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Water, Lidija Lijić's criminal partner

Maurice Lacroix is ​​pleased to welcome Croatian diver Lidija Lijić as the brand's circle of friends. A fearless record breaking athlete.

Unstoppable charm

"I grew up in Split. Whenever I look at the sea, I have only one desire to dive into the sea and explore its abyss," Lydia Ligic dreamed of memories. replica watches for sale, When she wore a mask and snorkeling as a child and discovered the pleasure of admiring corals and fish, she already knew that the obsession with water would be her job. Today, Lidija is the world champion of free diving, and his achievements of 5 minutes and 43 seconds underwater are impressive.

"I set my first world record for free diving in the warm ocean surrounded by turtles in Turkey ... I am in the unknown, full of fear and uncertainty, but I can do it. This is one including the other Several records, because she won numerous gold medals in the Freediving World Championship, maintained the Guinness World Record of under-ice apnea, and set the Freediving World Record in the Himalayas.

However, the journey to the top was not easy. "This is a long-term commitment that requires constant, hard training and so on, because you also have to work hard to improve your intelligence. Self-control, concentration and self-confidence ... Free diving is a dangerous sport and requires great attention." Female athlete said.

A brand that fully meets her values
"I contacted Maurice Lacroix because I found that we share common values. My discipline is not as charismatic as some other disciplines, and almost no one is nominated. I like the brand and believe in what people think . I see myself reflected in the motto of Maurice Lacroix: "Success is a journey, not a destination." I need a partner who understands me and supports me in my achievements, and one who can support I have succeeded and failed. "As athletes seek more underwater victories, she also undertakes other sports challenges, such as flying-she holds a pilot's license and mountain climbing.
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During a visit to the manufacturer of Saignelégier, her determination and unyielding curiosity impressed the brand's managing director Stéphane Waser: "Lidija is a woman, her diary is very precise and ambitious! She is not afraid of anything, and Constantly surpassing myself. We like her attitude, because at Maurice Lacroix, we believe that the only limit is the limit we set for ourselves. We are happy to be part of her adventure! "

In addition, the movement and complications immediately fascinated her: "Through my education in engineering, I love to understand how things work and find that the way clocks are made and their subtleties really fascinate me. I also really I fell in love with the brand's skeleton watches. Not only that, Aikon series diving watches and Eliros series styles also attracted Lidija, she found a complete watch series for every moment of her life: "Suitable for sports, elegance or design ... … I already know which one to wear in each case. I like the idea that these luxury Swiss-made watches are cheap. These are for ordinary people, not just elite groups. "

The diver travels to waters around the world to continue her journey in 2020, and she is eager to prepare for various challenges. "I can now count on the support of a partner who can remind me how much time," she said.Porsche Design 1919 CHRONOTIMER 4046901418267

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