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23.05.2019 03:30
n Yu Huili Long Antworten

n Yu Huili Long Yingtai said that for me, I did not believe that once I believe that I am still looking for faith at this moment. But in the face of time, you will find that if you believe or don't believe it Carton Of Cigarettes, it doesn't matter. Even if you turn around and you don't see it again, why not? After all, I gave each other a memory that I once remembered, worried about the appearance of each other's youth, warming the years when the foreigners were thin and cool, and the beautiful and youthful days. I believe that in the corners of each other's hearts, there are still traces of each other. Not going beautiful. Even if you can't hold hands, it's beautiful, you are obsessed with the prosperous season in the red dust Cigarettes For Sale, and warm all the lonely years of life. However, the edge is shallow and the edge is deep. Standing at the intersection of the drifting years, and then looking back, you stand out as a place where I can't give up. We can't control our own destiny; in many cases, we can't think of it if we work hard. Some people, if they don't appear, will stay forever. Missed, maybe a beautiful scenery. Experience can make people mature. I am grateful to those who have accompanied you for a journey. They taught me a lot of books that I couldn��t learn, enriched my experience in life, expanded the breadth of life, and changed the memory. Whoever is pale, who is back, who has no regrets. Whose persistence once, likes the accident, met you in the red dust, beautiful years; once upon a time, liked to wait, the fireworks held hands, nourish the day; once upon a time, liked to stare, the figure at the corner, warmth worried; Once upon a time, I liked the words, the familiar taste, soothing the soul; once upon a time, I liked you, tenderness and water Newport 100S, stunning the warmth of life, the warmth of the years. Those, flowing rivers, bushy weeds, green onions, stalks, and flowing white clouds, the morning birds, the late cows, the sunset Marlboro Cigarettes, all live in peace and harmony. Taste the day. Why can't we be bustling like a dream, lonely like a smoke, idle three or two cups, long nights, who will sigh under the moon? At the ferry of time, we are all passing passengers. Who said that the weeds and wildflowers on the slopes are not a grass and a thousand autumns. One flower and one world, the wind sweeps over the treetops, and the petals of the ground have become the remnants of this season; when the snow covers the earth, warmth Innocent wilderness, spring is not far away. Finally, I know that the flowers are warm and the flowers are not cool. If the heart is warm, peace and tranquility; if the heart is sunny, fearless and sad. Thousands of times back, I was shocked by the once, some warm breath, my heart was when we came to the world with no time, and opened the clear eyes, staring at the red fireworks: really good! The world is bright, want to see the sea, want to see the bustling valley of the red dust, where is the love? Heaven and earth are the grid, where is the bar! Try it Marlboro Red, lightly, calmly face the ebb and flow, flower blossom thank you, happiness has always been. Because the world is too enchanting, you don't have to suffer an old song. "Forever" circulates, closes your eyes, listens quietly, and the whole person is swaying in the gentle music, feeling warm and watery, reveling in the music you like. In the world, I feel that it is the most wonderful enjoyment to turn around, and perhaps never see again. The warmth in those memories is a little bit fragrant, and it is fragrant in the years of time. This is also a kind of happiness.

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