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    But ……
    There is 1:00 that is for certain-if an inborn strong is a young man facial appearance, , this person of representative isn't that the real strenght is the strongest, a natural endowments best!After all many people all arrive medium old age, just break attain inborn.But attain inborn in the 34-year-old breakthrough of, the prospect is better.
    "Our free inborn, totally 6."The Teng green mountain vision sees toward those religious sect person's horses and see through to dress up and then distinguish, shoot the absolute being mountain in day five strong, the free and unfettered temple is six, snow eagle teaches five, also have ……wear black full-length gown, wear 9 people of gold color mask, even in from the outward appearance beyond recognition they is male is female.
    "Ying surname household, come to strong of nine inborns?"The Teng green mountain marvels to say.
    Flank ground white tunic youth'Liu Xiu'say with smile:"Ying surname household, that but be second only to'the temple of Mo Ni'of influence, the superior is like cloud, in the Yong state but the inveteracy, 3,000 in Qin Ling, the everyones all want to join Ying surname household.In those early years Qin Ling Tian's emperor was a Ying surname household, left many Mi books, accomplished an a great deal of superior naturally.They send nine black dresses enforce the law, the small vegetables is 1 disc."
    The Teng green mountain nods, the heart bottom is dark to sigh.
    The Zu teacher of Yu emperor, Qin Ling Tian's emperor and sakya, poem sword fairy Lee too white these are four to strong, that is already the peakest strong.Their comprehension toward martial way has already attained satisfactory state.A, ten thousand all.Can create a various ingenious self-discipline method with the hand, there is the cheat, is heavy basal.
    There is in great quantities ingenious ancient works, ability teach according to his ability.
    So, the temple of Mo Ni, Yu emperor's door and Ying surname household is three the strongest in the eight greatest religious sects, the inborn strong amount also has to be a little more more astonishing.However Qin Ling Tian's emperor and Yu the emperor cost energy in the unified world and govern a country up.Be different from the sakya Zu teacher cost on the group.So ……Yu emperor's door, Qin Shi's household, the temple of Mo Ni of ratio all differ a to raise.
    As for poem sword fairy'Lee is too white', that is free and unfettered to walk world, don't set up religious sect, don't govern world, carefree whole life.
    Teng green mountain they one big cluster of inborn strong, leisurely and carefreely wait for, but difficult Anne in the heart of a group of persons in the green lake island.
    The bise once blows, the non-commissioned officer around patroling didn't dare to send out one silk voice, only and perhaps arouse 12 inborns strong of fury.
    "The person is getting more more and more."Zhao Dan Chen a pair of swords eyebrows wring together, " lord in the island, if this continues, moreover many religious sects cooperate, so many inborn strong, we the hard anti- carry on the shoulder not to live."Before only 16 inborn strong, they the green lake island dare be also tough for a while, but if the other party inborn is strong is too many, bother.
    Other inborn the strong is silent, an is very annoyed.
    "Each big religious sect ground inborn strong, can send come of.The estimate is all most at least a solid inborn Dan!There is also a little amount inborn gold Dan strong.The this group comes together together ……have no other ways."
    The thou Yong is cool to shout a way, "a life time friend."
    "Dad."Beside not the ancient life time friend of distance connect to run to come over.
    "You take a few soldiers and first seal bottomless pit entrance to cave with the steel, after, seal with the mud again strict solid.Want from the outward appearance, can not see clearly ……end, again spreads the ground to put on this mud."The thou Yong order way all has ground to spread inside each soldier debt, is let the non-commissioned officers sleeping.That soldier debt was just cover to live a bottomless pit at first.
    But now, thou Yong but want that soldier debt, the lane ground is similar to the other soldier debt.
    There is a ground spreading, all there is table.
    The only differentiation, the ground bedding lived entrance to cave.
    "BE, dad."The thou a life time friend connects a way and quickly shouted ten silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officers to start handling affairs.
    "Lord in the island, your meaning?"The 11 inborns strong sees toward the Yong in thou.

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    The big palace is already decided new of the unification get, but big palace outside, wear 27 pupils of white tunic and wear black to vigorously pack of black A soldier 100 man long, but all clear hear the voice in the palace, an all low voice discuss.
    " Unification's getting is unexpectedly a Teng green mountain."
    "Do I have already guessed that those are ability and free and unfettered temple black and white two elders to are match equally.The black and white is two elders ……that can is all row 《ground placard 》 , literally one person, a recruit can kill us, those 2's cooperating don't defeat a Teng green mountain.Ze Ze, which day, I also ability and must ascend a green mountain younger brother Shi good."
    "Still shout green mountain younger brother Shi?The somebody else gets generally."
    "His heel we can are all 27 pupils and shout younger brother Shi how?"
    "Do not lift this, just heard?September 28, does the Zang Feng get and challenge a green mountain to get generally generally."
    "Zang Feng ……he at we the young generation have never lost."
    "That Teng green mountain, but can cut to kill 《 ground placard 》superior of!"
    Those core pupil superior and 100 men are long low voice discuss, but Teng the green tiger is the happy.Soon, a big cluster of person inside the big palace walks out and believes in a lord, enforces the law elder to walk fore noodles, later on four greatly get generally, elder, all all, protect one big cluster of persons like method,etc to follow behind.
    Immediately, 100 men out of the big palace are long, the core pupils all pipe down.
    "Cousin, this Xuan iron heavy A, you bring back for me."The Teng green mountain passes the thing to the Teng green tiger.
    "Okay."The Teng green tiger connects to nod.
    "I occupy and have to have in a short while to return to."Say, the Teng green mountain then follows behind to believe in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'together leave.
    Teng green mountain heel at the various Ge dollar Hong continuously go forward after death.
    "Green mountain decideses?Learn the sword a method still a marksmanship?"Various Ge dollar Hong openings way.
    "Teacher, the pupil learns marksmanship!"Teng green mountain polite way.
    The various Ge dollar Hong listenned to not from shake head:"I guess!Green mountain, in fact sword method and marksmanship also have common place!Sword, heavy at'sting', and marksmanship also heavy at'sting'!With your scholastic attainment in marksmanship, completely can convert into a sword method."The Teng green mountain is also understand, marksmanship and sword method really have common place.
    One handle sword is the long gun of simplification version!
    "The gun is long, if 2 people draw back distance, the gun gains advantage!Can make to develop because of the length, not as vivid as sword!But four Chinese foot lances, but more easily display various sword method.After attaining inborn specially ……after' poem sword fairy' Lee too white was born, this, the sword method attains a highest point more.Inborn the strong is at most medium, take sword as!"The various Ge dollar Hong says.
    The Teng green mountain also knows'poem sword fairy'Lee is too white.
    Connect 《ground placard 》《Qian Long Bang 》 to wait book in, will also mention'poem sword fairy'Lee is too white, persons, such as the emperor of the Yu and Qin Ling Tian emperor...etc..
    See from various book, position most loftily and undoubtedly BE'Yu emperor'and'Qin Ling Tian's emperor', those 2 people all unify world to lead.And force all hat unique world, but don't unify among numerous superiors of world, only have 2 people, ability and the emperor of the Yu, Qin Ling Tian emperor shoulder to shoulder.
    1 are to create'the temple of Mo Ni', create a Buddha to believe in a self-discipline method, be called that it believes in Zu teacher for the Buddha of'sakya'!
    The temple of Mo Ni can dominate two states in nine states, the superior is like cloud, deeply can not measure, become whole nine state eight greatest religious sect in the strongest of a parties, heel'sakya'the Zu teacher have the relation that can not escape from.
    But another one person is a glamorous poem sword fairy'Lee is too white', this person in more than 3,000 year agos, the battle wore a handle lance to once maneuver world, none enemy.However, he didn't open Zong Li Pai, his extremely learn 《green lotus sword song 》 and once aroused a few calamities as well in history.

