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18.04.2020 08:53
In the morning, when Antworten

In the morning, when I rubbed my sleepy eyes and got up, I stood in the yard. Staring into the future, bit by bit becomes the present. The apricot tree in the courtyard has stretched out the courtyard wall Marlboro Gold, one after another, one by one wrapped in the heart of tender powder. Maybe it's because I just fell asleep, and I always feel which apricot tree is somewhat similar to Lamei. The air was filled with fragrance. The sky is cloudless, and the pure blue has washed everything. The whole person is in this water-like scenery. At noon, the sun had already gasped up to the sky, and smiled at us. As if every breath he exhaled, the ground would rise one degree, and the sky seemed to be gilded. Perhaps, the most beautiful thing in this country is the evening. There is only a fiery red in the western sky Cigarettes Online, and the sun's face has been dyed red. On the roof of the people's house, the cooking smoke has risen. A scent of scent of food drifts into people's hearts and warms people's hearts. The rolling hills in the distance undulate, but it feels as if it is enveloped by a layer of light mist, and its face is faintly seen, but it feels more beautiful. That layer of mist is not its veil? It does not give people the most complete it, but it gives people unlimited reverie. Nearby, this apricot tree seems to have a white dream less than in the morning. Occasionally, a few white flowers floated leisurely, swirling and flying. Silently, maybe when I look at it again in the next second, there will be nothing missing Parliament Cigarettes. There seemed to be a faint scent in the air. She was like a graceful young girl, with her orchid fingers raised up, and the sparse white layer on the ground, not her skirt? Maybe, she was not willing to stay in the corner of this small courtyard, so she started desperately Self-expression. As a result, she succeeded! Everyone who came here would sigh heartily. If Tang Dynasty poets Li Bai and Du Fu traveled through the space-time tunnel and came here, they would certainly show one because of this persistent effort The moving heart stream ... A few birds, playing on the wires not far away, like a beating note on the staff, played a beautiful song. Suddenly, when I looked back, I saw a dense cloud of black on a large tree not far away. The father-in-law came home, should the birds return to the mother's wings? The tranquility that began, as the night came, reincarnate
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