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23.05.2019 03:30
There are many ponds Antworten

There are many ponds in the old home, and they are all in the corners of the village. The source of the pond is the bridge hole Marlboro Lights, which is connected to each other. When the reservoir is flooded, the ponds will be filled with flats. The lake stretched out his tongue as if to swallow the entire village. Adults will be especially alert and take care of their own baby. I have wiped out our stupid childlike heart. What impressed me the most was the big pond behind my old house. The pond is very large, the water is very deep, and there is a self-note. The pond has a length of sixty to seventy meters and a width of 30 meters from the north to the south. At that time, the rain seemed to be particularly large. In my impression, the pond never dried up, and the lake was half green. People, half dark yellow and turbid, filled with water plants and pampas grass Cigarettes Online, when it rains, the frog will scare to hide under the Puqi, after the rain will jump on the water grass, contend. There are eucalyptus trees around the pond, there are willow trees and eucalyptus trees Newport Cigarettes. There are some old armpits on these trees, and we often go up to ostrich eggs. Summer is coming, this is a good place to take a summer break. The dense leaves cover the sun, take a mat to sleep under the tree, listen to the sound of the breeze blowing the leaves, so good. The steps on the side of the pond were trampled out, and the light was shining and naturally formed. Men will wash their faces and lick their feet after doing farm work. It seems that the woman always has clothes that can't be washed here Marlboro Cigarettes, and the parents who can't finish it are short. We will also sneak up here to see a group of small fish chasing and playing. There are also some small donkeys swimming around the lake. Twig them with branches. The danger at the pond is that if you are seen by an adult, you will be rebuked. Here is my childhood paradise. When we are in the summer Newport 100S, some of our little friends will be here, take off the light, jump to the pond and fight hard. Play in the water, my water is trained here, the boys in the village will swim, self-taught, that is, some "dog planing." Whenever the girl passed by here, a fierce plunged to the bottom of the water, revealing her head, and sipping her face, the girl would squint and trotting away. We will burst into laughter. Adults will also snicker on the shore. Sanjiu is cold and the lake is frozen. We are all wearing bloated cotton coats, skating on the ice, hitting the tumor, chasing. I don't know how much I fell. The Spring Festival is coming and it will be smashed in the ice. Deliberately showing off the artillery, the envy of the children without guns, after the precipitation of the years, the pond has dried up. I stood by the pond and stood by and thought of it. The pond was filled with rubbish and miscellaneous soil, leaving only a gap, and the body was covered with wounds and mottled. There is a little bit of outline in the past. The tree on the shore has long since been cut, and the pond seems to be weeping and telling me that it is wronged, and the vicissitudes it has experienced. I am not sad and sad. I can't find the pure memories again, happy times.

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