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    The Teng green mountain also sees toward this Zang Feng.
    "Teacher!"Zang Feng polite way, " green mountain younger brother Shi's his real strenght is extraordinary, also signed a great achievement.Really entitle to become to get generally!Just, green mountain younger brother Shi is after all far too young, experience very few, at the beginning teacher Bo Zu serves as unification to get, our 3 people believes.But green mountain ……I see, still temporary make him serve as the fourth to get generally well!"
    Close green and huge mountain 2 people but all silent.
    The Zang Feng heart bottom Tan Te, waits a various Ge dollar Hong hair words!
    "Back bottom!"The various Ge dollar Hong drinks a way.
    The Zang Feng is one Zhi, the title sees Hong toward the various Ge dollar.
    The various Ge dollar Hong facial expression is dipped down:"Who be unification get, is me and enforce the law elder to negotiate decision together, is that you said calculate?Like, Feng son, you back first bottom."
    The Zang Feng heart bottom is one earthquake.
    At return a dollar position religion tallestly and undoubtedly is believe in a lord and enforce the law elder.The important event all generally believes in a lord and enforce the law elder company the quantity decide, he a pupil Be really not qualified to doubt this decision.Is unwilling in the Feng heart ……these in the last years, he is representative's person that returns a dollar religion young generation.
    No man can compare with him.
    The Zang Feng has never backed bottom, a grind teeth a clear voice way:"Teacher!Four greatly get this to make seating arrangement generally, seeing real strenght.In those early years, teacher Bo Zu defeated my 3 people, but at present!Green mountain younger brother Shi wants to serve as unification to get, must also let a public.I the first challenge ……see how the green mountain younger brother Shi's skill is!"
    Believe in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'see a form inwardly sigh.
    He this disciple'Zang Feng'perseverance really not bad, also with talent, the only not good place-think greatly of fame and wealth too much!In the black A soldier, the Zang Feng thinks greatly of the cent of superiority grade very much, the generally black A soldier is all all, see this Zang Feng heart bottoms all deliver Chu.
    "Connect who to is an unification to get!This small matters all dispute ……the vision is narrow.Get generally?Elder?It all is falsely.Attain inborn, become a strong inborn, that is the true skill."Various Ge dollar Hong to the pupil' Zang Feng', obviously some dissatisfied, " also lends the hand of green mountain this time and like teach to teach him.Hope, he can wake up with a start!"
    Various Ge dollar Hong, to this with talent and determinate pupil, still keep entertaining a hope.
    "Green mountain, would you like to meet challenge to battle?"The various Ge dollar Hong sees toward the Teng green mountain, elder inside the palace, protect a method and get generally all see toward the Teng green mountain.
    "Pupil would like to."The Teng green mountain Gong body way.
    The Zang Feng saw Teng green mountain one eye, the vision was like knife.
    Various Ge dollar the Hong Be tiny to nod, then clear voice way:"However, today is a green mountain to take office unification to get!Isn't proper to challenge ……Feng son, you back bottom first!The green mountain answers first today war A, treat September 28 that day, moreover three get generally, but have defy of, may well to challenge a green mountain!Who finally win, for the unification get!"
    "BE, teacher.Does "Zang Feng this just backs bottom, glimpse a Teng green mountain, " hum and kill a Meng farmland?And black and white two elder match equally?The real strenght is afraid to isn't weak.However ……the year is only 17, I don't believe, he is my opponent of《meteor knife 》 !"
    The Zang Feng is hundred percent to oneself's confidence.
    Big palace on, the Teng green mountain respectully once connected that Xuan iron war AN and the unification gets a waist card!
    "Get generally of'Xuan iron heavy A', indeed as expected weigh most ."On giving on the hand, Teng green mountain clear weight.100 men are long'red iron heavy A', one whole set of Lien Chan Xue, and helmet...etc., add foot to contain more than 200 catties.But all all one whole set of cold iron war A, then once had 300 catties.After all only a cold AN inside iron several catty.
    But get generally of one the whole set of Xuan iron heavy A, add, but lead 500 catties!
    Even if is top-grade Wu Zhe, wear 500 catties of on the body, will feel uncomfortable.And if hope Hong and huge mountain that etc. to approach the real strenght of 《ground placard 》 , usually can also bear.If one by one fight, influence vivid too much, all generally will take off, wears to fight inside A, thus can understand, red scale monster that scales and shell have much good!
    One whole set, just 100 catties of or so.

  • One Hua inside the big palace howeverDatum16.03.2023 09:57
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Erstes Unterforum

    Being like Zang Feng and closing is green, the ability is young to become getting generally.
    In addition to real strenght, with them'believe in a lord to spread pupil in person'the identity is not irrelevant either to fasten.
    "Congratulate on believes in a lord!"All a group of persons inside the big palace arch hand shouts a way.
    "Ha ha ……today, accept the green mountain as pupil, is a small matter!There is also a more important important event."The various Ge dollar Hong says to see to hope Hong, pipe down inside the immediately big palace.Everyone knows ……the turning point arrived!
    Accept pupil, the process is simple, pass by to also seldom have so big action.
    This time call° together many people so, everyone's in the minds all have a table and estimate be selecting to lately get generally!Got generally, that but control the position of solid power.And ……hope the position of Hong, that is the unification to get of!Press according to custom, is three other generally get all want to be subjected to him forbear!
    "It is each."Hope Hong uprising, clear voice way, " I am this black A soldier the unification gets of, already the foot has more than 50 years!At present, I also feel lack the ability to do, then backed this the unification gets of."See later on to believe in a lord' various Ge dollar Hong', " pleases believe in a lord, select to lately get generally."
    Everyone holds breath and see to believe in lord'various Ge dollar Hong'!

    Chapter 04 four greatest absolute being classes Mi Dian
    Present 11ses are all all, the heart bottoms all have some expectation.Lack to get generally, certainly want from all win election generally!
    And huge mountain, Zang Feng, close three green get heart generally in also quiet don't come down!
    Choose unification to get?
    That huge mountain is the second to get generally, the Zang Feng is the third to get generally, close green is the fourth to get generally, their 3 people also wants to be further!
    "At present mine 《 meteor knife 》, also is small to become!Even uncle Shi is afraid to isn't all my opponent ……this the unification get, should be mine!"The Zang Feng heart heat gets up, this 《 meteor knife 》BE returning a dollar to believe in two greatest sky classes one of the airtight Dians, on the knife method, the Zang Feng has been fixing in the Qian.Hardly make a living away from home between the world, so, his fame isn't big.
    But, in the Teng green mountain before future, the various Ge dollar Hong is optimistic about most of be'Zang Feng'!
    The always assiduous Qian fixs of Zang Feng, the real strenght is very astonishing.Young generation various Ge cloud waits person to is easily defeated to exchange blows with him!
    "Two teacher the uncle return a dollar religion for me and lead a black A soldier to fight so for several years, hard working achievement Gao!From today, two teacher the uncle woulds be the elder that I return a dollar religion!"The various Ge dollar Hong clear voice says, hope Hong face up also peeps out one silk smiling face, Be getting older, abdicate to be elder, also be regarded as accomplished.
    Many people to hope Hong congratulations.
    The various Ge dollar Hong grinds to a stop for a while, just way:"However the black A soldier get generally of, not the ability is free to lack."
    Pipe down again inside the big palace immediately.
    Various Ge dollar the voice of the Hong resounds in the open spaces big palace:"Is new an allow a black A soldier unification get, is got the Teng green mountains of troops to all serve as generally at first by the first!"
    One Hua inside the big palace however!
    Is the Teng green mountain unification to get?Many people see toward the Teng green mountain.
    "Teng green mountain comes up to connect to fight A!"Various Ge dollar Hong clear voice way.
    The Teng green mountain immediately starts, the dynasty various Ge dollar Hong walks.
    "How to is him?"The facial expression of Zang Feng greatly changes, " I originally be got generally!Even if promote Teng green mountain in order to get generally, at most make him be the fourth to get generally.The unification gets, should win election at our 3 people!With my real strenght, the unification gets, should be that I am just right!"The Zang Feng is relentless that double of of the eyes Mi rise.
    Is abrupt however-
    The Zang Feng suddenly starts and greatly treads to walk to the center, immediately many people see toward him.
    "H'm?"The various Ge dollar Hong sees toward his love Tu.

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    The facial expression of the small white is one Jiang, then deeply sees leaf's one eye for autumn, slowly shake head.
    "Why would not like to cure?The persons all once hoped earnestly a healthy life.I don't care how you think, anyway, I hope healthy Kang of your Jian of.The other people have of, you have to have.The other people have no of, I also want to think a way to you."Saying of leaf autumn violent in action."Small white this kind of the temperament of the meekly accept humiliation incensed him.
    The small white a time per adherence shakes head.The look in the eyes insists.
    Is current of she is only a have no.Of.
    She is a sword of leaf autumn, relentless have no, kill an idea towering.
    Also because of this.She can at any time keep company with at the leaf autumn nearby.
    If she became a normal person.Or, become a normal woman.
    So, oneself wants again with what kind of the identity stay at him nearby?
    Do his woman?
    The small white immediately engraved to give° this kind of viewpoint to choke to put out.He has no the change that the way accepts this identity.Also take nothing.
    She feels so very good.It is very good.
    The son non- fish, does Anne know the joy of fish?
    "Stop worrying.Anyway.You will at I is nearby."Ye Qiu reads to understand the look in the eyes of small white and in a soft voice said.
    Garage half mountain big way"the look in the eyes of small white is suddenly sharp.
    The car that the high speed rushes suddenly a period of 10 days deadlock, because the small white tramples to put on brakes too violent, make the car turn a half turn at first.
    The autumn of the leaf is also a facial expression to tightly collapse and stretch hand into a bosom to touch son a mother a Duo soul a gun.
    "Today exactly is what day?Enemy how a stir immediately after a to stir of?"The leaf autumn bitterness says with a smile.Just with the combat of war absolute being already consume light his physical strength.If come to 10 superiors again, he had no energy to reply.
    Certainly.He has already known that this time come of still keep being a superior.
    Even, than fight absolute being to still have to be strong.
    From far and near.Turn to namely go to in a sudden.
    The Jing vulture was thin to once engrave of facial features, raise pretty straight nose Liang, the long hair in gold yellow covers with to spread on the shoulder.There are also a pair of eyes of light blues.
    This is a rare matchless beautiful man.Even if be called, animals in flower, of the fee soars and has the pole American Yin thousand leaf Xuns stands at him of in front, will be also gloomy and dejected.
    Second Si.Is second orchid Di Si especially one genius Gao Yu.
    The cousin of the Di promise of Chris.Certainly, is also her end marriage man.

