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17.12.2019 07:06
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Some people say that if you like a person, you will love it till the end; and some people say that if you like one thing, you will pursue it. Perhaps this courage and perseverance has long been lost in today's real world, but I think this is the most authentic portrayal of San Mao and Jose. To me, San Mao is a free and easy-going woman. When she said she was going to travel and live in the Sahara for some time, her parents paid for her with concern Wholesale Cigarettes, and friends came to visit her for a reason. There was only one person who had come to the Sahara alone in silence. When he first arrived in Sahara, he was puzzled in the face of this crowded and almost barbaric place. Why would the woman he loves fall in love with such a place, and would the girl in brocades bear such a life? But whether she loves it or not, he will do his best to protect her and protect her safety. San Mao herself said that she didn't know why she was going there, she just felt that she belonged to the Sahara. San Mao, who first arrived in the desert, attacked an idyllic long skirt and a straw hat. There was a retro beauty in oil painting. When she got off the plane, she felt free, as if she had found her own place. It could fly freely without any restrictions. She tried desperately to look farther with those deep eyes. The wind and sand brushed her cheek, stroking her soft hair. She saw Jose waiting for her in front of the airport platform, looking at her with a smile. She ran over desperately, yeah, this hug, Jose waited for a long time. At this time, San Mao's heart was also slowly melting. San Mao, who had just arrived in his new home, could really only express what he saw with the "family walls". Jose works day and night, hoping San Mao can touch what he likes. He built the wood by himself, made the bed and cabinet ... half a year later, they got married. San Mao also really embarked on her backpacking career, and she saw the darkness on the other side of the desert Online Cigarettes. Guka, who was only ten years old, was promised by her father to Handi in her thirties. Guka's sadness and helplessness were deeply imprinted in San Mao's pupils. She described the cruel father as "selling a daughter" However, the whole area is like this, San Mao feels weak, and is struck by his heart. But the simplicity and cuteness of some Sanhala people are also San Mao's contradiction in the Sahara that he knows. Although she hated or even despised some decaying ideas in the Saharan thoughts without a sense of progress, he was moved by the humility and love of the family. Ya Nu is the most incomprehensible and familiar person. She does not understand why the dumb slaves naturally have such a humble feeling. She does not understand why the dumb slaves are so suppressed that they only obey and do not understand resistance. She was also familiar with the dumb slaves who kept thinking about his family all the time. He was familiar with the dumb slaves who were more educated than any Saharawe. He knew how to be grateful and rewarding. I deeply remember the numbness and intense sadness in the eyes when the dumb slave was sold to another place as a slave Marlboro Red. Cruel separation, brutal fate. I know that San Mao ��s heart has already been deposited in the Sahara. I know that San Mao left the Sahara Desert at the latest during the Spanish and national uprisings. I know the days when San Mao and Jose were starving after the violence. I feel suffocation, I am sad that after the death of Jose, San Maoyan's face is no longer wandering, but my heart belongs to a distant place. Looking at Xi Shen, I feel sad alone.

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