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13.07.2019 08:24
ose is not a flower Antworten

ose is not a flower, it is a girl's milk name. In fact, she has a very nice name, but no one is calling. It is this rose, which has been bathed with sunshine and rain, carrying the gift of spring, anger in my heart, fragrant with my flesh and blood, unwilling but helpless, and gradually getting old. The dead are like this, and they have been swaying for decades. I can't remember when she met her at some point in a certain month. Vaguely, it is unexpectedly encountered in a day that will make her mature and red. From then on, there was a person who was concerned about each other in the voyage of each other's smoke and turmoil. At first glance, she saw her as beautiful as a jade, like a small goldfish swimming in the stream from the depths of the mountain jungle Marlboro Gold. The swinging is so soothing and embarrassing, it makes people feel relaxed and relaxed. Hey, he hated having to hug her all the way, and he was very strong enough. However, I am not timid, and I have not stretched out strong and powerful arms to achieve the best wishes of a young man. That time, I really noticed the soft, sweet smile on her face, and I heard her twirling, round, and silky sound. That smile, the voice, is such a soul, so that I am stunned, I do not know things north and south, where is the retreat. Standing in front of her, like a fool left the house, there is no dependence on the beginning, I really think that she is the pet of the sky, the stunner of God, not the ordinary people I can easily approach. She also draws poems and is a rare beauty, talented woman. I have read her poems written in the dusty, dyed with red blood and tears. I have had the sorghum that I have brewed by her own hand, and I have dreamed of her. A leader, standing on the viewing platform of life, reviewed the coldness of the world, sang in the sang, and feared the deep, heavy and long history of history. He is the embodiment of a beautiful god in my heart. I think that my life cannot be without her. At that time, I only wanted to use her as an untouched, tempting old-age wine, along her traction, step by step to the other side of happiness. Helpless, her ancestors were still water, after all drowning herself, drowning me, drowning her and all my previous days I already understood that I looked at her too high. Because she is not the seven fairies sent by the Jade Emperor Parliament Cigarettes, nor the sages whom people admire. She was originally a product of the combination of "Lower Liba" and "Yangchun Baixue", a girl who is full of flesh and body. At that time, her parents were all state cadres, the Cultural Revolution was labeled as a leftist, "distributed" to the rural labor reform, accepting the education of the poor middle and middle peasants, working with the peasants, going to the production team to cultivate and harvest, hoeing and fertilizing, and facing the loess Back to the sky, heading out to the night, all day long for the chai, oil and salt running, the poor days. When she was 18 years old, she did not escape this bad luck. From the fertile soil she had cultivated, I rushed the old cow, supported the plow, and in the rubble and rubble, reopened a storage line and unearthed the harvest that would have belonged to her. When it was raining, she used words to build up the unyielding vitality of the girl. She said that she is going to be alive, and she must live with confidence, pride, and live her own wonderful. This is all the ideas of her life, life, and survival. I admire her ambition and marvel at her thought tension. This kind of tension is enough to cover the world, the world's wind and rain, and resist all natural and artificial invading and denuding. Inadvertently, countless years of spray, scouring the quicksand of the riverbed of life. In the pile of stones that crossed, I don��t know which piece was stepped on by her. Did you leave any traces of capital? Looking back, the end of the years, has been covered with green moss. In the long and narrow shadows of the setting sun, it was full of desolation and absurdity, which could not help but make people feel sad and sad. And she completely ignored it, still proud of the warm spring of March, refused the hot summer of June, and quietly drank the crystal clear autumn water in the village head ditch. I am very worried, will the frost and snow in the field be destroyed by her tender and fragile body. She has a strong arrogance, can stand like a man, face the difficult real life, and be brave. Take on hardships and confusion. In the ringing of the wind, you are awake, habitually arranging with your hands, being blown by the wind, somewhat elegant, chaotic, and showing the youthful hair to people all the time. I clearly saw that her eyes were filled with beautiful hunger and thirst. I believe that it is the soul that can't leave in time and space. She smiled, laughing so comfortable and charming, as if everything is beautiful, only she can enjoy the greed and enjoyment. Come, her parents rehabilitated and returned to work. She also followed her loved ones and went to live far and far. On the night before leaving, she sneaked out of my window and shouted me out. I grabbed my hand tightly, and my tears burst into tears. I couldn��t say a word. For a long time, she let go of one hand and took out a small handkerchief from her pocket and stuffed it into my hand. In the bright moonlight, I saw a blooming red rose embroidered on this handkerchief Newport Cigarettes. This delicate rose is her personally embroidered with her free time. After picking up her handkerchief, my hand shook inexplicably, my heart was about to reach the eyes of my throat, my face was hot and hot, and my mind was blank. That night, I squinted to the next day Cigarettes For Sale, and she followed her parents and left the village. I didn't have the courage to send her off, only hiding behind the big willow tree at the head of the village, tears, watching her back, and watching her out of my blurred vision Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I can clearly see from her footsteps that she is taking such pain and it is just that. Because in her heart, there is also a woman who makes her reluctant and forgets. Since she left, I don��t know who it is, so I planted a seed in my heart. Under the nourishment of the thoughts, this seed grows slowly, germinates, and succumbs to darkness. Today, it has grown into a leafy, green, and acacia tree with fruit.

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