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    Volume 3 started to stand back to be person's chapter 665 to finally seek to come
    Fight absolute being to pant noisily of lie on the ground, on the face but hang one to be subjected to Nue empress extremely satisfy of pleased facial expression.The combat of this degree is what he likes.
    "The autumn of the leaf.Are you also a remarkable talent?"
    "Just the use technique of a little son mentality."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.The affair like this didn't conceal of necessity.
    And, if war absolute being would like to of words, will check oneself's performance on the boundary general assembly in sky naturally.
    Silver eye at that time also on the liner, probably own understand for her was also enough to be getting more.
    "Not.That isn't a little son.We sea Mo the household has the Mi of mentality self-discipline originally.I the time since the childhood be forced self-discipline mentality by the household.But so passed by for several years, the political ability was small.You can in so quick time inside from my hand's inside, recruit to control, succeed, and with more relentless of the speed throw rock back.The proving your mentality has to compare my too many strong six,
    Fighting absolute being to looking at a leaf is young for autumn some excessive faces, take to have saying of infinite setback feeling:"The autumn of the leaf, I am really curious.You are young, how can self-discipline so deep mentality of?"
    "Is a lot of?May be control breath aller right."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.He always can not tell other people, oneself has a miraculous ring.No matter is oneself asleep or awake, its Kang … not Cha of just absorb the spirit of Na Yin for me.
    But oneself brain inside of inside grow but again and without a break revolve, annoy the conversion to the Yin of this originally dirty ash into most the mentality of pure and unadulterated.
    This too terror.Telling others will frighten something to pour to the person.
    "Control breath?The luck is a good Kui west."Fight absolute being to climb from the ground.Walk to the leaf autumn in front, very heavily clapped to clap his shoulder, say"anyway, you vanquished me.It pay to honor.Because I have never lost."
    "I come out its never thought that.Your real strenght is also very strong."Leaf autumn one face smile idea ground condescension.
    Continue to laud me.My on the hoof power then the source is hereat.
    "Damn.I don't like modest young man."Fight absolute being to dissatisfiedly say.Root from set in the pocket cigar, after sparking after deeply absorbing an one mouthful, say"words like this, you make me feel that I isn't worth a damn.You vanquished me, but said that oneself is a luck.So, what am I regarded as?"
    "The condescension is a China person to spread the virtue of line."The silver eye comes over here to say.Then looking at to fight absolute being, concern ground to ask a way:"Sea Mo, you are all right?"
    "Have no matter son.This son injury calculates what?Silver eye, your taste is quite good."Fight absolute being meaningful see one eye leaf autumn, say with a smile.
    "I don't understand your meaning."The silver eye is tiny to say with a smile.Have to admit, in the mind but, Tu, ground jump a while of fierce.
    "Three wells are burning to don't account an advantage today, by all means not kind give up.You have to be careful."The autumn of the leaf gives repeated advice to say.
    "Stop worrying.We the number one always have never feared who."Silver eye self-confident smile.Still enjoy very much to the concern in leaf autumn.
    Take leave silver eye and a group of people, the leaf autumn again takes big troops to return to half mountain luxurious villa.
    The member of thunderbolt squad mostly 100 war elites, not only only will kill people as well as save a person.At least"order son skin external injury can still handle.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Erstes Unterforum

    "Probably BE.The person like this is getting tooer many."The silver eye also smiles an answer" silver eye.You have to remember.You are originally my Ao two Buddha Lai the granddaughter of the gram.One of the three greatest military instructors of number one.No matter at any time, you have to understand you's position is what."Get a lord to looking at a granddaughter face up suppress don't live of joy, harsh voice remind a way.The silver look in the eyes feeling in a soft voice says:"Grandpa.I know.I have been knowing.
    I am a cutthroat."
    Ye Sun Liang no longer talks and seemed and devoted one's minded to attract attention to ex-ly compete.
    But the in the mind is just thinking what, who know again?
    On the field, leaf autumn and war absolute being 2 people with quick dozen quick, on connecting to collide more than 200 boxings, body finally and again of separate.
    2 people nearby and respectively send back several steps, a face dignifiedly looks at the other party.
    The position that they just stood has already appeared a much deep Hu type of two half rices deep pit, that is what double feet is made an effort to trample out.
    Now, their facial expression already not before so natural and unrestrained easy.
    The dress Shan is a bit in great disorder, also have many places be torn open son.The forehead and body upper-class Chang wears the sweat bead of big big and also have each other stay to the other party of some isn't a very serious scar.
    "The autumn of the leaf.You don't respect me."Fight absolute being to icily say.Eyes lookinging at a leaf for autumn are some icinesses.
    "I have already made an effort."The autumn of the leaf picked to pick eyebrows and said.
    "Not.Arriving of my felling, your real strenght is far far not only these.Do you remember?The first time when we meeteach other that face for you to see me took precautions against of appearance.That time, you make me don't have sense of security.Your strong fearfulness."
    "This is also the reason that I insist on to challenge toward you.But, you the performance come out now far far not enough.If is only such, you are about to fail.I like victory very much, but I want fair combat."
    "See, need to be used four heavy strength son."The autumn of the leaf wishes.
    "The autumn of the leaf.My performance come out of haven't the real strenght canned earn your respect?"
    "You are fierce.It is very severe."The autumn of the leaf from the heartly says a , this guy, a bit remarkable.
    Several oneself has opportunity to harm his, but be all been skillful by him of stay away.That kind of mysterious step even he can't see through.
    And, feel that each one punches is actually true at of come from his oneself.So, why didn't the slightest weaken towards after touching more than 200 boxings, his strength.Is on the contrary more and more strong?
    Originally, the leaf autumn think to only compare to put together a fist and then can defeat opponent.
    "So, why don't you give me a game of equity?"Fight absolute being to counter-question a way.
    "I am getting more understand."The autumn of the leaf says:"So.Let us real beginning."
    Truely start.

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    The autumn of the leaf at thousand leaf Xuns without the slightest resisting without cause disappearance feel, he is still on the hoof.And, he may the root walking isn't a sea road.
    He fell into trap!
    This stratagem isn't brilliant, but because various factor hand over to gather, and the Yi rattan is smoked of suddenly expose, let the leaf have no too many time to consider for autumn, everything looks perfect don't lack.
    Almost make them escape, however the leaf autumn makes the person of thunderbolt squad lead to handle knob of four passages of Hong Kong in Shenzhen, and involving three parts of the west intelligence report net with huge household in the door help, the leaf autumn finally and again controled thousand leaf Xuns' whereaboutses.
    And, contrary to expectationly is that they still open that Mo to special and spectacularly lengthen version Lincoln.
    'I am very intelligent.Just that you aren't good at detection.'
    The autumn of the leaf turns round to see toward Long Nyu again and says with a smile:'But to two, do you choose that?'
    "Literally."At the time that Long Nyu talked, the look in the eyes swept around on thousand leaf Xuns and ghost shadow, was like choosing goods in the market general.
    For thousand leaf Xuns of Long Nyu's ill-mannered behavior inattentive, still keep keeping graceful bearing image of oneself, looking at a leaf for autumn:"Just Long Nyu says that you want to kill me.I am a bit curious, this old grudge what since then?"
    The autumn of the leaf is cold to say with a smile:" The business of boundary in the sky and you are some to relate to all have no?"
    "I have never denied the boundary general assembly in sky didn't relate to with me.I can admit in front of you very calmly, boundary general assembly in the sky is what I manipulate.But, is this the reason that you want to kill me?You aren't a sky, the biggest one who be subjected to benefit of field general assembly?I have been thinking.You should save to appreciate to my heart just right."Thousand leaf Xuns roar with laughter ground to say.
    Although the leaf autumn knows thousand leaf Xuns to be saying whatever comes to mind, but the leaf autumn cautiously wants to come, or so returns to matter son.
    If there are no thousand leaf Xuns, this bad persons, oneself how can become for a sky, the hero of field, be subjected to their consistent advocacies?
    If there is no a sky, support of the field, a little bit local have ulterior motives of guy how does NUMBER ONE that may have an opportunity with silver eye after death become allies?
    The words that calculate so is really a sky by himself/herself, field general assembly of biggest be subjected to a benefit of.
    "How?Do I say not a rightness?"See a leaf for autumn in the thinking, thousand leaf Xuns counter-question a way.
    "Speaking from some aspect, what you said is correct, but, become Wang Bai Kou, truth like this you should understand, regardless is me, is still other persons, all hope to arrest you.If I today put you to walk so, all of my benefitses will disappear.Even, I also become the person from field in a sky's opposition enemy."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    If the news that without cause releases thousand leaf Xuns is spread, not only lose for a sky, the field person's advocacy, on the contrary will become their enemy.
    Say again nation of task is also this dangerous of the guy arrest to return to, he cans not disobey a row, either.
    "So let's do a bargain again."Thousand leaf Xuns say.
    "What trade?"
    "Do not you want to know that the backstage of field general assembly in a sky instigates?"The smiling face of thousand leaf Xuns one faces.
    Leaf once the autumn idea move and ask a way:"Do you think what the repay that get is?"
    "Put me to walk."
    "How?Have no confidence to oneself?How do you make sure that I can definitely stay you?"
    "I just don't want to do to meaninglessly fight.I have already been made use of once, don't want to be made use of a lifetime, if beat today, regardless life and death, our two squares is the enemies who is endlessly all deathless."
    "You should know to tell me the, to you 100 insides are harmless."The autumn of the leaf says
    "Was your meaning to refuse to trade?"
    "Yes, I can not put you to walk" leaf the autumn say.No matter is a station him can not release thousand leaf Xuns on any position.
    Oneself falls to the utmost water nautical mile and beg to living hopeless of time, he has already sworn.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Erstes Unterforum

