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18.04.2020 08:53
Tomb Sweeping Festival Antworten

Tomb Sweeping Festival" is a festival that seeks to be far-reaching. The main event of Ching Ming Festival is that the whole family gathers to worship at the ancestors' graves, and uses the time to worship to clean the weeds and flowers in the graveyard. National Grave Sweeping Festival. ��Dad grew up in a traditional Hakka family, and for many years under the authority of Grandpa ��s authority, he attached great importance to the three major festivals every year, and he dared not be absent. Of course, I am no exception. Mom said : I have had my first tomb sweeping experience in just over a month. Although I have no impression at all, from the words of my mother, I can probably imagine the situation at that time-my mother is tired, and I am upset! Haha! Every year in the future, I get up early and follow my family to the ancestral tomb of my old home in Kansai. I have no special feeling except playing and chatting with my cousins ??and sisters. Until the death of my grandmother the year before, I have a deeper understanding of the "ancestor sacrifice". Last year's Qingming Festival, my father took me to worship the grandma's ashes box placed in the small space on the right side of the ancestral grave Carton Of Cigarettes. Tears came again to the corners of the strong father ��s eyes, and my eyes were red unconsciously. I really missed my grandmother who loved us. This year ��s Qingming graveyard, grandpa asked us to return to our home before 5:30 in the morning. The exam is over, and I have to get up early to go out late at night. I feel unwilling, especially my younger sister, who struggled for a long time before getting up from the warm bed, and started to sleep again as soon as I got in the car, I think It ��s probably only the father who drives sober. After arriving at his hometown, his mother went into the kitchen to help the aunt prepare the ancestral items. Soon, the uncle ��s family also came back. When the adults prepared everything, we went to the destination I started to worship my ancestors. Of course, I still wanted to worship my grandmother first Newport Cigarettes Coupons. When my mother saw me looking at my grandmother ��s picture alone, she also came over, patted me on the shoulder, and accompanied me aside. There is no time to speak, I know that my mother really misses her grandmother, because she often says: Grandpa is too strict, there is a grandma, and she feels "home" when she returns home, grandma. "Going" was too sudden Marlboro Lights, which made her a little overwhelmed. She also told me: filial piety should be timely, and there will be no regrets. I will firmly remember these words and live with my family seriously and happily.
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