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30.12.2019 10:20
replica Breguet CLASSIQUE COMPLICATIONS 3797 3797BR/1E/9WU Watch Antworten

breguet type xxi review I have been diving for several years. I looked at Rolex ’s gold watch tyrants last week, but I saw a Rolex DD40 rose gold green disc consumable weekly calendar watch, and I got poisoned again. I remember the second poisoning was in 2015 (I have returned to China for several years), and I wanted to buy a formal watch with a moon phase. It seemed that Breguet's temperament was the best for me. Of course, considering the budget, I skipped PP directly. And VC, in the end, in order to go out to flash people at night, I still added the budget of diamond models, 4340BI (7788BR) was included in the bag, the public price is quite expensive, of course, I asked someone to give a discount. I've been diving since I bought it, and I didn't post a message. Come back today to review and by the way review the past. For the specific parameters of this watch, please refer to the relevant content of the website, I will not repeat them. By the way, the first time I was poisoned was when I finished my book work in Sydney, Australia. I remember posting it, did I forget it here? I bought the first Heuer Submariner 300m black in 2007.

The white gold Réveil Musical watch can play the same unique melody: "City in the Sky", which can be played on demand or at preset times. Moreover, a completely original dial depicts a child's hand, rotates a circle, and touches the hand of an adult depicted on the flange, thus vividly symbolizing the unity between generations and the research of Duchenne muscular dystrophy stand by.

cool cheap watches Disk, about 1300-1500 Australian dollars did not exceed 10,000 yuan. I liked it very much at the time. I took it with me everywhere, dived and shot something. Did I take off the watch and shake it for two eyes? That 's when I was young except for a 6-cylinder Ford626 used car (about 9,000 USD). Quite valuable. Recall that after talking too much, pull it back. It 's been 10 years since I returned to China in 2008. Immediately after April 18, the remodeled BENS S350 arrived and was picked up. I now want to start with a Rolex to match it. I do n't know if I can do what I want and find a discount. The Rolex in the watch box was sent by someone else. This is also the main reason to suspend my Rolex addiction. Coupled with the fancy green disk Rolex, I think these watches should be able to top another 10 years!

Breguet, a Swiss watch brand under the Swatch Group, responded to charity by presenting the special "Réveil Musical" Castle in the Sky "watch for the 2011 Only Watch charity event. It is engraved with children's patterns, echoing the theme of activities to help sick children.Breguet specially designed 2011 annual Only Watch Watch charity auction for the dedication of a special , one kind of music cassette mechanism patented While this alone makes this a

jacob & co astronomia Breguet is based on the The Réveil Musical watch released in 2010 as a prototype. It is made and decorated in 18k white gold, creating a unique model. A 48mm 18k white gold case is engraved with a fine musical score on the side, and the crown is decorated with a deformed font beginning with the brand ’s English name "B", as if it is a musical note, fully expressing the texture in the details. On the back, a special case back with the Only Watch charity auction is engraved with the words "pièce unique". On the dial, the pattern of "Children reaching for their hands" is quite wonderful in the fineness of hair and wrinkles of clothes, extending to the "Hands of Adults" at 1 o'clock, echoing the theme of this charity activity to help children. Breguet-style blue-steel hands and Roman numerals show elegant classic style.
In addition, this model is also equipped with Breguet's unique patented music barrel.

You can customize the time or press the handle at 10 o'clock to start playing the work of the well-known Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki, "Sky City "The theme song in (Castle in the sky); while playing, the central dial will start to rotate once, until the" small hand touches the big hand "when it stops (approximately 25 seconds), the idea of ​​helping children is vividly expressed in Design. At 3 o'clock, the bell power reserve indicator is displayed, and at 9 and 10 o'clock, the auto bell switch indicator is provided. This watch is equipped with a cal. 0900 self-winding movement, 59 stone, silicon escapement wheel and escapement fork, adjusted screw Breguet balance wheel and Breguet hairspring. 55 hours power reserve.

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