    The ghost shadow sees the action of young master and also quickly push away a car door to stand down, if shadow if block in thousand leaf Xuns' fronts now.Block in the front of is a women, certainly see from the outward appearance, is like also one male a female.
    The female wears long hair, the noodles is like roseate clouds, such as the fairy maiden come down to earth, aery unreal, beautiful can not, the man palace in whole body peculiar but very pomp packs, the facial features is fine, eyes such as autumn waters cold pond, didn't be superfluous of feelings but hot person ear eyes.
    "Chris Di younger sister Nuo, how have a pleasure station to see moon here?"Thousand leaf Xuns smile this to walk to the front of two human faces and ask a way.
    "I am waiting you" the Di promise of Chris swept his one eye, the noodles was expressionless to say.
    "Wait me?, That you but allow me to am overwhelmed by special favor"thousand leaf Xun face up of smile an idea thicker, " doesn't know Chris Di does younger sister Nuo wait me for the sake of He Shi?"
    "The nature is for killing you" Long Nyu result lead topic, although thousand leaf Xuns basically didn't talk with her she didn't get angry.
    She knows three to greatly decide all of the persons of household is proud arrive inside of person, if the Di promise of Chris or thousand leaf Xuns on his/her own initiative is like a person to say "hello" on the contrary will make people feeling very strange.
    "Long Nyu, with the woman whom the homicide becomes Buddha" thousand leaf Xuns' realizations finally transfered in Long Nyu's body."The homicidal importance includes reason?Do you never kill people to seek to lend for yourself?"
    "Someone hopes that you die" Long Nyu lightly says.
    "Is leaf autumn?You is what relate to?I know that Long Nyu loves to kill, but not clear Long Nyu lusts for women.....Are you his woman?"Thousand leaf Xuns' look in the eyeses take to ponder, a face smiles lookinging at of idea Long Nyu.
    "BE again how, be not again how?What relation does the matter that this wants to do with me tonight have?"
    "I am just curious."Thousand leaf Xun without eye on all sides, then looking at the Di promise of Chris to say:"Do you also want to make moves?You should understand, if you make moves mean what."
    "I don't make moves."The Di promise of Chris says, she knows what she makes moves to mean.Mean second especially the orchid Di Si household and thousand leaf the Xun household declare war and mean deathless immortalization of two huge things and also mean that moreover a verdict household will sit the benefit of accepting the fisherman.
    "BE?"Thousand leaf Xuns smiled, a piece of rock of in the mind fell to the ground and looking at Long Nyu to say:"If only is your a person.You have confidence to leave our 2?"
    With one enemy two, Long Nyu copies 2 people to thousand leaf Xuns and ghost, so of match to return be not been optimistic about, .
    Even if is Long Nyu, all having no too many confidence can stay they.
    "Luckily I come not to calculate a night, calculate I am a , two to two, how?"The autumn of the leaf they after death came out to say with a smile from Long Nyu.

    Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person's chapter 618 to expect a to fight
    Long Nyu and Chris Di promise appear, thousand leaf Xuns aren't surprised.The autumn of the leaf bursts upon, but lets the flash across in thousand leaf's Xun eyeses one silk ray of light.
    'Feel that I appeared too quickly?According to your plans, this time I should still just sea surface up search your movements just right.'The leaf catches the autumn to the doubt in the his eyes and says with a smile.
    'It is quite good.You are really solid to compare me to imagine of want cleverness some.;Thousand leaf Xuns smile to nod.
    Thousand leaf Xuns early feel the Yi rattan is smoked they take their they to arrive China of plan lawless acts, so parties the ghost copy in advance arrange good everything.
    Rent yacht, rent vehicle, look for substitute.All of all theses carry on under the sistuation that silently have no voice interest.
    Even if the Yi rattan is smoked to send a person to follow, again how may with get up the ghost copy of speed?
    Say again, under the sistuation that the day benefit still comes short of, the Yi rattan is smoked to also have no to turn over a face with thousand leaf Xuns.
    Be make use of the crevice that they don't dare to expose.Thousand leaf Xuns set out like the whole.

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    "Many thanks to young master, I don't drink."The ghost copies to get down his rugged body hard noodles Gong Gong to show for appreciating young master.
    "The ghost shadow am these years with me, be really pain you, drink cup bar, have no call to keep awake this time, I think, now they the positive on the water towards the substitute that we seek to wildly make track for not to put."Thousand leaf the Xun corner of mouth take to disdain ground to say.
    "Yes.The young master is astute."The ghost shadow smiles a compliment way.
    Thousand leaf Xuns shook to shake head, the bitterness said with a smile:"If I ain't astute, if is astute, can't make oneself fall into insurance ground like this.I think all factor I compute at inside, but I didn't thought of, the leaf autumn would acquaint with with the Di promise of Chris, and, his ability indirect of influence the Di household of Ya Si Lan."
    "Most what a mess of BE, I chose a greed very greatly, the but again would not like to undertake the cooperator of responsibility.Those Japan the person take we rounded a big turn son, arrive of place, will be subjected to for a sky, the field destroys making track for of remaining influence to kill.I am originally some doubts, through this matter, I am getting more certain, my movements is Japan those person to reveal by himself[herself]."
    "Yes.What young master guesses BE, be just..Dead of is all ir person."The ghost copies a face to amenablely smile.The hands are cool-headed, the car quickly rushes to sail across ocean big bridge here up.
    "Is also a meeting is this reason, so I just only change dress, but have no way assurance.The riddle bottom that is astute and does so, be result in to us the felling of a kind of end of the road end of road, then in clear and ordered patternly send to the China to us."
    Thousand leaf Xun one mouthful drink to the utmost a cup in of sake, cold say with a smile:"If my astute of words, can't believe that they are more deathtraps to are more safe programmings, that dessert of theirs thinks me Be getting more understand on the whole."
    "The slave isn't understand" sees the young master deliver goods, the ghost copied the smiling face on the face to disappear."
    "They is make us come to walk into death, we are them of bait, they send to us China, by all means will disturb China military authority, rise to the real strenght in nowadays the strongest draw up the most perfect remarkable talent to also fight brigade heavenliness China, two tiger compete with each other, necessarily have a to harm.If we are buried China, thousand leaf household inevitable and China the country become irreconcilable enemy.This am the last exploitation for dancing in the wind to me in the their eyes.Do you feel"
    "The young master is wise and farsighted and dominant.How to may be a discard"the ghost copy to hurriedly say.
    "Not, they are to think so."Thousand leaf Xuns say, the glass cup in the handle knob kneads smash.
    "Those in fact young master of, cheat young master of, humiliate young master of, there is also injury young master of, will pay for it" ghost shadow language takes murderous look's saying to get.
    "Is quite good, they will pay for it, regardless is an autumn still three wells of leaf, three wells can betray me, why can I not drag along out from the thick film it?Looking at them two Dous together, isn't it also an affair that is enjoy to please the eye?"Thousand leaf Xuns' one faces crazily smile, the old grudge in eyes imitates a Buddha to let peripheral airs to all become steaming hot to get up.
    The bright moon is empty, the night view is just thick.
    Is already a dawn now, on this road in addition to the shadow copies the tree shadow of Chuo Chuo and has already hardly had vehicle to lead.
    Thousand leaf Xuns know that the leaf autumn has the west household in the door in Hong Kong and the department get empty a helping of household set, one grass one woods can exert to accept eye bottom.
    So they chose a quiet and out-of-the-way road.
    But, so strange highway front unexpectedly two shadow of human figures.
    Those two people appear and disappear mysteriously the emergence of sort.The so abrupt station is in the street in the center.
    If the common run of people flies to frighten of wet the pants can not, this sees ghost general.
    But ghost shadow after seeing the anterior shadow of human figure a heavy trample a brake, the car far and far stopped down.

  • intention to murderDatum04.10.2022 06:03
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    Accompany Long Nyu come of still have the tradition Di promise of Chris of gold blood, this woman was afraid to is the time that the infant expects all strong.Have already got into to become adult to expect now, the real strenght is to can not imagine.After death stand four palaces that equally wear to inset to have a Phnom Penh pack, the chest embroiders to have a purple and triangle chest badge of purple Mou light hair man.These four people's real strenght is afraid to want to will still have to be a little bit strong than own 12 absolute being.
    Is regrettable, oneself leads to rely on of the snake king be unexpectedly wanted now to severely wounded by that boy that seeking an assistant is all difficult.
    "Long Nyu, you should understand the eyes ground that I do so is what, can you why not accept my some kind of cordialitieses?"Latin is rare to point at to sit oneself is busy to cure arm on the ground of leaf autumn, say:"He has what like?Is worth you to fall in love thus?"
    "He what all than how are you."Long Nyu is entwining to rare Latin there is some exasperations in this problem.Say:"Latin is rare, originally read at together is one vein in India, I have been showing leniency to you.Unexpectedly you frequently challenge, really is an offense should ten thousand die.Last time's ambuscading me hasn't got even with you, you unexpectedly start beating my friend's idea again.This time, you prepare to be subjected to dead."
    Hear Long Nyu say so, Latin is rare to know that the circumstance is probably what a mess.Said severals with the Sanskrit, that with triangle type if the tornado is general of book to thunderbolt squad their take precautions against to offend a ground of of 12 tottering absolute being will suddenly start changing, four squads re- organize, 12 people are divided into 2 brigades and quickly block the in front that hopes in Latin.
    "You unexpectedly be the crazy idea impeded me with them?"Long Nyu sneers at.The hands are raised to knead up and down dance in the wind to swing definitely.Be like at unreal of in the air grasp what things.
    Immediately after, two hands are to take a wisp of furious wind sort, place once flicked, roar and shout to make to ring.
    "Hold tight her."Latin is rare to wave hand to say.12 absolute being will listen to make.Noiselessly to Long Nyu blunt past.Prepare to use a person much advantage to impede Long Nyu Di's aggression.And Latin Be rare to also hope to look for crevice to escape.
    "Can not have no mutually.Disease."The Long Nyu Di's hand pushes out forward.Be like release to go to a breeze wall sort.12 absolute being will hurtle to the breeze wall in front.Be like met visiblely entity.It is further before having nothing to do.
    Long Nyu Di's hand definitely a change.Is pure to sing a way:"Any is mutually all.It all is absurd.Tie up."
    That from current of air formation ground breeze wall suddenly be like stretched out numerous small hands general.Will give still being trying very hard to want to break a breeze wall ground 12 absolute beings the tie tightly live.No matter how they are the ground is left to hurtle right bump.Can't escape these invisible have no mutually a breeze wall to entwine.
    Dragon female hand a grasp.Invisiblely the breeze wall then starts tightenning tie.12 absolute being ground the body start feeling suffered.Is flounderingly more crary.They ground the head all have a plain white cloth to wrap up.Can't see pure they earth's surface feeling.But leaf the autumn know.They must are badly now painful this time.
    Slowly close along with Long Nyu Di's fist.12 absolute beings struggle ground to also more and more have no dint.The last ground is by hand stucked neck.Not the pain desire livings a ground of shape.
    Latin hopes big Hai, this woman, also really moved intention to murder.
    The Latin rare hands match Shi, the steel fork on the forehead type the purple spot Be red to brighten to flap.After reading a few Sanskrits definitely, one was like burning to hit the ground red current of air to inherit to Long Nyu.Then his body is like the playing marble sort that is played to fly to go out, escape to the distance but go to.
    Long Nyu's fist closes, then suddenly opens.That drive the breeze wall tie up ground 12 absolute beings will be a body in packed bomb, so on a sudden crack open by explosion to open.The blood covers with and destroy a limb dispersed.12 men die a tragic death and make this becoming the human life together sandy beach to fix Luo's hell.
    Once Long Nyu Xian's hand lead and then push the red current of air that Latin hope to part, to not the ocean of distance fly,
    One is huge to loudly spread, the sea water is started to splash a quite a few rice far.Start crashing down again while falling to an apogee, Hua Hua make to ring.
    "Want to run."Long Nyu looking at Latin rare escape of background, intention to murder in the eye big Chi, a burst of breeze the ground curl up, facing his figure but go.

