly to the company's headquarters. Unexpectedly, because the manager is too ugly, he won't see him He. People think that he has suffered such a big blow and must be decadent for a while. But he did n��t. He just laughed at it and built his own company with his own efforts after more than ten years. Exceeded the one he had previously bid for. What made this young man work so hard? It was failure, it was Edison, the smiling inventor before the failure, who tried 999 times to invent the light bulb, but even so, he was very optimistic: "I didn't fail 999 times, but found 999 ways that didn't work! "The musician Beethoven, who has deafness in both ears, still insists on creating. He said," I want to choke the throat of fate. It must not make me yield! " National hero Sun Chengzong, who bumped the wall several times before his debut, but he did not give up, and finally became famous in the battle with Nurhachi ... At that time, her buds were sprinkled with the blood rain of struggle "Don't just envy the achievements of these celebrities. There is also a sad course of struggle behind their achievements Marlboro Gold. There is also a smile before failure. The process of growing up is the process of constantly selecting and grasping opportunities in failure. Without failure, there is no such thing as success. A life without setbacks and failures is an unrich life, just like a glass of boiling water, bland and tasteless, but if we ca n��t stand the failure and lose our will and ideal after a failure, it is a failure that makes people look down on. A double-edged sword, it may give you a headache and make you overwhelmed, but it will also keep you awake and let you step out of the aura of success. Those who will take advantage of opportunities will often accept it frankly On the one hand, after the adjustment, pick up the other side to re-open the way for success; and people who retreat and retreat from self-esteem in the face of difficulties and failures often make themselves more injured after reading this book, I also understand a truth ����The opportunity hidden behind failure is perhaps the best opportunity, which has further strengthened my courage to face failure Cheap Cigarettes. I believe that I will lose Constantly inspire his fighting spirit in front of him, as the author said at the end: "A person can grow up in the trials and failures of life, just like living plants can grow on decaying soil. The soil may decay, but it Can provide plants with nutrients; failure is gratifying, but it can stimulate our wisdom and courage. Only when we can face failures and setbacks with a calm mindset can we gain something and mature. In the face of those failures and setbacks, it will become an invaluable treasure in life, worthy of our treasure in the deep memory
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