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13.07.2019 08:25
Tomorrow is the Antworten

Tomorrow is the winter solstice. In our hometown, I ate the rice balls on the winter solstice day, and then I grew up one year old. The ages are similar, the ages are different, the time pushes us farther and farther, and the years change. Why are we not changing 2014? For us Newport 100S, it is an unforgettable year. In this year, we went through the college entrance examination and walked into the university; we shed tears to say goodbye to our friends and ushered in a new group of partners. Year after year, we are growing like this. We are eager to grow, we are afraid of growing up, we are eager to experience youthful vitality and vitality, and we are also afraid of differences. Life always faces many farewells. This parting is accompanied by pain. Many times, we are growing up in this kind of pain. It is said that the children who have experienced the college entrance examination will grow a lot, and the growth itself is not in the examination of the college entrance examination. It��s a year of high school, and the hurricane and rain are all the way to the bottom! Heavy learning tasks, every night there are endless homework, and the night of light has become a habit. In the class Wholesale Cigarettes, you can often smell the atmosphere of coffee and tea. At 6 o'clock in the morning, you can see the lights in the classroom on the fifth floor. After school every afternoon, we all ran in the playground. "High school, four classes, bravely go forward; improve one point and kill thousands of people." The past is vivid, and every time I think, I can always give people an inexplicable sense of failure. Strong again and again. In the third semester of high school, almost all of them are in the exam. I often only scored 400 points and looked at the classmates' scores close to 600. The feeling is really like a heart. Tears often turn around in the eyelids, but I can't cry, all the bitterness, all the tears, I can only swallow. Fortunately, I have a group of good friends. If you don't have them, I really don't know if I can still pass the high school in the third year of high school. I really understand the gap between the ideal plump and the reality. Efforts can't be successful, sweat is often accompanied by tears. High school, let us be more open-minded and more united. After all, history has left too many problems, even if you want to turn the tide, but it is powerless. Slowly, we learned to face the bleak reality, this is not numb, but more calm. At the moment after the college entrance examination, everyone��s expression was obviously a lot easier. No matter whether we are good or bad, after all, we have experienced it, we will not regret it. After a summer vacation, we entered the university. This is the first time I took a car, away from home, and embarked on a new journey in college. Everything seems so novel to me. Written here, I don��t know why I stopped. I always believe in Sakyamuni��s words: ��No matter who you meet Cigarettes Online, he is the one who should appear in your life. It��s no accident that he will teach you some. What.�� I liked a person, she became a secret in my heart. I really understand that I don��t want to think about it for a person. I wake up every day and think about her several times... I��m a sea of ??people, rolling red, future things, I don��t think too much, I can��t think of college, After all, it is just getting started, and the road ahead is still very long. I only hope that my college life can be simpler, simpler and free. As for the happiness that does not belong to oneself Cheap Cigarettes, there is no need to pursue it. As night fell, there was a chill. Some time has already quietly left, a little disappointed, a little sentimental. The pain made me stronger, the tears made me more brave Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the heartbreak made me more sensible, so thanks to 2014, let me have a better future.
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