  • open is clappedDatum04.10.2022 05:54
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    The hand of leaf autumn raises in the sky, but how can't keep on chopping down as well.
    Because, Latin is rare don't know to when hurtle to his in front, and still grasp the wrist that he keeps blade.
    The leaf autumn in the mind frighteneds, this guy is exactly a person is a ghost?Behind deliver first to, and the hairbreadth can hold tight oneself have already got into the wrist of attack orbit, this demand much ability?
    Even if is the leaf's spare time that went into a sword way, after the recruit type of leaf autumn sends out to, he also only have backstroke and avoids being seen of is not likely to be like to like this stretch hand to intercept now.This needs tremendous courage and ability.
    Because a probably button up a wrist of living the other party carelessly not, and the meeting is harmed by the sharp weapon in the opponent hand.
    With bare hands Duo knives?
    The autumn of the leaf has the impulse that the kind wants to bump a wall, oneself way so several years, still for the first time drive so in brief of recruit type to button up stop wrist.
    The autumn of the leaf is buttonned up in the wrist for an instant, do reaction.Hand inside of)suddenly turn around, a kind of commit suicide the attack method come out.If mow not to live the words that Latin hopes a ground wrist, that probably slices to own arm.
    Latin is rare to stretch out once a finger play, the Wan in the leaf's autumn hand sells but flies.
    The in the mind starts to float nerveless felling, and so of the opponent fight, basically is seeking Nue.
    "Young man, you are too cruelty."Latin is rare to make a noise to say, the look in the eyes Yin hates ground to looking at a leaf for autumn.
    "Become Wang Bai Kou.You kill is the person still little?"The autumn of the leaf is cold to say with a smile, and then stretch out the noodles door that the left boxing hopes toward Latin.
    Once the wrist that Latin hopes tremble, leaf autumn to fell off to fly to go out.Body vacillating whereabouts ground, the whole body doesn't already is aching, buttonned up by him of wrist unexpectedly so drive he to pull to dislocate, the right hand completely makes not last dint.
    At leaf the autumn and Latin hope the time of combat and wait upon at the snake female of part already blunt rent away the snake king's body in the past.That big snake in white climbs around on snake king of, ever and anon stretch out the tongue licks on his face, snake female the vigilance ground guard in the part and look like in the Liao and harm generally.
    Latin is rare to see long to offend not descend of 12 absolute being will, facial expression tiny Nu, loudly read a few Sanskrits.
    12 absolute being will suddenly and outwardly round to spread out, then three per set, line up four triangles, quickly turned, was like a burst of tornado sort of take everything away to three groups of thunderbolt squad.
    Sees the Zhang shadow turn over to fly, they are to suddenly have 1,100 hands general, the speed is quickly astonishing.A personal flash across goes each time, behind of the member of team mount again.And, they face of Be just single member of thunderbolt squad.Is also say, a member of thunderbolt squad wants without a break to the top them three absolute being will of revolve type attack.
    Wildly having never avoided being seen to open is clapped in the chest by a Zhang.Is a set of everywhere type the battle array is immediately little a Cape.
    Is two sounds to spread again, 2 set with three sets of each have a member of team drive they to knock down.
    "Change Huan brigade form."Luo thousand soldiers loudly roar a way.The member of thunderbolt squad quickly moves and also changed Huan to become triangle.Thus, can't there is an indentation being broken by their shot.
    Latin is rare to took a look 12 absolute beings will, know own person steady hold to win Juan.He didn't wait for the meaning for descending again as well and greatly trod to walk over there to the leaf who falls down on the ground autumn.
    "Latin is rare, do you really want to go to hell?"A lonesome voice spreads, the shadow of an attractive woman from far and near, turn in a sudden namely go to.
    Latin hopes Mou son one Lin, body not from must retreat 2.
    Long Nyu starts to hand a leaf autumn, ask a way:"How to feel?"
    "I am all right."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head.It is rare, say to point Latin:"Afraid is only you can can deal with him."
    "Buddha not bitterness Du, the hell becomes to get empty.They don't go into a hell, who go into a hell?"Long Nyu's look in the eyes cold edge of knife, stare at Latin rare say:"Trust, I will kill these beasts clean."

  • But the opponentDatum04.10.2022 05:46
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    Ye Qiu knows.Is him ground the spirit attack caused to bite a soul ring ground to protect lord function.Talk about strong mentality.Snake king how can without a break absorb him/herlself with a day and 24 hours again energy ground does the ring compare?
    Hence, is next to match need not leaf autumn to worry.Completely from love a soul ring and invade the combat of brain to fight.The black bead son becomes orderly and gobbles up all of all waves that run to come in a ground of spirit.
    Ye Qiu knows that his/her own opportunity came, he would account and then account and still pretended oneself to be subjected to a temperament attack general, pain not the desire life and death live to desire fairy toring to pull of desire dead, roar.Finally, generation superior snake the king let go of to take precautions against in front of him, then at the time of closing to him, be rowed a palm with the Wan by him.
    In fact the leaf autumn is very greed, what he thought is a shot to necessarily kill, when the king of snake closes to, give° him to open chest Pou stomach on the spot.Is regrettable, the snake Wang Di's arm fore the noodles blocked for a while, the wishes of leaf autumn didn't can carry out.
    Even connect Latin rare also have no awake from the in the mind earthquake surprised, that puts on to imitate the silver that the Buddha shines in glory horizon only haven't driven out to go out in brain from his ground.
    "This bastard.He plays to depend on."Latin is rare to hate ground to think a way.
    "Damn.You damn."The king of the snake is stagnant along while, finally accepted oneself current miserable sight, indignantly roar, have to brandish to embroider with that the whistle hurtled toward the leaf autumn past.
    If he thought to be useful in the beginning place type and leaf so the autumn dueled of words, probably, leaf the condition autumn now would be troublesome.
    But, on recruiting to lose, the overall situation loses.
    Ye Qiu knows at this time of he flightily annoys Zao, the mentality is again subjected to this to maul heavily, don't basically and impossibly form effective defense.
    The autumn of the leaf lightly fondles to bite a soul ring, together weak silver light flash across, the ring quickly turns to move.Then leaf the autumn make use of the energy in the ring and keep the shot snake king's memory sea.
    The snake king of severely wounded didn't take precautions against, drive leaf the autumn attackstone brain area success.At facing leaf the autumn sprint of in the process, suddenly fall down, dead straight fall at ground up.
    The whole field is again shocked!
    Especially always at pay attention to a leaf the autumn fights of leaf's tiger and Luo thousand soldiers wait a person, hopeless situation backstroke see a leaf for autumn suddenly, all have some to dare not believe oneself's eyes.
    Before, the interjection of leaf autumn is so wretched.Let people smell of sad, listen to it sheding tears.And, when the king of snake heads for a leaf for autumn, leaf's tiger and silver Li also really shed tears.They know, snake once letting the king close to, leaf the autumn doomed.
    Other persons are to shout oneslef hoarse ground to yell and strongly want to rescue a leaf for autumn.But the opponent of their in front is like a wall of burliness, no matter how they make great effort, can't offend to break this intercepting of wall.
    See a leaf suddenly make effort for autumn, the tears of leaf's tiger cries a ground of Hua Hua more of.This guy can't vent the joy in his/her own heart again and just loudly yell:"Teacher, I know you
    They calculate fart, Lao Tze's one punch bombs to die them."
    Part loudly Rang Rang, speed and strength for boxing also again speed.All over being full of strength is like the Ao that fights in the sun underneath the Man is especially.
    Ye Qiu knows that the snake king's brain area is weighed Chuang by he or she, but not necessarily dies.As long as canning get full rest and treatment, he can still like.
    Take advantage o his disease, want his life.Clobber's falling into water a dog is a leaf's autumn where learned the good habit for coming from the old headman.
    The list keeps Wan, swoop wear body toward the king of snake hurtle pass by.
    Have the Jian of snake the female's ex- car, leaf autumn this prepares to make the snake dismembering into 18 pieces a king to.
    You not is put together?Chop down you into 18 pieces, I don't believe you to also have way to put together I.
    "Seek dead."Latin hopes facial expression dark, the steel fork on the forehead type the purple spot gleam red light.That red light is just one Shan but dies, then then resumes as usual.

