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04.01.2020 02:00
Positive and optimistic Antworten

Positive and optimistic, brave and enterprising����I read "Childhood", although I thought that my childhood was not as good as a prince or princess, but at least it was well-groomed, and it was the pearl of my parents; but after I read the book "Childhood", I can't help but be deeply touched by the tragic encounter of his father-in-law Alyosha. I am very fortunate to live in a peaceful and happy age. Alyosha's childhood was dark and painful. A lot of cruel things happened in his family: the child did something wrong and took off his pants and was beaten. Alyosha was beaten with a whip because he often made mistakes; father and son brothers In order to split up, he quarreled and even broke his blood; his grandmother had no fault and could not escape the punches and kicks of his grandfather Newport 100S. The grandfather not only exploited the workers, but also denied the six relatives, and finally drove Alyosha to the society to make a living. Oh my God, in this comparison, my childhood and Aliosha's childhood are so different. My childhood was colorful and carefree. I never knew what it meant to be "beat" because I had never been beaten before, and I felt like I was pumped with a whip. I never have to think about my clothes, food, or shelter, and I don't need to run around for life. I even reach out my clothes and open my mouth. In my life Cigarettes For Sale, there are very few quarrels between loved ones, and few brothers who are fighting for property. They will not be greedy and hateful Newport Cigarettes Coupons, nor will they cruelly torture an innocent person to death. This kind of "terrorist incident" has never been thought of. So I am very fortunate that I was born in such a peaceful and happy age. Alyosha's childhood was painful and cruel, but Alyosha still lived a strong life, which I admire very much. Of course, this is also thanks to his maternal grandmother, who is the spiritual pillar of Alesha. She guards him everywhere, shelters the world from the wind and rain, and soothes Alesha's psychological wounds. It is because of her kindness and tolerance that it makes suffering less terrible, and makes Alesha see the light and hope. The future belongs to the light. Many of us have lost our hopes in superior conditions and become more and more cowardly. When we encounter a little difficulty, we want to retreat, escape or take shortcuts. We have to learn from Alyosha, his positive optimism, his courage, and his hard work ... so that we can become more confident and stronger. Turgenev said: "To be happy, you must first learn to bear hardships." A good life must be paid for in the long run; At the same time, I also deeply understand that no matter how bad the environment is, the life opposite is difficult, there will always be some kind and beautiful people in our lives, they pass the seeds of love. When someone is given a helping hand, but the most important thing is to look at yourself. As long as you have a positive and optimistic heart, then you can cultivate a healthy and upright heart in any harsh environment I firmly believe that my tomorrow will be better.
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