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04.01.2020 02:00
ies to experience this feelin Antworten

Teacher Yue Xiaodong has a very popular psychology reading book, "The Feeling of Ascending to the Heaven." After reading it, I felt particularly sympathetic, and two days earlier, Dr. Yiyi Zhang ��s Weibo on choices and goals made me feel really necessary. Make a small description of the work and occupation you are engaged in and share the feeling of ascending with you. Contact psychology actually started in college. When I was in college, because I was in contact with educational psychology, I looked at Freud's book and read it when I was reading. A kind of awe, because the knowledge at that time did not reach a thorough understanding of Freud's theory. But because of his talent in language expression and communication from a small age, after graduating from work, after some choices and studies, he accidentally entered the field of marriage and counseling. Because the work effect is good Cigarettes Online, he urged himself to enrich and enrich himself and to learn. Marriage psychology, emotional courses, naturally also involved psychology in the middle. In fact Marlboro Gold, in our work, we are involved in all aspects of psychology every day, just because many people do not operate the psychology as a profession like us, so we cannot quickly see the great energy of psychology, and we as Practitioners, in their work and practice, use various methods and psychological knowledge to help visitors find solutions and methods in marriage, emotions, marital relationships, and parent-child relationships. The feeling of satisfaction can really be Ascend to describe I often share with my friends, although the stormy seas we can see in the world are the magnificent oceans, but when you enter your psychological realm, you see the stormy seas in people's hearts, and know the methods to let others and their hearts In peace and peace, the sense of happiness cannot be described and described in words. From a psychological beginner, from case consultation to current lecture sharing, I have been on the road for a learner. I like and enjoy this process and experience. I think I will continue to walk on the road of psychology. I will continue to work hard in this field to let myself and lead more human bodies to experience this feeling of ascension. I really like Dr. Zhang's sharing on Weibo. Psychology is really very interesting and enjoyable. Although everyone has different opportunities and time to contact her, when we feel the same joy in our hearts, I also hope that students and friends who are interested in psychology know more about this field, and you will find that she can help you in all aspects, love and marriage, family harmony, parent-child education. We can all see her shadow ascend to heaven Feels great!
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