  • bellow to ask a wayDatum04.10.2022 05:41
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    Luo thousand soldiers hear the roars of leaf's tiger, also at fight of moment Piao eye leaf autumn.Unexpectedly leaf the autumn was so quick and then hurt and wanted to escape from the battlefield saves a leaf for autumn, but the white tunic portrait of his in front is the idea that understood him, suddenly sped to attackstone rhythm, and way for recruiting is more wily difficult to measure, the real strenght compared to raise a while in the beginning 2300%, he copes with and then started exhausting.
    "Leaf the autumn that's right, these people, all indeed as expected is a monster."Luo thousand soldiers hate ground to think.Really think that the one punch knocks down opponent, but this can be a wishes.This kind of is incapable nerveless felling, let Luo thousand soldiers very of pain and sufferings.
    See a leaf for autumn and raise a step only the miserable sight of Jian, the snake king knows that he or she could accept a net, the mentality of this young man was really too weak, basically defenseless.
    The king of snake is playing and walking over there to the leaf autumn.
    He need to close to a leaf for autumn, when he didn't take precautions against and counter-attack ability, a Zhang slices on his Bo neck, he can the darling ground was taken by he.And oneself also completed the task that Latin hopes.
    The leaf squats down autumn ground up, the hands embraces head, pain not the desire livings of shape.Painful Si roaring cry constantly from the mouth in spread, let snake the king has much of a kind of sense of achievement.
    Requiem can not only only use to Anne's soul.Most important of BE, it can use to urge a life.
    Walk to the leaf autumn one step distance after, snake right hand king keeps a whistle, the left hand raised hand knife.
    When he quickly keeps on chopping down, together illuminate the silvery ray of light flash across of horizon.
    The just still painful and unbearable leaf autumn suddenly flicks to have the silver Wan in the hand, when the silvery sharp Feng Liao arrives the tallest place, have the object the voice that is cut off to spread.
    The object falls on the ground, that is the snake king's palm.
    Still keep keeping the posture of beginning the knife.It still is moving.
    Result like this obviously is come from public unexpected happening, the hardest accept of is still a snake king.
    The fact presents at at present, he is sliced of palm still just ground up terriblely wriggle, break arm place the blood wildly spray, with opened the water muzzle of Zha general.But he still can not believe the all these that he sees.
    This how may?
    Oneself clearly fights down with the Ning voice of requiem attack property he/she, his Wu wears a head pain the desire doesn't living of the appearance is so lifelike.Still have that despairing look in the eyes and the interjection of grief and indignation------Are the all theses all false?
    The requiem is a mentality attack Shu, with his weak mentality, again how can resist live to be free from injury?Own much less attack is suddenly but go to, he basically didn't take precautions against.
    "What is the row son?Is this exactly a son what is the row?"Miller of the tower is red and red double eye, in mind bellow to ask a way.
    Have no reason, oneself will hurt in the guy hand of a nobody.
    If say that he is to intentionally conceal, from the first at intentionally performance, want to lure oneself to take the bait, the time in oneself's the gist, give it relentless the words of one shot, so this guy is exactly a martial is still an actor?
    What effort does he learn?Is simply to play movie to get.She Wang knows that the acting skill being common has no effect to these persons who carry to extremely learn of oneself.
    It is quite good.The autumn of the leaf is in the performance.
    Take from the belt at the snake king up embroider a whistle.And put when the mouth side plays.Oneself knew what he wants to do.

  • river water cardDatum28.10.2021 07:30
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    Inside in the spacious office, 78 secretary accountancy's consternation turn head.Just the shell Ju pours to take out a cool spirit and turns in the heart but great anger:This helps a discard, not is say to meet shady character to have to notify?How to is still to make them intrude into to come?
    "The owners all stopped the work on the hand and lined up to one by one in order go out."Liao learns a soldier to walk into office, in the shell just the Ju in front half rice stop under, inclined stand, and falsely face up, give him the oppression feeling of a kind of difficult speech, and well meant contempt.
    Secretary accountancies are startled to hope an owner, in a state of drift.
    Just the shell Ju flicks:"You go out first."
    "At do false account BE?Intend to make the niece come off stage?With you does this ability also want to take charge of a lord?"
    Face Liao to learn a soldier Duo Duo pressing attitude, shell just the Ju isn't frightened, after all at Yu orchid basin the detail that will ascend in addition to 12 tycoons and minority of confidant attendants, who also can not know, having no personally and realizing then can not understand the awe dint that gentle Liao learns soldier shocking from since then.
    He isn't a simpleton, several 10-year business field Sis mix, the careful truth always still knows, from the yesterday afternoon up to now the false account doing work well each time similar then and immediately transfer to go out, cancellation trace, 78 Zhang eyes that secretary in hand leaves are just very small one parts now, and each discrepancy amount of money is all very small, having never learned the accountancy's persons can not necessarily see clues.You and shell Xiao the Dan jilted so two hands to come, doesn't the attendant take as well and exactly want to do what?
    Shell just the Ju immediately resume awake, Be inviting Liao to learn 2 soldiers to sit down and making the personal female secretary deliver coffee, press bell to make the street cleaner drag along clean floor."Does Mr. Liao, spoilt daughter of a rich family come here and have what business?The sky media just acquired much share of blessing media lately, there is some disorders in the Zhang eyes.However believe very quickly and can tidy up well, let the spoilt daughter of a rich family look over.Day and night work hard at chores in the I under, the sky media is to greatly get better, the earnings orders maximum amount, and this invites a spoilt daughter of a rich family to trust."
    The shell Xiao Dan has already become the effort that the town calms down gradually.Is light 1:"I will see of, just uncle, you don't be nervous, I come to don't audit accounts eyes for the sake of the check today, but speak a few lines with you."Is original they really want to intend to check false account ground, so just turned to pack, but Liao learns a soldier cautiously change idea after deliberating.
    "What rubbish?Though the spoilt daughter of a rich family orders, just the uncle goes through fire and waters, regardless the sacrifice."Just the shell Ju claps a chest.The speech not and from the heartly elaborates.
    "BE?"Liao learns a soldier to take out river water card cigarette to pass to him, shell just the Ju put a hand:"Many thanks many thanks, it has been several years since I quitted smoking."
    Old Liao is cool on smiling, a little bit selfish up, the jet one mouthful thick smoke says:"The shell a life time Xiang disease is heavy, shell family the heart Huan spread.In addition to support clear Jun of the spoilt daughter of a rich family's shell and Ran tiger dragon.There is also your five people, you exactly stand which side, the that time waits form Tai."
    Just the shell Ju has never thought his words so directly and has a little to respond to don't come over, the dejected short moment just says with smile:"I am always a bit part, who have energy to manage a shell house most prosperous and flourishing, I certainly follow who."Since falsely the noodles answers, also not reverse side conflict, can be old crafty huge Hua four words.But strong for the meaning of show undoubtedly.If your bond maid has enough influence display to come out, I am certainly loyal to, if have no, that doesn't need to talk.Besides his heart the deep place also still entertain a hope to the position of house lord.If the shell Xiao Dan has no ability, oneself replaces to have can not?
    He has two choices now.On being the inside situation that sounds out several brotherses, see them have an intention to the of house lord.When the time comes which side the breeze greatly go toward where the side pour, two is to opportunity knocks but once, never come again, take advantage o the brotherses milli- impromptu, the shell Xiao Dan groundwork didn't steadily pour her spade under the circumstance, oneself Mian Nan calls a king and has a meteoric rise, not as well quick Zai.

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    Shell Xiao Dan surprised way:"Teacher, did you when buy so well a car?I saw you or open snow Buddha orchid last time of, teacher ground the salary wasn't Gao very?Make me send you 1?"
    "Need not.This car isn't very good either."Liao learns a soldier without telling anyone to release a black bicycle of 28 inch big tires in the Xuan eyes back of the beautiful Ferrari.
    This kind of still taking the bicycle of having the triangle horizontal Gang has already not much seen in the city at present, incredibly maintain very good, the enamel leather Zheng is bright, the chain starts up, and the large hand presses bell Dang emplacement on the right handle knob of car and seems to be special spirit.
    The shell Xiao Dan gape.Also has at school a lot of ride bicycle to go to school a ground of classmate, but all of that are to be worth of quite a few 1000 pieces become soon mountainous country car, or lovely curved beam car, only the suburban area delivers cargo of the uncle would ride this kind of style bulky but loading capacity big bicycle.
    Old Liao acrosses bicycle and presses bell Dang.Send out Ding bell the bell is clear and crisply joyful sound, say with smile:"Little girl, come up, teacher hereafter ride bicycle to carry you to see setting sun to the seaside."Shell Xiao the Dan is sweet sweet smile.Jump up rear seat, although iron shelf Ke get the bottom living painful, but the in the mind joy bloomed, on stretching hand to hug his waist, ask:"That where do we go first?"
    "Go to the sky television station.Is nearer there, otherwise another place's riding ground old sky of Huangs hasn't arrived."
    The shell Xiao Dan earnestly wishes 2 people carpool cartful, until ground old sky of Huang, tight the tight teacher buy of coat, this felling too beautiful.Is too sweet!
    Sway long all the way past, fully trampled for an hour, feel hungry halfway, still just the wayside small stand drank a bowl of gruel, 2 people imitate a Buddha is in the appointment, not inspect company.
    Walk into the sky television station mansion.Produce common employee of head office ground certificate, can get by under false pretenses.The television station per hour comes in and goes out several;,000 people, if each "suspicious personnel" check an identity and make collective report upward, big workload.Only afraid be responsible for the public security of this matter will collapse, so arrived a behind.Also not and so work hard, let what will do well enough alone.
    Shell just the Ju still is turning indiscriminately everywhere, loudly drink to scold unpleasant to look at under charge:"The hand and foot is a little bit neat!What you grow is a hand or a hoof son?Mama of, uselessly discard!Print all of the good documents to send into to stamp for secretary Liu."
    That person favour over the night, utterly exhausted, in the heart a hasty, the foot hinders a frame and rushes toward Fu noodles to fall down and holds a thick document of half Chinese foot to fly in hand, the in mid air floats to spread.
    Shell just Ju one feet Chuai is past, scold a way:"Did not you suck at breast today?Even doing this small matters isn't good!Roll!"
    That person flusters ground to tidy up, nervous entreat:"Owner, gives me one more of opportunities ……I definitely do betterly and make up a mistake."
    Just the shell telephone of Ju rang and fidgetily said:"Tidying up quickly is clean, say again next time."Answer a telephone, immediately frightened to disgrace, the words tube spreads a news:"The finance department of the head office manager Cai Cang Lang and the personnel department manager Wu's grandiosity just one resignation, was chopped right hand in going home a ground of road?"
    "Who?Who dry of?They why resign, also have, who start to them?"
    "Not clear, happened to affair just for an hour, I just received news ten minutes ago, we still calmed down view it changed well."
    Listens to someone outside the hallway saying just at this time:"Execuse me, Ms. Sir is a set here long office, no admittance to unauthorized person."
    Shell just Ju the temper of the full chest without can vent, a kick to turn over nearby of fountain machine, rant way:"BE who!BE who let irrelevant person up arrive this floor?"The water pail Qing turns over, the mineral spring Mi Mi run off, drip everywhere, wet to haven't come yet and pick up a ground of document paper.
    The guard of outside a listen to the owner become angry, this still have to, not dare to neglect, make an effort to push away this a male a female.That female looks too frail to stand a gust of wind, be pushed a Lie Ju.
    Just the shell Ju fondles a chest to shout pant:"Annoy a heart attack to me, can you accompany?What the matters all want**the heart Be getting more beyond the limit, you when ability and learning meeting independence?"
    Suddenly, that bang of a , is to be bumped shot, the screw Mao on the aluminum metal alloy frame, a public security bone Lu Lu rolled to come in, sees Liao learning a soldier to lead long niece Dan all alone and smiling to sing ground to lean on to say on frame in the door:"

  • money to buy clothesDatum28.10.2021 07:21
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    that arrive steer device to all stab purpose blood and navy blue color to take reflection everywhere in the car door, put one to break Zhang quietly on the ground, the blood has already ejected from the blood vessel breaking open and seem to be pale stiff.
    Cai Cang Lang's lips are suffused with white, the mood strain causes heart violent to jump about.But very quick because lose blood but slow come down, the forehead leaks out big area sweat liquid, the eyes half piece half shuts, will soon sink into the situation of collapsing the shock.
    "Person ground the life only have once, I replace elder brother Bing to your opportunity of one more of existence.Stay life to return to a person that tell backstage's directs.There is elder brother Bing at, who don't also want a milli- hair in the shell house."Xue Mu Qiu says to stir a telephone to the first aid center and said with smile:"Took advantage o you and don't die now, I spoke a few lines again.The Lai skin dog doesn't know forever the reason why male lion likes to eat meat is that what it eat is an excrement.The ambulance issoon and go home to seek wife kid more attentive, in case hereafter have no an opportunity."
    The document of chief executive officer's office in the fixed star mansion is more and more, the telephone is more and more intensive.Shell Xiao Dan one face worry:"Teacher.So many people resign and how do?Underneath ground person not all familiar their ability characteristicses, how should fill up this empty lack?"
    "At most in the afternoon, at least will half of people kneel to come to beg to take back a resignation.Now, a few of your uncles are afraid to be doing false account.We inspected a circumstance in the past together, how?"Old Liao sits to beside play with her ground hair slightly, 2 people the expression is very intimate.
    "But, I don't want to go, I feel very vexed it's very vexed."Finally shell Xiao Dan disposition don't enough, foolish lesser half the sky have already felt very tired of.Is far not equal to is having a class to have fun so much.
    "Dan Dan, you father's disease is so heavy, the that time waited to share sorrows solution to worry for him, person, learn to undertake a responsibility.All of everythings of shell house are your responsibilities.Although load the son is very heavy,the teacher will accompany yours."
    Shell Xiao the Dan is slanting head think for a long time just say:"It is all right.That sees, we seek several accountancies whom cans believe and lawyer to go together, they are more professional, can see a famous hall."
    "We only afraid just set out, they had already received a line report and got all tops the thing of set noodles not be all pure to walk.Had better stealthily go, make them not know."Liao learns soldier's idea careful, secretly work well preparation, " changes a set of clothes first, is all enemy's informer everywhere here, we slip away from the back door, don't cause undesired agitation."
    Took out a yellow zipper coat of a rice with a lot of small pockets to pass to pass by.The shell Xiao Dan sees this coat very familiar looking, don't know where once see, suddenly think of Mu to permit blue fell in the class to once wear several times, must be hers.Starting to associate the teacher and her is always all very intimate, is not been one Zhi by chest, say:"I didn't want to go."
    "Why don't go?That wasn't I a white to spend money to buy clothes?"Old Liao is puzzling, in times before return well said okay.He can't buy clothes, can't even surmise woman's idea and see an in the market and the Mu permit blue fall just about lichen to take and then buy down.
    "Are the clothes what you buys?"The shell Xiao Dan once connected a to see, the clothes were indeed as expected brand-new, still had the label to don't tore on the neckband, returned to Chen to sit while ascending pleased, say with smile:"Really is lately also, teacher to the clothes that I buy, too good!"Is anxious under, make change right away, once the skein of sorrow sweep but get empty, pleased ground of Zi Zi turns around, don't stop to ask a way:"Am I good-looking?Isn't good-looking?"
    Old Liao takes out again a breadth along with hide a sun hat to button up on her head, say:"Leave."
    "Etc.."The shell Xiao Dan stired an inside track telephone to the secretary:"I read a document in the office and prohibit to make anyone come to bother me and have a telephone you to looking at to cope with for you."
    Pull a teacher ground hand, two portraits are the small loverses for hasing illicit love, ghost ghost
    Slip away an office, or so four see, discover hallway nobody and multiply by elevator descend tread a fixed star mansion, wasn't discovered by anyone to the first floor.
    "Teacher, if fear informer, rather let's sit to rent a car to go."
    "Need not use, I have car, and their detection was not."Liao learns a soldier to take shell Xiao the Dan Be horizontal to cross the street, very careful protect she notices or so drive fast of vehicle, small scaled parking lot in the just across the street garden with guarded the aunt of car to hand over brand,

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    The strong breeze infuses into car compartment, Cai Cang Lang is again harmed, and the blood glues to stick a right eye.Can not be correct to control steer device any further, trample next leave to match and put on brakes.Urgently lower speed, however that motorcycle unexpectedly seem to stick the fly on him slow at the same time come down, respond super strong, his feeling to the speed knows that the dint seems to be born.
    The vehicle of mading good time suddenly slows down, very easily the occurrence makes track for tail trouble, luckily what Cai Cang Lang chooses is the road segment of signs of human being scarcity, after a burst of Jing soon after, have already approached suburban area.
    Blue Bo radicle the Ni Be inclined to turn toward the wayside, the tire wipes four black scars in the cement ground and dragged along more than 200 rices and pared off road flank ground flower nursery, inertial too big, the safety belt almost breaks body Lei.That person similar to him brake, but the slightest have no the least bit unwell, spare time must be good take a walk at oneself rear garden.This his heart read an electricity to turn and understand to meet underworld raid and think of to above want the explaination that he carefully does and just a little repress the chest that the disgusted desire vomits for an instant, too late deliberation, under the cushion touch just- got pistol last night, preparation shoot.
    The glass that Xue Mu Qiu's the back of the hand is also aroused to fly mows to open an a son, the skin breaks meat Zhan, blood downwards drop.Lifting penknife to gather together is past, "bald donkey, the insurance of gun hasn't opened."
    Cai Cang Lang quickly sees, that handle blade body is sharply narrow penknife have already tied to break his ground a wrist and once wore an of two wrist bones and nailed on the blind side of car door.The pistol Pa Ta drops to the ground."Is oh my!!"Bellow 1, see the blood arouses to shoot half Chinese foot much Gao along with the pressing of pulse, in the heart on arousing to work properly, spew out two tube thick muddy nasal discharge, big sweat Cen Cen but bottom, unwillingly call a way:"What person are you ?"
    "Vinaceous Rosefinch street hooligan diamond card cutthroat Xue Mu Qiu is also!" Autumn signal together on falling, and then pull out penknife, ferociously say with smile:"You give offense to our elder brother Bing and live however today!"
    Cai Cang Lang's scare asks a way:"Who is elder brother Bing ?I am incognizant, you can't seek a wrong person?"
    "Hey Hey, you don't need to be known is who.Let you die the Ming eyes are some, the betrayer comes to a bad end."
    Elder brother Bing ……shell Xiao Dan the flank is that person …… is him?Cai Cang Lang suddenly thought of him to just once say:"The person's life only has once, you don't want to easily give up."This will never be playing trick, he has already put into action!Shell house indeed as expected be not easily can give offense to!
    Accumulate Wei to surge forward at heart for several years, from pass a resignation to come out a fixed star mansion however more than ten minutes kill such as the thunder but go to, if Cai Cang Lang's heart dies ash, regret, hate bitterly, feel sorry for, oneself why meeting the absolute being make ghost bad is lured by person, betrayal shell a life time Xiang?
    But is already late, the Lin Zun elder brother Bing of Xue Mu Qiu teach, is again a knife to put bottom, stab a ground wrist bone, abruptly cut off a palm.He kills a pig sort scream, the way has been beheaded by himself/herself.
    "Drop Ta drop Ta", this isn't the voice of blood drop, but Cai Cang Lang fear too much, the moment brain is dejected, Gua about the muscle is out of control, wet a liquid to spray out.
    The point knife is suitable to put, but isn't suitable for to chop down, so at Chuo ground bone, the ache is particularly violent, not what ordinary people can bear.Cai Cang Lang's understanding this is a critical point between life and death, incredibly don't faint to go and in great quantities lose blood to cause dizzy buzzing in the ears, already not ability normal thinking.
    The engine didn't turn off, this gave him a silk to hope and courageously rose the energy of end fierce on turning round, the intact left hand takes steer device, the better arm is strong to endure acute pain, get to run a pole, the feet just wanted to trample accelerator, his action suddenly have been already lived.
    The point of a knife of woodpecker stops on Cai Cang Lang's forehead, that mafia cutthroat body is outside the car, as long as the car flies, on calming down on moving, oneself bumps edge of knife and immediately would be the brains splits of E.
    Xue Mu Qiu a jilt long hair, pull out car key to say with smile:"Play what pattern?Is knowing the cat how to make fun of a mouse?I make you run first to all go for a hours."

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    All of the newspapers and magazines station owner sees in the eye, heart way:"This boy plays a cool skill to pour really and get tightly and also want to make track for a blue Bo radicle Ni, caution doesn't bump a telegraph pole Be getting more unusually lucky."Suddenly the feet scaleboard a little bit trembles of felling, newspapers and magazines station a few metals join together of the place isn't that firm, unexpectedly be shaken Da Da the Da rang to get up, the flat ground curls up a burst of strong breeze, newspaper magazine all of a brainses blow an inside and hang a frame bottom to be used as demonstration ground at the crest magazine to take off a clip to hit in his head.
    Wait he to re- open eyes, the in front one is empty, six cars of six people are all missing shadow, immediately the Nu is from the in the mind and break into abuse to scold a way:"Rabbit Zai son, think that the big Ye was also the absolute being of the bicycle in those early years!"
    Cai Cang Lang's speed per hour has already attained 150 kilometers, downtown limit soon 60 kilometers, he already far far above this restriction, flow in the car in wear a line, very dangerous, what in the mind want is to trample law and disregard the whole fellings.There is no driver, don't need driver, oneself controls steer device to outstrip the owner of road is to satisfy most .4510 years old be real adventure ground age!
    But see a mirror behind a more and more the vicinity district black mark make him cut up rough:"Does the motorcycle dare to also ascend lord trunk highway?How to die all don't know!"On trampling accelerator, become sooner.Too high speed, Cai Cang Lang lacks to toughen, finally hard orientation changeable highway, momentary signs of danger appearing everywhere.
    But that motorcycle moment have already tightly stuck a car bottom and swallow not to descend this tone, there are heart and its Jing soon, jerk steer device, fly to flee into the right side a more open spaces street in the intersections, with behind a
    The car head of car tightly wipes but leads and pares off to connect string Mars and attend to not ascend unfortunately top-class sports car, surprised emit whole body of cold sweat.
    However that motorcycle also followed so to come over!And don't meet with any vehicle!See a mirror behind even can see the hair and the sun bottom that that person turn over to fly gleaming the sunglasses of ray of light.
    Che Shen Qiu hopes to attain bare speed and crosses time and space, so calls a love car"time".The original body of "time" is a YAMAHA750 type, but already has been out and out made changes in, the engine releases for American Chrysler car company of the motor of "war ax" four-wheeler motorcycle.This motors ViperV-10s are very well-known, have 10 urns, the total row measures a 8300 CCs, the power is to let all drivers is of crary of 500 dint, theoretically, at 2.Is 5 inside can accelerate 96.5 meters/ per hour, the tallest speed per hour can reach to 643.6,000 meters, but physically want to attain this speed not easy.
    Thus outstanding function.Not only win sea, in the whole country also is the one and only, with Xue Mu Qiu's car skill, humiliate a blue Bo radicle the Ni beat a kid with adult similar simple.
    In less than 23 seconds, "time" already and the blue Bo radicle Ni run neck to neck.Two cars are separated to only have the half rice the distance.Cai Cang Lang wildly flows hot sweat, extremely highly speed, that person doesn't wear helmet and protection to take and incredibly seem the influence of being free from the air resistance, can be used unimaginable come to describe.Eyes remaining light quick glance, that human face department muscle drive sturdily the breeze drum concuss and present weird distortion and see to oneself and open mouth an appeal, the car window closes tightly.It is what to is out of hearing what to say.
    Xue Mu Qiu scolds a way:"Die bald son!Lao Tze orderanies your parking!"Just a , the breeze roaring and shouting then infuses readily a nose.On stretching hand in the small of the back to pull out woodpecker point knife, skill chase car head, car absolute being of call to live up to reputation, the speed per hour of 100 several ten codes list palm car, disappear any rock.The beard knows under this ground of circumstance as long as tremble ascend a tremble.Car will immediately the Qing turn over, the car ruins person Wu.
    The sunlight bottom sends out malicious dynasty car window Chuo of the penknife of golden light to go.Hua a , the car window is all broken up, drive once the breeze arouse and enter a car and split a cranium face like blizzard sort book, the glass caltrop is sharp, row Cai Cang Lang head the neck blood sprinkle Li.Car window is the special steel turns glass to make into, even if run out energy with the big iron ball fierce hit.Also however the crack that leaves a few spider nets can't fall in pieces just.

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    the father-in-law suffered from a leukemia and needed spend money urgently and and lived very hard-pressed, often a person is between each car in sad, the shell a life time Xiang inspection flies electric appliances horse's factory and see you wretchedness, let you enter a head office, also lend you 10,000 pieces of cure illness for father-in-law."This is several years ago, in the company news agency interview reporting of high leadership, at that time Cai Cang Lang especially the idea recollection came out and on the other hand lent this Xiang is loyal to, on the other hand give to belong to employee to set up typical model toward the shell a life time.
    Cai Cang Lang nods a way:"BE right, whole at that time depended a shell total I just passed through crisis, however I rooted for a living so for several years, cautious and conscientious, have no penny mistake, have already returned the human feelings to him."
    "Have no mistake?You infect by wager habit in 1999, the patrimony spends lavishly an empty, the creditor comes insist debit, you drive cook however, once transfered 4,300,000 a mint of moneys of company to return a wager debt.The company once resolutioned to report to the police to make you serve prison term after discovering, but shell a life time the Xiang didn't dislike before recording and still made you continue in office a finance department, under his help, you quitted wager habit and owed debts with the salary repair, you finally repaid fully after three years."
    Cai Cang Lang's honesty admits:"This is also to have ground, however since I have already repaid fully to owe debts, that still has what can say?"
    "Is other to have some a small matter, imagine your in the mind to also know very, I not much said, still need to resign?BE what person make you do so?"Old Liao rubs a nose, the Mi rises eyes and turns off a computer page.
    Cai Cang Lang is vigilant very much, breeze one silk don't expose:"My mind and body is exhausted, pressure very big, don't think again dry next go to.This was my personal reason, didn't relate to with other people."
    "But you controled the secret of a lot of companies, but suddenly fell sick to resign for a ground of time at the shell a life time Xiang, will make people have viewpoint ……"
    Cai Cang Lang is anti- to say with smile:"You is what person, this is me and the spoilt daughter of a rich family's conversation, you how always interjectory?"See shell Xiao the Dan accompany by the side of this person, it is oneself to imagine viewpoint never over the person of shell house, get the shell a life time Xiang authorization to manage general situation here, but he useds to see strong wind surge, don't put this young man in the eye.
    Old Liao says:"I is who doesn't matter, unique emphasize 1:00, the person's life only has once, you aren't easily giving up."
    This young man still really affects a show, Cai Cang Lang looked up at sky to beat ha ha:"I live thoroughly, how can want to die, Sir, you filtered."
    "Since so, I not useless talk say more, you go out careful point, never trample dog's dung."
    After waiting Cai Cang Lang to walk, the shell Xiao Dan anxiously asks:"Teacher, how should we do now?Again without a person."
    Liao learns soldier's mafia to be from, will be used mafia means and comfort to say:"Teacher be your crest beam, don't worry, I will tidy up phased."Do not dare to express in front of her too violent, slip away into inside in the toilet, make a phone call to the hooligan's under charge:"Small white classmate, yesterday shell a life time Xiang one disease didn't rise and received information?The shell surname group is a giant household business enterprise, the person cures of the composition is very big, now once he fall sick and had a petty burglar to come out to cause disturbance right away."
    ", Hear, the west city godfather Mo Wu Ye I say of, he makes me match with his step.Elder brother Bing, how do you intend to do?"
    "The situation is still not very clear and distinct, connecting the enemy is who all don't know, is steady to live inner part first.You seek severals to start the malicious and arrive to green Long Jie quickly, fixed star mansion front ……"said a half, explore successful in career to shells Xiao the Dan call a way:"Dan Dan, you help me card for seeing to have grandiosity Wu and Cai Cang Lang's car in computer."
    "."The shell Xiao Dan soon check and say:"Uncle Wu is the BMW of the ZHS3366, Cai Cang Lang is a ZHS2288 of good-looking.
    "Like, one is a high big middle age, black western dress, have much of snob appeal, one is a fatty about 40 years old, bald-headed, they may soon come downstairs, you ten minutes inside arrive to, chop these two people's hands.Break the word the Tu of leaving the righteousness, start a little bit malicious, don't need to have mercy on them."
    "Understand, south younger brother, your wound be not good?Get up stem to live quickly!"

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